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Finding a space where it is least expected. Using the tool of memory reconsolidation. Seeking spiritual enlightenment. Wisdom and stories from a unicyclist, activist, father, husband, ex-pastor, healer, award-winning author, and chicken farmer.
20 Episodes
1. Cold2. Calamity 3. Confusion 4. Consciousness*** ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Riding the brown horse of our reactivities. 2. Riding the gray horse of the space with nothing.3. Riding the white horse of our ego recognizing god space, source space, infinity.4  Reversal. I The black horse of source, of infinity, having a ride, a perception, an experience of our finitude. ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Eggs, chickens, cat, dog2. A driving experience.3. Understanding and the lack of it.4. We are all infinity.5. See the space, and see your life new ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Walking Into The Wild with Three Big Dogs and a Cat2. Sad about an Economic Downturn3. Reconsolidating my Sadness with ICE4. Nature, Hunting Gathering, Agriculture.5. Overwhelmed by Beauty ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Update on the baby chicks.  All's Well!2. Lunch with Don and Fletcher, my friends, and questions about the future of Money - Ripple and XRP Digital Asset3. Notes for Another Planet take their first look at the future! ★ Support this podcast ★
🏴󠁵󠁳󠁡󠁫󠁿 1.  Anne and I lived in Nome for three and a half years.2. I served there as a pastor at Our Saviors Lutheran church3. The culture was a combination of native Inupiat Eskimos and people from other states4.  One of the most formative and profound experiences of my life. ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Anne and I welcome 800 Baby Chicks arriving at the Post Office2. Getting the chicks settled into their new home - a first drink of water.3. A bit of a note for that other planet - "How We Hear on Planet Earth." ★ Support this podcast ★
1. What's it like to bike across America?2. Hospitality Experienced.3. Beauty Seen.4. A Life Commitment.5. Hospitality. ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Exercise and reflection on calm. 2.  Helping someone with a relationship upset. 3. Update on the Happy Hens ★ Support this podcast ★
1. Update on the move to our new land.2. Keeping ourselves centered in calm. ★ Support this podcast ★
1. 640 Happy Hens are now living at the new land of The Many Spokes Farm.2. Dealing with the 134 chickens we lost during the move - using The ICE Method to reconsolidate the upsets.3. Strange for me - I've only invested in chickens before - now I own some Ripple. Making that a spiritual journey. ★ Support this podcast ★
1  Midsummer check-in at the Many Spokes Farm. 2. Fertilizing blue corn3. Healing updates and practice4. Small Farm Living  - the financial challenge.5. An ICE exercise for overcoming podcasting anxiety. ★ Support this podcast ★
1. A week of healing sessions2. A sore back; Injured by a Goat: Cutting off a finger.3. The purpose of healing.4. The purpose of a miracle.5. Figuring out what I'm supposed to do! ★ Support this podcast ★
1. A calm moment and an engineering moment.2. Raspberries Ripe!3. How things do change.  Antibiotics and Gardening. 4. Climate and The Sun5. The Meaning of Life.  ★ Support this podcast ★
1. A new Mic for the podcast2. Two new roosters3. Farm sounds and a rubbery egg4. Getting to calm at the speed of speech - while weeding the garlic and onions ★ Support this podcast ★
1. My birthday today. 2. Taking some time to enjoy and reflect on the Miracle of Life. 3. Some words from Love Poems From God. 4. Some reflections on The ICE Method and appreciating Infinity. 5. Up on the new land, we installed new sprinklers and started irrigation for the first time. 6. Still working on audio quality - new outdoor mic arrives this week! ★ Support this podcast ★
1.  Collecting eggs with the Happy Hens2.  An episode on peace.3.  Helping one friend ICE before a contentious family reunion. Helping another with stress from a car accident.4.  My hardest day on the farm.5.  Growing old and growing wise.6.  Gay wedding reflections ★ Support this podcast ★
Show notes.1.  Feeding chickens with collected food from local businesses. 2. My broken chainsaw update and a parable story - We'll See.3  Getting ready to officiate a wedding.4. Manson middle school class visits Many Spokes Farm ★ Support this podcast ★
Join Lars collecting eggs from The Happy Hens Later, while weeding the vegetable garden, discover Lars Clausen's own healing journey, and how he helps others achieve calm in their lives We also explore how the healing journey has become a spiritual journey Most importantly, Lars talks about how chickens have become part of the spiritual life ★ Support this podcast ★
Chicken Farming Remembering pastoring in Nome, Alaska A Broken Chain Saw Desmond Tutu on Love Using the awareness of space to reduce stress ★ Support this podcast ★
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