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"Staying Together" With Noble Robinson

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After decades of messing up and getting relationships wrong through counseling, learning from my mistakes and educating myself I finally got it right and now I want to share my experiences with you. Tune in every Sunday morning CST and let's fix our relationships and communities together. PS podcast starting October 10th 2021
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Kwame Brown is not a bust he's a youth life saver, not just yelling BLM but speaking the language of builders.
The FBI does not gather national data for vehicular hijackings, but many individual cities do. They say the numbers have exploded during the pandemic and show no signs of letting up.#carjackings #Neworleans #chicago
A Lafayette grand jury on Tuesday concluded deliberations in the Lafayette Police Department shooting death of Trayford Pellerin and will not be handing up charges against officers in the case, Pellerin family attorney Ron Haley said
Welcome to "The Critical Morning Show" Like for notifications for new uplaods. Today we discussing the stop Asian hate trend thats spreading, is it real or not?
Rapper DMX kept Jessus Christ in his soul, he was and is more than a rapper
Doctors discovered a rare type of stroke called a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or CVST, a blood clot in the veins of his brain.
Things you might don't know about a president being impeached.
What happened between trump and Hip Hop, YFN Luccie allegedly wanted and more.
Its Free style friday call in 1 504 315 7552
On Youtube live discussing P2R Films channel future and events that occurred during capital breach subscribe to my youtube channel you will see the logo.
The Confederate Breach

The Confederate Breach


The protesters, some of who were seen wearing body armor, breached the capital steps around 2:15 p.m. ET, pushing through barricades, officers in riot gear and other security measures put in place in anticipation of the protest.
Dr DreProud Boys King Earner & Alp[o
Shawn Gilbert (Black) were arrested and charged with murder for killing Christipher Miln (white) in which some claim was self defense and 1 year old found dead in casino hotel.Read Scott Gilbert’s ( Shawn Douglas Lawyer) entire statement below.12.31.2020 Douglas Press Statement by Josh Carter on Scribd Shawn Douglas did what many of his fellow Rankin Countians would have done when Christopher Miln violently attacked him on December 28. Shawn and his family had been victimized by Miln’s threats of violence for months. These threats were not only directed atShawn, but at his 13-year-old baby brother. The publicly available video evidence fromDecember 28 is clear. Shawn walked away from Miln, just like he had done several times before.For reasons known only to Miln, he finally decided to make good on his threats and he violently attacked Shawn, grabbing Shawn from behind, wrapping his arm around Shawn’s neck and wrenching downward in an effort to cut off Shawn’s ability to breath.Shawn and his family had taken every available step to protect themselves from Miln over the months leading up to Miln’s violent attack on Shawn. In early October, Shawn filed charges against Miln for assault in Justice Court after Miln, brandishing a shovel, threatened to attackShawn. The case was remanded, and Miln was not prosecuted but he was ordered to have no contact with Shawn. The police had also tried to deal with Miln in the past after being called byShawn’s mother. Despite Miln’s best efforts, neither Shawn nor his family ever allowed Miln to provoke them into a physical altercation. On December 28, Miln, as he had threatened, violently attacked Shawn.Every Mississippian has both an inherent and a legal right to use deadly force to defend themselves from someone who is attempting to cause great personal injury. Shawn’s actions onDecember 28 were reasonable under the circumstances. Even though Shawn was able to momentarily free himself from Miln’s lethal grip, there was nothing preventing Miln from continuing to pursue his attempt to injure Shawn. While Miln’s death is tragic, it was the legally justifiable consequence of his violent attack on Shawn and the certainty that Miln would continue to escalate his violent behavior until Shawn or a member of his family were eventually killed.My team is working to collect evidence and interview witnesses. We intend to present the evidence to the court and the District Attorney at Shawn’s bond and preliminary hearing onJanuary 5, 2021. We are confident that once all the facts are known, everyone will agree thatShawn is not a danger to the community and that he should be released from custody while the investigation runs its course.Scott GilbertWatkins & Eager, PLLCCounsel for Shawn Douglas\
Announcments Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Christmas gifts arriving after christmasWhat happened to Tekashi 69 Pandemic used for cover up
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