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Head to to sign up for the April 29th 1pm Values Workshop. Learn more about Colleen: Kavanaugh is a professional organizer who helps creatives affordably conjure space to answer inspiration’s call, carve out nooks for imagination to awaken, corrals the tools of trades to create more efficiently, and conspires with clients to map out plans for reaching goals. Whether you are creating art, family, or community she can help you streamline your furnishings, dreams, schemes, and daily routines into manageable systems that will enable you to reduce stress, forget less, and have more fun than chores. Letter on Spotify:
Learn more about Elizabeth Rosenberg:
90 Day Business Launch with Michelle Ward
Learn more about Loomier: Griffo: Johnson of Katie Made That:
Learn more about Eva at: evamedilek.com on LinkedIn
In Business Podcast - a new name and a bit of one on one time with Cass McCroryA season for second chances: the podcast on Instagram: along on LinkedIn:
Pre-Order the book today: http://unfollowyourpassion.comFor more on Terri:
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