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When you look into a mirror,what do you see? You see the Truth. Host Kyle David is on a mission to speak truthfully and authentically on topics from addiction, depression, work ethic, kindness, gratitude, to current events such as Covid, religion, politics and how to handle the struggles of life. "I'm talking about anything I feel is helpful or important, the goal is to impact every listener in a positive way." -Kyle David Through meaningful conversations, this podcast explores our lives and our world to determine what's really "INSIDE THE MIRROR."
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Hey friends! Back with an episode for the men specifically today.Men, this one is RICH with wisdom so you probably want to take some notes.If you're a woman listening, I hope you hear the heart Jonathan has for men here and ask yourself if you know a man that could use a coach to help them find their purpose and mission in life and level up their personal growth and success. Jonathan is the go-to guy when it comes to helping men live intentionally in all ares of their lives, physical, spiritual, mental. emotional and business.He successfully left the corporate world and launched his own men's coaching business several years ago.He's helped numerous men create the lives they want and live a story of significance.Jonathan's clients have reorganized their priorities, doubled their business revenue, lost dozens of pounds, formed new habits and transformed their lives.As a part of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, Jonathan implements strategies and systems used by thousands of the most successful leaders and trainers from all over the world.He is the host of "The intentional Man Podcast," a podcast that inspires and equips men to live lives of intentionality and grow to their full potential.As a coach, he helps young, professional men who struggle with passivity experience the joy of finding and pursuing their purpose. This conversation laid out many of the frameworks men need to intentionally live a life of meaning and purpose.Jonathan also shared some of his journey of struggle and what led to him  having a heart for coaching men.From Wisdom, to frameworks, to mindset, to vulnerability and showing your failures, Jonathan lays out how he helps men go from passive to living intentionally and pursuing the purpose God created them for. I hope you were encouraged and challenged by this conversation and are able to take action on whatever most stuck out to you here.Please share this with the men you know who need to stop being passive and start living a life of intentionality and purpose.You can find Jonathan here:Instagram: Man Planner: Intentional Man Podcast:Spotify:
Hey friends!Hope you're all healthy and well!REALLY excited to share this conversation with you.This episode was with my friend and someone I now refer to as the "millionaire mindset next door" Johnson Tran. 😎Johnson and I had a fantastic conversation,starting with his humble beginnings as a first generation Vietnamese American coming out of a tough upbringing in Houston to being unofficially retired by 36.He laid out for us the simple money principles his Dad taught him as a young boy that he used to build a life he loves living every day.Johnson now spends his time with his family and as a sales executive, and he lives by some of the most contagious statements and principles:"Be Happy You're 6 Foot Above & Get to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee Today!""Do what you love because you can, rather than do what you dread because you are broke.""Every morning take a bite of humble pie, wash it down with a glass of humility, check ego at the door, and put narcissism in the trash."His philosophy on life is the title of this episode, here in his words:"I plead the F.I.F.T.H.- Faith, Integrity, Family, Time & Health are the only things I care about, and if those are great then life's awesome" -Johnson TranI wish I had known Johnson many years ago,he is a wealth of knowledge and an incredible story teller!Hope something in this conversation challenged and encouraged you.Please feel free to share this with someone you know that you think could benefit from this! Follow Johnson on Linkedin: Lets connect on social media:Instagram: on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends! Welcome back to another guest filled episode. 😎This week I had my friend Anthony Rocca on the podcast.Anthony has a wild story of health and healing, going from hospitalized at 85lbs, with a crippling diagnosis and close to dead, to now thriving, strong and healthy just a few years later. We talked about his journey of healing himself outside of the conventional medical system, his advice to those who are sick and seeking answers, the things he's done to figure out the right diet for himself, and the importance of not giving up and continuing to try things and do the work to heal.Anthony has an inspiring story and has done the work to get to where he is today in his health journey.One thing that I am super passionate about is us having control over our own health and not outsourcing it to a broken modern health system.This conversation is filled with great insights for anyone who is seeking or already on their own journey of healing and taking control of their own personal health.You can't have a thriving life if you don't have thriving health.Hope something in this episode was helpful or insightful for you or someone you know.Thanks for listening!Talk soon, God bless.-KyleFollow Anthony on Lets connect on social media:Instagram: on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends!This weeks episode was inspired by a conversation with my Dad last week where we were talking about being strategic in making decisions.Lets be honest, we all struggle at times to make the best decisions for ourselves and we often wish we could go back and make different decisions in hindsight.In the moment it can often be hard to make decisions that are strategic for the future as we are often making quick, emotion driven decisions. That being said, in this episode I wanted to talk about why I think this is so important, how I've seen it go wrong, and some things I've put in place for myself to ensure that I'm making the best decisions for myself, short and long term. Please hear me, I don't have this all figured out, I still make terrible decisions in certain moments and often act first and think second.I'm on the journey with you and just want to share my heart and things that I''ve personally found helpful along the way.Hope something here helped you or someone you know.Feel free to share it around with someone that could benefit.Thanks so much for listening.Talk soon, God bless.-Kyle Lets connect on social media:Instagram: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:  
