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Jonathan is on a mission to decimate no-show appointments. After running an appointment-based business for a decade, he co-founded GoReminders which increases business revenue and cuts wasted staff time with automated appointment reminders & online booking. Jonathan runs Growth & Marketing for GoReminders and loves helping small businesses with automation and communication. Listeners can get 10% discount for their first year off.
Humanitarian, author, and psychotherapist, Jennifer received a medal of honor from the Canadian Govt. for her humanitarian work. Her book "The Good Thing About Mortar Shells: Choosing love over fear" was a best seller in multiple categories at its release in 2020. The book is about how to deeply connect with your heart and intuition to hear the message your emotions are trying to give you.
Mark Ashby is a highly-regarded specialist who assists multinational companies and their leaders in crisis awareness, cultural change & high performance leadership. He has displayed an extraordinary ability to perform optimally under stressful scenarios through extensive experiences as a member of the Elite Paratroopers and other Specialist roles in the Australian Army, with Operational tours of East Timor. Mark was deployed to Iraq as a team leader in the highly-dangerous private security sector for eleven years in Iraq, before returning to Australia to work as a senior risk consultant in the corporate world for six years. Mark relied on rigorous training and discipline to carry out forty-one operational rotations, consisting of one thousand six hundred missions successfully completed during his time as a Close Protection Team Leader. Mark’s duties took him to high-threat, hostile situations on a daily basis, where he faced immense pressure to perform tasks in both covert and overt capacities with great emotional control, discipline and accuracy. Having been attached to the U.S. military, the U.S. State Department and embedded with the Green Berets, Mark’s adaptability to extreme situations of crisis and armed conflict allowed him to oversee operations of the highest global, financial and geopolitical importance such as the first two independent elections in Iraq. Mark also spent four years ensuring the safety and security of Australian Diplomats and Politicians as a close protection team leader at the Australian Embassy in Baghdad. Since returning to the corporate sector & setting up my own consulting firm in Australia, I’ve been using my experience to assist senior members of multinational companies in leadership, crisis awareness and cultural change so they can become more resilient and adaptable. I recently completed my Master’s Degree with Distinction from Macquarie University in Sydney
Ramona Shaw is a certified professional leadership coach with the mission to help develop confident & competent leaders people love to work with. Through coaching and training, she helps managers develop leadership behaviors, skills, and habits to go further, and faster while managing stress, self-doubt, and overwhelm. After graduating with a Master's in Finance, Ramona entered the field of private equity and soon led key strategic projects and international teams in Switzerland and the United States for 9 years as a VP at a renowned global private equity firm. She now specializes in designing and delivering coaching programs and workshops for new and mid-level leaders to strengthen their communication skills and confidence and increase their contribution to the organization through enhanced leadership effectiveness and improved team engagement.   Website:
As the Founder and Shareholder of The Montessori School of Cleveland, and as CEO & owner and Grandmaster of The NLP Center, a global institute located in Atlanta, GA she gives full credit for her success to her unique communication and listening skills, her tenacity and her never-ending desire to take something from good to outrageously great. To add even more fuel to the fire and more credibility to her work, Brigitta has created Coaching Programs for large Corporations and conducts extensive training for Corporate and Government Organizations, leading The NLP Center with knowledge & heart as the CEO and master trainer. Website: Social Media Info:
Coach Jon  is a weight loss coach and emotional eating expert who has lost 100lbs, as well as he is online business mentor to new coaches building their online practice From nanotechnology researcher, to Navy marine engineer, to globetrotting nomad, Coach Jon spent most of his life running from his true calling, until one question changed his life.  Now he's on a mission to help others through his coaching and mentorship to create a life they love!  Coach Jon has written 3 mini-courses, and 2 full length courses, showing coaches how to build a scalable online business, starting from zero, as well as written an e-book, called "The 28-Day Coach" MENTORSHIP: PODCAST: LINKEDIN: FACEBOOK:
Mickey Anderson is a marketing strategist and conversion copywriter for global enterprises, large, medium and small businesses, nonprofits and trade events. As a military wife, mother and agency owner she found herself burnt out...extra crispy after maternity leave, working twice as hard to keep whatever measure of success she achieved.
Prithvi Madhukar aka The Marketing Nomad is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, podcaster, YouTuber, digital nomad, and a nano-influencer with a zest for life! She started her company The Marketing Nomad in Delaware, USA with the sole purpose of empowering entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners across the world to implement long-term actionable marketing strategies and help them grow their business with confidence. Her social media platforms guarantee a bucketload of marketing, mindset, & business tips along with her quirky sense of humor and a side of wit!
Are you happy right now? Why or why not? Happiness is a choice we make and a skill we can develop. Understanding what prevents us from finding happiness can be the doorway to everything we desire. This week's episode is about finding the path and opening that door.
