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Called to Encourage

Author: Melody Trowell

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Melody loves words. Her calling is to encourage, which means "to put heart into." As a linguist and college English professor, she navigates her word world with a tug-of-war between prescriptive grammar and creative voice on a daily basis. This podcast is where you can listen to Melody’s blog posts in her own voice and hopefully feel encouraged along your way!
4 Episodes
Angels in Paris

Angels in Paris


This is a story. A true story. It’s about the time I traveled to Paris. And no, it doesn’t include any romantic encounters. But it does have an otherworldly encounter. And in this time of pandemic, I think you need to hear that God sees you. He saw me then, when my world seemed lost. And he sees you now.
Ever feel like you just can’t do it all anymore? Yeah, me too. Well, I’m here to tell you in this episode that you don’t have to. Phew! In fact, I’ve figured out there is no such thing as “balance,” as we often hear, but there IS a way to live with good rhythm. What a relief!
Ever feel paralyzed by fear? I know I do. But I didn’t realize it until I saw it in someone I loved. In this episode I walk you through a little bit of my oldest son’s life and what that’s teaching me about how God sees us, his children.
Episode 1: Calling

Episode 1: Calling


I can’t think of a better way to start off this podcast thing than to tell yall about how God called me to encourage. This episode is all about growing pains and letting God lead, which doesn’t come easily. Can I get an amen?! Blog link:
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