Hey friends!Have you ever heard the phrase "Your inputs determine your outcomes?"While I agree with this in many ways, I think a key factor that is often missed in life is our attitude.  I believe that one of the main factors in our happiness and fulfillment in life is our attitude.So in this weeks episode I wanted to talk about how our Attitude determines our outcomes.  Our attitude effects the majority of our experience in life and our ability or lack thereof to have a positive attitude will greatly impact our outcomes in life.As someone who had a very negative attitude for years, and now works really hard to have a positive attitude, I can attest to the massive difference our attitude has on our lives and the lives of those around us.  I really hope something here struck you and was helpful for you or someone you know.Please feel free to share this with someone who you think needs to hear it.Thanks so much for taking the time to listen, y'all are great! Talk soon, God bless!-Kyle Lets connect on social media:Instagram: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends!Know I haven't had a guest on in awhile so super excited to be back with a guest!Really enjoyed this conversation with my friend and hip hop artist Derrick Jewell aka Whyte-out.Derrick and I met many years ago when we were making music and doing shows in Colorado.Derrick is an incredibly talented artist and has worked with artists like Twista, Jellyroll, Rittz, Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs n Harmony and a lot more! In this conversation we got deep,Derrick talked about his addictions and vices and how he came to a point where he had to choose to change for himself and his kids.As a father of 5 kids he realized that the #1 thing he needed to do in his life was be a loving and present father to his kids.We talked about the current culture and their desire to be rich and famous vs authentic and genuine.Several times we touched on the subject of accountability and realizing that everything in your life, good or bad is something you need to take accountability and ownership for.When you realize that you are the only one responsible for your life, you are able to take ownership and change it.Derrick has an awesome perspective around accountability and what it takes to pull yourself out of the mud and the darkness in life and make a change. I really, really enjoyed catching up and getting to have what I believe was a super meaningful conversation here! Hope you were inspired or challenged by something you heard.Please feel free to share this with someone you think this could be helpful for.As always, thank you for spending your time listening to me.I know there are endless ways you could spend your time and I'm grateful that you choose to spend some of it with me.Talk soon, God bless.-KyleListen to:Whyte-out on Spotify: on Apple: on Youtube: on Soundcloud: on TikTok: with Kyle on social media:Instagram: (X): Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends!It is election season in America, and you know what that means...Anger, arguments, division and overall a lack of unity and ability to see those we disagree with as human.In my opinion, if we were all able to calmly listen and communicate with one another, we would find that 99% of us all want the same things.Freedom to speak and do as we please, systems of money, healthcare and government that will work for us and to protect us, politicians that will fight for us and make decisions based on whats in our best interest and on and on.We all want to live happy, healthy and free lives and be protected from anything that would harm us or our loved ones.The issue then is not that we disagree on having these things, the major things we disagree on are typically HOW to achieve these.In todays episode I wanted to talk about how I believe we can work on being more united during times like this and how to handle hot topics and communicate maturely and effectively so that we are able to listen, understand and move towards resolution with those we disagree with and not division.If we can be mature and listen to understand and show those we disagree with that we care about them even when we don't agree, I truly believe we can change the trajectory of our nation and society.  Hope you are encouraged and challenged by this episode like I was.Please share this with someone you think needs to hear this.Thanks so much for giving me your time and listening to what I have to say, it's humbling and I'm truly grateful.Talk soon, god bless!-Kyle Lets connect on social media:Instagram: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Slow down to speed up

Slow down to speed up


Hey friends,Hope you're all healthy and thriving! This week I wanted to just unpack some of my thoughts and personal focuses recently around the way I spend my time and how I evaluate the things I'm doing that are moving the ball forward in my life.   