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Amazing and useless true stories from history, hosted by Adam Azra'el and Mark Teskey
5 Episodes
Adam and Mark take a look at WWII with a story of some grenade mishaps in Italy and a British nutjob famous for playing bagpipes in the heat of battle.Hosts: Mark Teskey, Adam Azra'elProducer: Adam Azra'el
Adam and Mark discuss the Japanese children's game known as Kancho and the really, really awful idea that ended the German Empire during WWI. Hosts: Adam Azra'el, Mark TeskeyProducer: Adam Azra'elMoron: Arthur Zimmerman
Mark and Adam discuss the finer points of the awful 1904 Olympics and the most Irish fire in history.Hosts: Adam Azra'el, Mark TeskeyProducer: Adam Azra'el
Adam, Mark, and special guest Anthony Staten discuss the wager that saved the pinball industry, Pepsi's short-lived status as an actual global superpower, and the struggle in the Vatican to enforce a modesty standard on its historical artwork.Hosts: Adam Azra'el, Mark TeskeyGuest: Anthony StatenProducer: Adam Azra'el
Hosts Adam Azra'el and Mark Teskey discuss Peter Freuchen, a Danish explorer/next-level badass, and the curious case of the theft of composer Joseph Haydn's head. Hosts: Adam Azra'el, Mark TeskeyProducer: Adam Azra'el
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