Dara Rosenbaum is an attorney, business advisor, business owner, and podcast host. Dara has a passion for creating, helping, protecting, and growing her clients’ companies. She is a litigator and transactional lawyer who became an attorney to help people, and whose love of helping business owners drew her to business law. Her own experiences as a business owner fuel her desire to help other businesses grow and thrive. Dara has been practicing law for over twenty years and co-founded Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. over ten years ago
Derek Loudermilk is a professional adventurer, and bestselling author of Superconductors and Activate Your Life Vol. I,II, and III. Derek is the host of the Derek Loudermilk Show, a quantum business coach, and the creator of the LEAP method. He is the founder of AdventureQuest Travel, a digital nomad, and an international Speaker.
Jason Cercone is a brand strategist, podcaster, and Founder of Cercone Consulting where he helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals maximize the brand-building power of the podcast medium to establish authority, increase visibility, and accelerate growth. He's also the host of Evolution of Brand, a podcast featuring self-defined entrepreneurs and professionals sharing inspirational stories and tactical brand-building strategies. He helps entrepreneurs and professionals gain a well-rounded understanding of the podcast platform. Assisting them in utilizing it to tell stories, enhance awareness, build confidence, and take their brands to the next level. Freebie :
 Josh Connally, the CEO, and president of CBG Surveying. He’s going to tell us all about what it’s like to be the CEO of a big company, and what he’s learned over the years.  He’s done a lot of personal reflection, growth, and changing, and this is a great opportunity to learn from someone who is humble enough to recognize his flaws and do something about them. Josh started surveying for his father’s survey business right out of high school and worked his way through every aspect of the company. In 2009 Josh and Bryan Connally opened CBG Surveying in DFW and it has expanded into Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. CBG has been awarded twice with the Dallas100 fastest-growing companies and employs over 150 people.
Shreya Banerjee and Paul Counts are Co-Founders of Marketing Counts, serial entrepreneurs, Tech Startup Founders, and advisors to the influencers. They are teachers at heart who have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and students alike grasp proven marketing concepts. They created a marketing curriculum that was in over 140 high schools, and have taught marketing to numerous colleges throughout the country. Their client list includes a "who's who" of the personal development and influencer world, and their marketing can be seen on display with Fortune 50 companies and Publicly-Traded organizations. They bring a process-based approach to marketing stemming from Shreya Banerjee's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt experience. Free Giveaway :
As founder and CEO of The Speaker Lab, Grant Baldwin has helped thousands of people build successful and sustainable speaking businesses. Over the last 15 years Grant has become a sought after speaker, podcaster, author, and accomplished entrepreneur. Featured on the Inc. 5000 list, Forbes, Inc. Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post, he has committed his expertise and insight to equipping others to share their meaningful message with the masses. His leadership and dedication to creating a one-of-a-kind organizational culture are evidenced by the impact of the team he leads. Grant lives near Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Sheila, and their three daughters. For more, visit
I help Retail Business Owners improve their CASHFLOW & PROFIT.My philosophy is simple: VISIBILITY, CASH, PROFIT When you have the Visibility of the numbers in your business, you can start to flush your bank account with CASH and start to drive PROFIT. These are the fundamentals for any business to rapidly become the vehicle to provide the lifestyle that you WANT!
Michael leads individuals to a more positive mindset, which leads them to a more positive life. I build unique programs that are helping people achieve more in their careers, relationships, and life! I'm deeply passionate about creating mindsets that help people navigate their days toward achieving success and goal completion.
Candice Gottlieb-Clark is a renowned Business Advisor, Coach, Speaker, Author, and Conflict Management Specialist. She founded Dynamic Team Solutions to help businesses strengthen their leaders and teams through enhanced communication, teamwork, leadership, and conflict management. Candice holds a master’s degree in Counseling and is a Board-Certified Executive Coach. She is a sought-after speaker and writer on topics including Leadership, Communication, and Team Dynamics, and is the author of the bestselling leadership book Find, Fix, Fill Your Leadership Gap. Book page on Amazon: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook:
Harry Spaight serves entrepreneurs and sales teams by helping them to grow sales without resorting to old school sales tactics. He is the author of “Selling with Dignity-Your Formula for Life Changing Sales Results
Battalion Chief David Hollenbach (retired) is the author of “Fireproof: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future.” He is an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, coach, and mentor. He owns and operates David Hollenbach Consulting, LLC, and hosts the popular podcast “From Embers to Excellence.” avid Hollenbach is a veteran of the United States Navy with a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Barry University. A major focus of research for his capstone was how strong, positive leadership can influence the culture of a large organization. While studying at Barry University he published "The Firefighter's Creed" and “Women in the Fire Service: A Diverse Culture Leads to a Successful Culture,” an article highlighting the importance of gender diversity within the fire service in Fire Engineering Magazine. He has spent years as an instructor, coach and mentor helping others define and realize success. Although he no longer works as a servant to the community, his passion for service to others remains stronger than ever.
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