Here's the reality, we're all busy.We live in a busy society that tells us we need to always be going to achieve what we want in life, I've bought into this as well in life and filled my days with busyness.But the more I live the more I'm convinced its not about how much you do but WHAT you do, which means we need to make sure we are not just moving fast but slowing down and being more intentional with WHAT we are doing and how we are spending our time, energy and resources.Hence the title "Slow down to speed up." It's not about moving fast, but more about being intentional with spending our time and energy on the right things that have the greatest impact.This is a huge focus for me in 2024 as I not only want to achieve a lot in life but I want to do it at a sustainable and enjoyable pace.I want to be intentional with how I spend my moments and my energy and it starts with just being aware of where we are spending our resources. Hope something here was helpful for you or someone you know.Please feel free to share this with someone you think needs to hear this.Thanks so much for taking the time to tune in, truly grateful for all of you! Talk soon, God bless-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends,Welcome back to another episode, I'm FIRED UP!You and I have believed a LIE and I want to expose it and speak out against it.The lie comes in many forms but they tell us that we weren't made to be great.The lies say that we aren't good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, that we should be average, don't be too disruptive, you can't change the world etc, ALL LIES!We were all created uniquely withe potential to make a huge difference and change the world, the enemy doesn't want us to believe that but its the truth.For many years of my life I have believed lies about myself and you probably have too.It's time to fight back with the truth and be reminded that you are capable of amazing things and were born to something incredible! THAT IS THE TRUTH.Hope this encouraged you and reminded you of y our potential.Please feel free to share this with someone else who needs to hear it.Thanks so much for listening, God bless!-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:   
Ayo,Happy new year friends! It's pretty wild how fast the time passes in life but here we are.Hope you're all healthy and well and ready for a year of growth and blessings.For the first episode of the year I wanted to touch on something that I feel is  frequently overlooked, especially as a year ends and everyone is planning for how to do more and be better in the next.I want to talk about recognizing the progress you're making in life and being PROUD of yourself and how far you've come in life.It's very easy for most of us to focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be in the future.We can easily feel like we're not doing enough, we're not good enough, or we're so far behind etc.But how about for a second we focus on the gap between where we've been and where we are now.The truth is, if you zoom out far enough you are probably much further ahead than you used to be and you are most likely making a TON more progress than you feel like, as a person, in your mindset and learnings and I'm sure a bunch of other areas for you.This thought sparked in me the other day when I was looking through my safe for some paperwork on a car I recently bought and I stumbled onto my binder I kept through my time in rehab in 2015.I spent some time looking through it and was shocked by how much I've grown and changed since then, it was pretty drastic.This got me thinking, bc if you asked me on a random day I would tell you I feel behind and like I'm not making as much progress as I should be, or I would tell you I'm far from where I want to be in life and I have so much more to do.Bc most of us are wired to focus on where we're not vs where we are, I think it's important to take the time to look back and acknowledge the progress we have made and are making, otherwise we will just feel like we're never enough and that can be frustrating and discouraging.The truth is, we're all doing much better than we think even if our lives aren't exactly where we want them to be.Give yourself credit for where you are, how much you've grown and learned and BE PROUD of yourself! You deserve it.Hope something here will be encouraging and inspiring for you.Please feel free to share this with someone who needs to hear it.Thanks for taking the time to listen to me, grateful for each one of you.Talk soon, God bless!-Kyle Lets connect on social media:Instagram: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:               
Hey y'all!This weeks episode may be a bit convicting for some and I hope it is, it was for me too.I'm talking about the pain of staying the same vs the pain of changing.We all have areas of our lives we want to improve or we just aren't satisfied with where our lives are at and we want it to change.That's a great starting point, wanting more and not being fully satisfied with where we're at, but the problem is, too often we choose to stay in the place we're at bc it's more comfortable than doing the hard work and going through the pain of actually changing. The reality is, if you stay where you are, and don't go through the pain and discomfort required to get to where you want to go you will eventually still have to deal with the pain of being in the same place you're in now, but now you've experienced that pain twice.Once when you realized you didn't like where you were and again when you never changed and still have to experience.Life is painful and uncomfortable, you just have to choose which pain you'd prefer, the pain of change?Or the pain of regret and staying the same?One will be uncomfortable but moves you toward where you want to be and the other just keeps you miserable, but you have to choose.Hope this was motivating for you or someone you know.Please feel free to share it with someone you think needs to hear this.Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and support herre, means so much to me.Hope you're all healthy and well!Talk soon, God bless-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Linkedin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends, hope all of you are healthy and well.Let's get right into it, here's my thought.I don't know about you but I have gotten SO MUCH advice in my life from all kinds of people, especially the people close to me.While this can be a good thing, this week I wanted to talk about why I believe you actually need to listen to less advice from the people around you, not more.    Most people are giving you advice from a genuinely good place but most often they are telling you what they would do if they were in your shoes.The problem with that is they aren't in your shoes.They don't have your goals and dreams, and they can't see your vision for your life.Because of this, they may be giving you advice that is actually not going to help you fulfill your vision for yourself and your life and get you to where you need to be.In this episode I wanted to share my thoughts and my own experiences around learning how to not listen to the advice of even the people closest to me at times.It's not easy but you have to take control of your life and not always do what others want you to do if you actually want to fulfill the vision you have.Part of that journey is being misunderstood by others.Hope something here is helpful to you or someone you know.Please fr=eel free to share this with someone you think this could help.Grateful for all of you taking hte time to listen.Talk soon, God bless!-Kyle Lets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Linkedin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:
