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Author: Kristen Lee

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Mind Your Own Dog Business, hosted by Dog Business Strategist Kristen Lee, is a podcast focused on dog business entrepreneurs on being unapologetically successful and ready to disrupt their dog training and dog walking businesses. In this podcast, Kristen Lee challenges you to not only transform your business but transform your life while stepping into your real power as a dog business owner. You'll learn cutting edge, proven 7-figure marketing and sales strategies, luxury branding skills along with mastering your mindset that will smash all the glass ceilings and catapult your dog business to the next level with actionable steps. While allowing sustainable growth without the burnout that’s going to empower you to step into your real, authentic self as a dog trainer, dog walker, or whatever slice of the pet industry you find yourself in.Kristen Lee coaches and consults with some of the most elite dog business entrepreneurs and experts. Her mission is to disrupt the current norm, cut through the noise and empower the incredible women of the dog business to step into the spotlight, reclaim control and transform not only their business but their lives. It's real. It's raw. It's uncensored. It's what the dog business has been waiting
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In this episode of the Mind Your Own Dog Business Podcast, Kristen Lee breaks down the problems of defining your value as a dog trainer, dog walker to the services you perform, and selling your time for money.Because, if you’re like most dog trainers, dog walkers, it’s a massive problem that is HOLDING and preventing so many dog trainers and dog walkers back from real stability and SCAILBLITY of their dog businesses. Your value is NOT DEFINED by the hrs and services you perform as a dog trainer. As a dog walker. Your value falls into the significant impact that’s created by the momentum of the expertise and authority you own as a dog business entrepreneur. Kristen also breaks down the process to free yourself from this trap and to start REFINING your value on your terms.It's real. It's raw. It's what you needLinks: Grassroots Dog Biz School: out more episodes of Mind Your Own Dog BusinessConnect with Kristen:Online: Instagram: @dogwalkercoachFacebook: 
In today’s episode of Mind Your Own Dog Business podcast, Kristen Lee and her collaborator, Maggie Christina of Grassroots Enterprises, discuss their dog business-coaching program. Maggie and Kristen are all about loving, supporting, and strategically enhancing anyone with a dog-related business. When you transition to become a dog business coach, you have a much greater sphere of influence and a great deal more responsibility, which means you also need people around you to help with the larger workload. You don’t need to do it all.  Maggie is a strategic badass and explains just what coaches can do to upgrade programs and technology before a launch. Many of the best or most popular trainers become coaches. The trick is charging what you’re worth and being confident in your marketing and sales. When considering a business coach to hire, ask them who’s in their network as coaches. If the coach answers no one and that he or she is doing this all on his or her own, that’s a warning sign that they’ve started a coaching business out of burnout from training or another dog-related venture. You want a coach that has support and a network around them. Kristen explains just how central a real in-person phone call is to your sales process, especially with a dog owner who is super emotionally connected to their pet. Getting rid of tech in this instance gives you the upper hand in business. Kristen and Maggie also share just how important it is to protect yourself as a coach and to invest in game-changing experiences like a business retreat where you walk away with a working business plan. Another wise word of advice is, be prepared to invest more into your students as a coach than you’ve ever done before as a dog trainer. The perspective that comes along with having a coach is one of the most valuable assets you could give to your program.  Links: Check out more episodes of Mind Your Own Dog BusinessConnect with Kristen:Online: Instagram: @dogwalkercoachFacebook: Learn more about Maggie and connect to discuss business coaching:Online: https://maggiechristina.comInstagram: @grassrootsdogbizFacebook: 
Unfuck Your Marketing

