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Best Next Step with Cass McCrory

Author: Cass McCrory

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Designed to Inspire, Encourage and Share the Journey of taking a Best Next Step from @CassMcCrory.Follow for a daily dose of Best Next Step energy follow.Twice each month we'll dig in a bit deeper with interviews with people taking their own Best Next Step.
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Join me in the 4 minuted guided practice of setting intentions. 
In 4 sentences: You’ve had a setback you want to bounce back from. The details are incredibly important to you and not at all important to proceed. The work is to contain your experience so it’s a jumping off point for something better. You don’t want to just get back, you want to move forward.What’s inside: An approach to have you taking Best Next Step action TODAY.What could get in the way: The idea (which isn’t true) that you’re not ready just yet. You are and the fact that you’re here proves it.Get written instructions here:
It's Friday. When I was a kid TGIF was a whole thing. Thank Goodness it's Friday. I remember it being promoted around the tv line-up for that night. Full House, Step by Step, Hanging with Mr. Cooper...Family Matters.But here's the thing that I've come to realize: TGIF is really about anticipatory joy.It's the joy that we are looking forward to. The best part about anticipation is we see it for its possibility.Here's the invitation for today: Name the Anticipatory Joy you feel for the weekend.I'll start you off.This weekend I'm looking forward to....Name all the big things, all the little things, the small everyday bits, the ease, the flow, name it.Now if you read this and thought: oh no, I could not do that, it will just get my hopes up, there's a fairly decent chance it will all blow up. Here's what I want to share: It might. Yes. It might. But in naming it, in being hopeful, for feeling the joy in this moment, for recognizing the possibility you get the IMMEDIATE benefit of Anticipatory Joy. No matter what happens next.
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