Hey friends! I've had a wild past week, from wrecking my car to thinking I killed my sisters cat, I'm glad it's over, haha.In this episode I wanted to share what all happened the past week, what I learned and the framework I  think through when adversity and hard times hit, as they inevitably will.There are very few things promised in life but adversity and struggle are a few of those things we WILL face over and over.Learning how to face hard times and move through them is critical and having a framework from which to operate has been a game changer for me in my own life. Hope that some of the thoughts and things I share here are helpful for you or someone you know.Please feel free to share this with someone you think needs to hear this.Thanks so much for listening!Talk soon, God bless.-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Linkedin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube: 
Hey friends!This week I wanted to share the story if the business I started and shut down 12 months later.In 2020 I saw and opportunity to start a business and I went for it.In this episode I share the story of it all, what I learned, what I would change if I could go back and my thoughts on why there is no such thing as failure when you take action, you win or you learn.Hope you enjoy the story and learn from my experiences.Feel free to share this with someone you think this could help.Hope you're all healthy and well!Talk soon, God bless-Kyle        Lets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Linkedin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends! This weeks episode I unpack why I think it's important to be able to filter the opinions and advice we get from other people.“Don't listen to other people's opinions" is pretty typical advice that gets spread around.But why shouldn’t we listen to them?Are they stupid or trying to hurt us?Are they always garbage opinions? Probably not, I think there’s more to it.I believe the reason we should often ignore the opinions of others isn’t because they have bad intentions, it’s because their opinions often lack education and context.Most people are not trying to give bad advice or steer us in a wrong direction, they simply haven’t put in the thought, research, and mental and emotional energy that we have to come to a decision. It’s impossible for someone who is not you to have all of the context on the thoughts and ideas that go into your decision making process.Therefore peoples opinions on what you should do will often not align with your internal desires or feelings that you’ve processed.So most of the time we need to use wisdom and discernment when it comes to who we take advice from and when we take that advice.There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel, but don’t let that idea become you relieving yourself of your ultimate responsibility to make final decisions and be responsible for those decisions.Others only have so much context on what we want and need.People aren’t trying to harm you, they just lack context, don’t hold that against them and also don't overly weigh their opinions. Be wise, filter advice and opinions through a strict lens, and take action based on what you believe is best, even if it isn’t aligned with the opinions of people you care about. You get 1 life.Your choices are up to you.You have to make the final decisions in your life, choose wisely.Blessings.    Lets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Linkedin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey friends, hope you're all healthy and well!This week I am coming in HOT with an episode on red meat and some of my thoughts on why red meat is under such attack in the US.Although it’s one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, for some reason recently red meat has been more and more demonized, although we know for a fact it is one of the most nutritious foods humans can consume. We’ve been eating it for 1,000’s of years all over the world and it has sustained life and allowed humans to thrive.The recent Harvard study that says red meat can be “associated” with higher risk of diabetes is straight propaganda. That’s a perfect example of correlation not causation.Keep in mind a large # of those people in the study, smoked, had a diet full of ultra processed foods, and were sedentary, just to name a few of their other health related issues that ACTUALLY lead to diabetes. Here are some of the nutrients we get from red meat:Protein - needed to grow and repair cells and keep your body working regularly.Iron - necessary for transportation of oxygen in the bloodZinc - critical for immune function, wound and sickness healing and DNA synthesisB12 - essential for nerve function and production of red blood cellsSelenium: an antioxidant mineral that plays a role in protecting cells from damage.Phosphorus: important for bone health, energy metabolism, and the synthesis of DNA.Creatine: plays a role in energy production, brain health and muscle repair Vitamin A: essential for vision, immune function, and skin health.Vitamin D: important for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being.Magnesium: involved in many physiological processes, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, bone health.Potassium: an electrolyte that helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.The “experts” agree that these are good things so why would red meat then be bad if it contains them? Doesn’t make logical sense. Don’t listen to the propaganda.If mainstream institutions are telling you what to do with your health, you should most likely do the opposite.Eat red meat, exercise and don’t trust the government or the higher education indoctrination institutions.Stay safe out there 😎🤝 Follow me on IG: Linkedin:
