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Doing It! with Hannah Witton

Author: Hannah Witton

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Join Hannah Witton and some very special guests as they discuss all things sex, relationships, dating and bodies in her new podcast, Doing It! In a series of frank, open & honest conversations guests talk about their personal experiences from periods and pregnancy to sex, disability and everything in between. Expect laughs, tears and some serious sex education.
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This week, Hannah is joined by writer and illustrator Flo Perry, who’s created the book ‘How To Have Feminist Sex’. Flo shares more about the process of making the book, and why she wants women to talk more about seeing sex as a form of joy. Her and Hannah chat about the importance of not judging other people’s kinks, and talking about your masturbation fantasies with your partner. Flo shares her coming out process, including the experience of coming out as a lesbian as a teenager, and then having since come out as bisexual. Finally, they talk about Flo’s club night for queer women & non binary people, and why it’s important to have these spaces.Flo Perry:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
This week, Hannah is joined by the founder of the world’s first Vagina Museum: Florence Schechter. Florence talks about how the Vagina Museum came to be, and obstacles she faced along the way - mostly to do with having ‘vagina’ in the name! They chat about everything from funding to being shadow-banned on Twitter, and also what the future of the Vagina Museum will look like. Hannah and Florence also share their best vagina and animal sex facts!
This week, Hannah is joined by YouTuber and author Jackson Bird. Jackson talks about his experience coming out as a trans man at age 25, and what his experience of transitioning publicly was like. They also chat about how trans men and women are portrayed in the mainstream media, and the differences in this representation. Jackson opens up about his previous misconceptions around gender identity and sexuality, with him and Hannah discussing cancel culture. Finally, Jackson shares about the dysphoria some trans men experience, and where he found his trans representation.Jackson:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
This week, Hannah is joined by sex educator Justin Hancock. Justin shares about how he got into sex education, and they chat about what the place for cis, straight men is in the field. They also discuss why being sex positive isn’t always the answer, and why bad sex education can be worse than no sex education. Justin shares the differences in teaching RSE to young people and adults, and when’s best to explain the nuances in sex education. Finally, he shares the most common questions he gets asked, including: can you get pregnant from pre-cum?Justin:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
This week, Hannah is joined by musician, vlogger & podcaster Meghan Tonjes. They chat about Meghan’s decision to take a break from sex & dating, and why we see being in a relationship as the ultimate goal. Meghan shares about how cutting out alcohol has affected her dating life, with Hannah talking about how interconnected the two are. They also discuss the pressure to get married and have kids in your 30s, as well as the fear of getting older and not being wanted. Finally, they chat about Meghan’s focus on body liberation, and how your sexual partner should make you feel good about your body.Meghan:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
In this episode, Hannah’s joined by Karen Hobbs, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 24 and went through a radical trachelectomy to have her cervix removed. Karen shares the process of diagnosis through to treatment, and how you can possibly try and process finding out you have cancer. They talk about the anatomy and role of the cervix, and whether the procedure affected Karen’s sex life or fertility. Finally, Karen discusses the stigma around gynae cancers and whether we should have smear tests earlier.Karen:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
This week, Hannah’s joined by children’s author and LGBTQ+ creator of Pop ‘n’ Olly, Olly Pike. Olly chats about his work in providing LGBTQ+ Education for kids, including his re-imagining of classic fairytales. They also discuss the high statistics of LGBTQ+ students being bullied in school, and the impact of the No Outsiders Programme and subsequent protests. Finally, Hannah talks to Olly about his campaign to get his latest book in every primary school in the UK and they ask - will Disney ever have an LGBTQ+ prince or princess?📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
This week, Hannah chats to playwright/performer and sex activist Cameryn Moore, as they share the story of meeting through Cameryn writing Hannah some personalised smut! They also talk about Cameryn’s Smut Slam & how her sexy storytelling has gone global, and compares this to her experience of growing up Mormon. Cameryn discusses her time as a phone sex operator, and reconciling this with her feminism, before talking about why we differentiate between some fetishes as ‘normal’ and others as ‘weird’ - and whether this is helpful.Cameryn Moore:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
In this bonus episode, Hannah is joined LIVE by NHS GP & TV Presenter Dr Zoe Williams, who shares her experience of egg freezing and sperm donation. Dr Zoe discusses the lifestyle choices that can affect fertility, and why fertility decreases with age. Her and Hannah also talk about whether men should be more involved in the conversation around fertility, and why we should talk about fertility as part of sex education. Finally, they chat about Zoe’s decision to become a solo parent and what the next steps involve.Zoe:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
Sexual Health Week may be over, but we’re continuing to chat about all things sex & disability on Doing It! This week, Hannah’s joined by disability consultant Andrew Gurza, who shares his experience of being disabled & queer, and particularly how those two identities interrelate. They also talk about how disabled people are fetishized, why sex workers are seen as ‘noble’ for being with disabled people, and the importance of including disability in sex education. Finally, they ask: why aren’t disabled people allowed to just feel mad sometimes?Andrew:📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀
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Sophie Barrett

Fantastic episode! thank you!

Sep 25th

Paul Billington

Great podcast!

Jun 20th

Rae Enzie

mood about Otis, he has baby face but he's like 22

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