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The Christian Speculative Fiction Podcast

Author: Paul Regnier

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Author interviews and topic discussions about speculative fiction and how faith intersects with stories. Discussions cover writing craft, publishing, promotion, and everything related to the life of a speculative fiction author. Join us as we talk about storytelling in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, superhero, and everything in between.
23 Episodes
Interview with contemporary fantasy and sci-fi author RJ Anderson.We talk about:-Encouragement and advice for the roller coaster road to publication.-RJ Anderson's classes "After Aslan and Beyond Bilbo" and "I became an author - You could too!"-Piskeys, Knockers, Spriggans, and more!RJ Anderson's website:
Interview with mystery writer and real life forensics investigator Kent Holloway. 
Science fiction roundtable discussion with sci-fi authors Kerry Nietz and Travis Perry.Topics discussed include:Artificial IntelligenceTime Travel Aliens Space TravelMultiverseCool spaceships
Interview with suspense and mystery author Lisa Phillips. Tune in for:-How to get help from the FBI to write realistic federal agents-Marketing pointers on newsletters and advertising-Learn how the Pomodoro method is not a breed of dog, nor a hair product, but a productive way to write.Lisa's website:
Recap of Realm Makers 2020 Writers Conference - Part 2. Interviews with Carla Hoch, Lauren Salisbury, Grace Bridges, and Rachel Marks.
Recap of Realm Makers 2020 Writers Conference - Part 1. Interviews with Scott and Becky Minor, Kathy Tyers, and Teddi Deppner.
Interview with Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi author S.D. Grimm. We talk about character introductions, the lost art of chapter titles, and the best Marvel movie fight scene.
Interview with sci-fi/fantasy author and owner of Bear Publications, Travis Perry. Topics covered:-How military experience can inform your writing.-How a study of science can inform science fiction and blend faith with science in storytelling.-How you can ride a horse to elementary school without being Amish.
Interview with Janeen Ippolito. Janeen is an author, editor, speaker, writing and marketing coach, podcast host, and the founder of Uncommon Universes Press. 
Interview with author and filmmaker Mollie Reeder. Mollie talks about the filmmaking process and how it relates to novel writing. We also discuss her series, The Celestial Isles that began with her debut novel, The Electrical Menagerie.
Interview with cozy mystery author Nikki Haverstock. We talk about genre mash-ups between mystery and speculative fiction such as paracozies (paranormal and cozy mysteries). Nikki also provides tips and tricks on book promotion through newsletters and book discounts. We also talk about real life adventures in Nikki's life including:-Hosting a reality tv show-Walking across hot magma-Traveling the world studying volcanos
Fantasy author Lindsay Franklin talks about her Weaver Trilogy starting with her debut novel, The Story Peddler. We discuss how Lindsay was able to create a buzz with her first book and the key elements of publishing a book that catch readers attention. Other topics discussed:-Love triangles in fiction-Organic candy-The wonder of wombatsLearn more about Lindsay Franklin at
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In this last podcast of the year, I'm joined by Kyle Robert Shultz as we list our 10 favorite books of 2019.
"A Panel of Pantsers" - Author panel with Rachel Marks, Merrie Destefano, and Paul Regnier. Panel questions and follow ups by new writer and cartoonist Scott Thomas. Websites:Rachel Marks website: Destefano website: Thomas comics website: Regnier website:
Halloween episode: Paranormal and Horror writer Mike Duran discusses how writing from a Christian perspective can be compatible with the horror genre. Mike also talks about his supernatural experiences growing up and how that influenced his writing.Mikes website:
Interview with gaslamp fantasy author Kyle Robert Shultz. Author website:
Science Fiction author Joshua Johnston talks about creating impactful scenes, where Star Wars and Star Trek intersect in storytelling, getting inspiration from being a high school teacher and so much more. 
A series of "mini-interviews" at Realm Makers 2019 featuring: Jill Williamson, Lindsay Franklin, Ronie Kendig, Kerry Nietz, Jason Joyner, Joshua Johnston, Steve Rzasa, and Steve Laube.
Interview with science fiction author Kerry Nietz. Kerry talks about his background as a software developer and how that influenced his sci-fi stories as well as how one of his books ended up on The Tonight Show.Kerry's website:
Author interview with urban fantasy author Rachel Marks.In this episode, Rachel talks about her inspiration for writing urban fantasy, writing through adversity, and getting a contract with Amazon publishing.Rachel's website:
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Q Elbert

Very encouraged to have found this show and really appreciate all the effort put into it. The content and format feel very approachable and not intimidating. I have already consumed several episodes over the past couple days since subscribing and have found them all to contain valuable insights in a short amount of time. Sending my thanks to the founder for the needed inspiration!

Oct 30th
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