Unfuck Your Marketing


Offering many different services to grow your dog biz is NOT going to increase your growth and revenue. At all.Often the effect is quite the opposite. It stalls you out, prevents scalability all while fueling the fire for burnout.Burnt out. Stuck.No room for improvement let alone forward momentum."If I just add this, they will come."I hate to tell you; it never works out the way they planned being a:dog walker/sitter/taxi/photographer/groomer/waste removal/treat maker/boarder, overnight sitter/daycare, etc..NEVER.In this episode of Mind Your Dog Business, Kristen Lee breaks it down why you should NEVER offer many different services for more income, the exact process on how to sell LESS and earn
Are you dreaming of giving the middle finger to the office life and step into training dogs full-time? Maybe the mountains are calling you to hike and walk dogs as you sit in traffic going to the corporate grind. In today's listener question episode of Mind Your Own Dog Business Podcast, Kristen Lee breaks down how to smartly start shifting to a full-time dog business owner role. From boardroom and heels to boarding and heeling, this is one you don't want to miss if you're ready to leap full-time dog business entrepreneurship. 
Let's chat branding for your dog training business. Everyone loves branding as a dog business owner. The logo design. The colors!Happy dogs and happy owners splashed everywhere. Rack cards! Business cards, oh my! The branding process seems like endless, creative fun for any dog business entrepreneur. But that's where it all goes to die. Yep, business branding goes to dry up, wilt, and die. Because when dog walkers, dog trainers, and other dog business owners focus on the OUTWARD appearances- the inner work of who you indeed are as a human, what your origin story is,  your quirks and everything else gets masked and smashed behind your dog training business. In this episode of Mind Your Own Dog Business, Kristen Lee talks about stepping into your TRUE branding and start elevating your position as a dog business brand.It's raw. It's real. It's time to elevate dog pros through
Raising your rates is a concept that’s thrown around a lot for people in the dog industry. I want to dive into it today because I feel like there’s so much fakeness around it. Everyone tells you to know your own unique value, but no one talks about OWNING it and how to see the unique value in ourselves as dog trainers and dog walkers. I’m going to remove your self-lamenting beliefs and give you tools of inspiration. If you don’t have the right beliefs, raising your rates is going to be a massive struggle. With my tips, you guys can start stepping into your authority and influence as amazing dog trainers. I’ll tell you about the blockage that I see in the minds of most new dog business owners. You need to stop explaining your value so you can take the value of your expertise. Listen for my advice on why you don’t need to undercut your prices and steps you can take right away to FEARLESSLY  raise your rates.
On this episode of the Mind Your Own Dog Business podcast, I answer a listener’s questions about the issues she is having with acquiring clients for her business. She is 3 months into entrepreneurship and the dead ends she is running into are making her consider going back to the big box pet store where she previously worked. Hopefully, you will find my recommendations and advice to her applicable to your own situation, and remember that you can do what it takes to stand out in the industry and be successful!Based on Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs, safety and security are the most foundational, and in the business world, that means finances. The first few years of business, you are in survival mode. The listener’s question: Spent $5k on a website, SEO, and a few blog posts to be writtenUsing Facebook and Instagram to build a following, but not seeing results Developed a marketing package with deliverables for promotion Spent $350 on Google and Yelp ads Taken online marketing courses  Joined and created community groups Connecting with other entrepreneurs Feeling drained and like she’s spinning her wheelsMy thoughts: WebsiteMost likely, the problem with your website is the copy and content – that is what will bring you the right clientsFacebook/InstagramMake sure you have a strategy and that you are just “being active” to say you’re being activeBusiness cardsIt is better to build reciprocal relationships where you provide value to each other. These referrals are much stronger than just dropping your business card offCourses and Community GroupsBe cautious. Consider your strategic purpose and how these things help you get there. There are likely better uses of your timeGoogle and Yelp adsWords matter, so make sure you have clear campaign objectives and a sales process to handle leadsTime Stamps:1:40 – Go back and listen to the last listener questions episode where I talked about Facebook ads.2:18 – What the first few years of business look like.4:54 – The listener spells out their situation and asks for Kristen’s help.7:38 – My overview response.11:34 – Website-specific recommendations.15:33 – Facebook strategy.16:43 – How do go about logo design and business cards differently.21:39 – My opinion of generic courses and community groups.25:13 – Yelp and Google ads key considerations.26:58 – Concluding thoughts. Connect with us:
Online Dog Training Programs - created by Dog Trainers. An absolutely, amazing way to take your dog training programs to the next level. What's NOT to love? It provides an innovative spin on the traditional dog training program modelAllows you to automate the learning process for clientsCreates unique valueBoosts your earning potential (go big or go home!)Frees up time - yes, more timeBut what if I told you, about 4 out of 5 dog online dog training programs that launch, fail. Like, flat-out fail. Discouraging, as fuck, right?WHY?Because simply, too many dog training business owners spend too much time building and perfecting, before selling. In the episode, Kristen Lee breaks down the common misconceptions about creating online dog training courses what dog trainers and dog walkers should do before even thinking about creating their first online course. And what common mistakes to avoid as you build your first profitable online dog training course. Buckle up, take notes, and be sure to download this episode. This is pure gold for all the dog training businesses out there. Download the full guide to a profitable online dog training course here:
Facebook Ads. You either love them or hate them as a dog business owner. But, what if you could harness the power and simple strategy behind Facebook ads to return 4-6 dollars per every dollar you spend?In this episode, Kristen Lee answers a listener's question if Facebook Ads for Dog Trainers are a gigantic waste of money, "don't work," and the top mistakes most dog walkers, dog trainers, and petsitters make when creating social media ads.Kristen also breaks down the process of creating an effective ad campaign and why you should avoid having ads/copywriting done for you if you're in the dark about digital marketing. 
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