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The Slapdash Slant

Author: Matt and Jonathan

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Listen to Matt and Jonathan share their Slapdash Slant, talk through relatable life situations, explore ridiculous unrealistic situations, and share the back and forth that only friends of 2 decades can share. They know a lot about each other, sometimes too much.
27 Episodes
WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! We pull the covers off how the coronavirus ACTUALLY came to be. Buckle up, because the truth will rock you...Intro/Outro music: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show (
Playing it cool, acting young, and pretending you care. All the ways you can fake it till you make it...and the dire consequences.Intro/Outro music: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show (
Welcome to Season 2 and 2020! Listen to the new experiences Matt and Jonathan experienced over their winter break, including Matt giving his oldest son "The Talk."Intro/Outro music: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show (
What are your family traditions....or fights during the holiday season? Who's house do you go to for Christmas morning? Yours? Your spouses?Support the show (
Movies, Candy, Paranormal Activity, and democrats. What scares you the most on halloween?Support the show (
Buying a house is a scam! Listen to Matt and Jonathan talk about their processes of buying a house and all the things that come along with it.Support the show (
SPECIAL GUEST! This is our second special guest. We interview Matt's cousin/employee about many a thing and hear some funny, and some disturbing, stories.Support the show (
Matt and Jonathan describe some of the delicacies from around the world, as well as some of their favorite foods. Matt also gives a glimpse into his relationship with his "gmaw" that you don't want to miss...Support the show (
We're back! Listen in as we catch up with all of you this week!Support the show (
Life is a game, right? According to Matt and Jonathan, everything can be a game. Listen to the ridiculous games they've played over the years and the things they have done in the name of a laugh.Support the show (
Did we peak? Or bottom out? This is the penultimate episode about nothing! No plan, no guide, just pure, unadulterated randomness. Enjoy.Support the show (
If you could travel to any time in history, where would you go? Listen to Jonathan and Matt talk about their potential (surprisingly macabre...) travelsSupport the show (
What was the things that defined you growing up? Was it being funny? Were you the class clown? Maybe it was being the brain of the class? Listen to Jonathan and Matt talk about the things that they put their identity in growing up. Support the show (
What are those things that just REALLY get under your skin? You know those things that cause you to steam? Listen to us talk about the things that irk us to no end, and see if you agree!Support the show (
BBQs, trucks, World War Champs, listen to all the ways we think America is the best nation in the world! We are number 1 for a reason!Support the show (
What if you could change your least favorite thing about your best friend? How would you make them the perfect friend? Listen to Matt and Jonathan talk about how they'd change each other.Support the show (
Ever thought the parenting styles nowadays seem a lot different than when you grew up? Us too! Listen to us talk about the crazy differences of how parents have changed over the lat few decades.Support the show (
Music, TV, Movies, was it better then? Or better now? Here's our view for the 90s/00s vs now!Support the show (
Listen to Jonathan and Matt discuss all of the things we weren't expecting we would have to get good at when we grew up. Medical bills, mortgages, dishes, laundry... Adulting is hard!Support the show (
Matt and Jonathan discuss how things would change for them if they were to win the lottery. It involves a tiger...Support the show (
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