Get righteously pissed

Get righteously pissed


Hey friends!That title might have throw you off, so here's some more context...Recently I've been super frustrated with where I'm at in certain areas of my life bc I'm not where I want to be. I feel like my back is against the wall in several situations and I'm being forced to take action and go to the next level of my own personal growth and development. This isn't a bad thing, I think anytime you are seeking to grow and level up in life things will seek to hold you back and make it difficult to go to that next level.These are the times when we need to embrace the hard, get a little pissed off and take action to continue pushing through to the next level and where we know we ultimately need and want to go.We all have choices to make in life and many times our choices will be driven by  us finding ourselves in situation and circumstances that we don't like and we know we need to change.In this episode I really just processed some of the feelings I'm experiencing currently and some of my thoughts and strategies around what that is and what I'm doing about it.Don't cheat yourself out of things in life, it's supposed to be hard, we're supposed to feel challenged and like our back is against the wall.Take action and do the work to break through to the next level, don't let the hard hold you back,  we've got this.Hope something here was insightful or helpful in some way.If it was, please share it with someone you think may need it.Thanks so much for listening, I'm super grateful!Talk soon, God bless.-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Snapchat: kyledavid970Linkdin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Be Kind, Not Nice

Be Kind, Not Nice


Hey friends!Welcome back to another episode of Inside The Mirror.In this weeks episode I wanted to touch on a topic I've been challenged on the past few years and something I feel is important for all of us to focus on.I'll start with a question, are you nice to the people around you, or are you kind?I've learned there can be a big difference between the two. Being nice is easy and usually involves keeping the peace with people and not necessarily saying the things that need to be said, just to remain comfortable and to avoid confrontation.Being kind on the other hand requires telling people the truth, even when it's uncomfortable because that's what is best for them.We often have a choice between the two and I know I personally tend to lean towards just being nice many times because I don't want conflict or I don't want others to think I'm being mean or difficult.Being kind means telling the truth, even when it hurts or is uncomfortable.Let's be honest, being nice is easier but being kind is usually what is more helpful to people, and often people prefer that you tell them the truth and help them even if it's uncomfortable in the moment.Loving people means we care about them enough to get uncomfortable and do the hard thing if it's best for them.I'm by no means perfect at this, it's something I'm constantly working on and challenging myself in because I want to be the best I can for the people I care about.Hope something in this episode is helpful or makes you think.If it is or you know someone who should hear this, please feel free to share it.Thanks so much for listening, grateful for all of you.Talk soon, God bless.-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Snapchat: kyledavid970Linkdin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
It's not that serious

It's not that serious


Hey y'all! I've been thinking a lot recently about how serious I take everything in life, even the things that are somewhat meaningless.We all have things in our lives that we stress about and spend a lot of time or energy on that ultimately just aren't as important in the long run as they may feel in the moment.I want to learn to be able to hold things more loosely and not take things so seriously if they really won't be that important in 50 or years when i come to the end of my life.I want to be able to gauge what's super important and what is more inconsequential when it comes to how I exert my time and energy.Hope some of these thoughts are helpful or spur you on to think more about it.Please feel free to share this with someone you think this could be helpful to.As always, thanks for listening and supporting, appreciate you tons!Talk soon, God bless.-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Snapchat: kyledavid970Linkdin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
Hey y'all!Been thinking a lot about how my personal growth affects the people around me and the people I influence so wanted to talk through some of that in this weeks episode.I think many times in life we only think about our personal growth as affecting us and our lives, but what we may not realize is that our personal growth directly affects the lives of those around us, our families, friends, coworkers etc etc.When we are not growing and becoming better, we can hold those around us back. The people in our circle are watching us and when we aren't growing they will pick up on our lack of growth and it can influence them negatively.Also, when we aren't becoming better we aren't able to show up at our fullest capacity and potential which can also hold back the people around us that we have the opportunity to influence.We have a responsibility to ourselves and the people around us to always be growing and being an example of what it looks like to be the best you can be.If you aren't striving to be the best you can be, the people around you will be affected, when you are they will also be affected.The goal here is not perfection but progress, be the example you would want to have and hold yourself to a high standard, for yourself and others, you won't regret it.Thanks so much for listening. If this was helpful please feel free to share it with someone you think it could help.Appreciate you tons! Talk soon, God bless.-KyleLets connect on social media:Instagram: kyle.david___Snapchat: kyledavid970Linkdin: Kyle DavidWatch on YouTube:YouTube:
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