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Elena Torró, Software developer at Tinybird, talks about the challenges of building a product aimed for technical people. Show notes:
Marina Aisa, Frontend Developer (Contractor) at Apple, talks about her journey challenges after moving from being an employee to a contractor. Show notes:
Jorge Ferreiro, Software Engineer at Eventbrite, talks about how he can manage to develop and launch side projects while working full-time. Show notes:
Florence Broderick, VP of Marketing at CARTO, talks about the different marketing roles in B2B and goes through her career and all the challenges she found working in companies such as Telefónica and CARTO. Show notes:
Francisco Verde, QA Lead at Electronic Arts, talks about the different QA roles and how they are critical to improve and maintain the quality of the products we build. Show links - AfterTest
Virginia Diego, Product Marketing Manager at CARTO, shares her story about moving to a PMM role and how that position looks like when working in SaaS and Enterprise companies. Show links - Book: Obviously Awesome - Site: Product Marketing Alliance - App: Zest
Cristian Castillo, Full Stack Engineer at TaxDown, shares his story on how he participated in the development of the product from scratch. Show links - Books: Atomic Habits, How to Win Friends and Influence People - Podcasts: Syntax FM, The Joe Rogan Experience
Sofia Ortins, Product Manager at Séntisis, shares her story and tips about moving from a B2C company to B2B one. Show links: - The Hard Things About Hard Things - Finding factor e
Elisa Lázaro, Product Designer at, shares her tips for designing AI-powered products.
Francisco Picolini, Tech Community & Content Manager at Codemotion, shares his story and tips about working with both technical and non-technical communities. Show links: - Codemotion Communities - The Story of Firefox OS
Per Harald, co-founder of Scrimba and GitSpeak, shares his tips on how to maintain a good mental health.
Guillermo de la Puente, Engineering Manager at Splash, shares his story of moving from New York to Madrid to start building an engineering team from scratch.
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