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Aurora and Noelle interview a "real man," Dan Mirade of the WWE asking his opinion on what he thinks of women's enhancements and cosmetic surgery.  They show him before and after of hair extensions, lip injections, eyelash extensions, rhinoplasty, Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Implants.  Have a chuckle and get the truth!
Resident & renowned psychic medium Ellen Damsky gives her take on the Covid-19 pandemic and more.
Newly launched "ALL Hair Extensions!" which feature all the best in hair extensions, we discuss how they benefit the industry and what they are "all" about.
Another glimpse of our clients behind the chair.  We speak to transbian author Jessica Kagan about her Endian Project and fantasy book Behind The Bitmask.  She shares her gender identity and experience navigating through a fantastical world.
We discuss how mediumship works to connect with spirit and what life after death is like.  Reincarnation, remote viewing, interesting spirit conversations with Ashleigh Leonard one of our favorite clients.
Our beautiful client Tricia is a dating aficionado and she shares her tales of dating app disasters as well as giving helpful advice to daters.  Where else but a hair salon do you hair it all, now you can listen to our conversations as if you are behind the chair.
Psychic Medium Ellen Damsky shares her predictions for 2020 such as Iran, Presidential election, sports and also some mystical conversation
A candid interview with a fully transitioned transwomen.  Allie shares her journey, gives advice from coping, surgery to hair and beauty tips.  We hope all will benefit whether you are looking to transition or a stylist that works with the Trans Community
Laura Skinner from Elgon USA shares post covid hair salon tips for our new normal!  PPE, Sanitation & color correction
We discuss the new normal of operating a beauty salon amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  Who, what & where will open & safety precautions and industry impact.
Crazy Salon Stories

Crazy Salon Stories


We need to laugh during Covid-19 panademic so we zoomed and reminisced about some clients that were quite unusual.  We stylists needed to lighten the mood.  Everything from porn stars, exotic dancers, call girls and our reality tv sizzle real.
Expert stylists give advice on hair color, gray hair coloring, caring for your hair while salons are closed due to quarantine, hair extensions and much more
Educator For Elgon Official, Hair Stylists, Chemist Laura Skinner shares her vast experience with hair color and other products such as sulfate free shampoo and keratin treatments.  You will want to listen to this whether you are a hair stylist or not. Galvin shares her experience with importing hair extensions and where they come from.  There never seems to be a definitive answer, but we have one today.
Darcye SIlva & Stacey Silva of 90 Day Fiance, doing their hair and getting know them.  We share our experience with Reality TV & our own request to film a reality show.  
Ligia is one of Boston's popular MUA specializing in Bridal makeup.  We discuss tips and products for not just weddings, but special events and more.
The team weighs in on what they consider the best hair care products on the market from shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner to hair growth as well as salon products, drug store, professional & affordable.  As well as lots of hair advice.
So many women experience hair loss after child birth, we discuss treatment options or we can put your mind at ease.  Tara shares her hair loss journey after 2 children, as well as techniques to grow her hair back.  Deb Fauci shares techniques that work!
The crew interviews Psychic Ellen on who will win The Presidential Election, Antonio Brown Case, Tom Brady Retirement, Super Bowl, Jeffrey Epstein Suicide, The Kardashians And Much More.  Ellen is a world renowned psychic medium, she goes out on a limb where others will not.
Playboy Model Sydney Fallon talks about modeling for Playboy and other magazines such as Maxim. She shares some fun stories, how she got into the biz. Offered a date for $40k?  The Playboy Mansion and much more.  Check her our on own Instagram & . We are so lucky to have her as a friend & client.
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