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Author: AfterLife Team

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AfterLife is an audio drama that follows the story of three souls after their untimely deaths. Before they know it, they're swept up in a world of dark politics while simultaneously dealing with their own personal journeys of self-discovery. This adventure is sure to leave hearts broken, barriers shattered, and afters... lived.
2 Episodes
Episode 1

Episode 1


Let me tell you a joke. Three souls wake up in a cave.  And um.... I can't remember the rest. Seems like you'll have to listen, or read, to find out for yourself...  Episode script: CAST ---- Jebediah voiced by BlueJei Twitter: Website: Gwen voiced by Oz Tiffani voiced by Wu Clesk voiced by DAveAGVA Becky voiced by Mattiemartin Gary voiced by Theodore
The start to our podcast is a formal introduction- well, it should've been- to the AfterLife. Unfortunately, things can't always go to plan. The script for the prologue can be found by accessing the link below. Clesk voiced by DaveAGVA Gary voiced by Theodore Becky voiced by Mattiemartin
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