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Author: Jessey Annalee

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Follow me as each week I dive deeper into what it means to have a horse but not only that, how different training methods affect the horse. I’ll share my insights on working with the equine and not against as well as any fun things or anecdotes I come across that may interest listeners.
3 Episodes
This week I wanted to discuss confidence in our training methods with our horse and the things I believe to be important in building this. I touch on how this facilitates success and how it changes our responses to criticism we receive, negative or otherwise.  -- Have a question? Reach out to me on my socials or even better, leave me a voice message! In the coming weeks I'll be collecting all your queries and answering them in a future podcast.  Download the Anchor app now or visit the website, -- Follow me! Twitter and Instagram: @Jesseyannalee Youtube:  --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 2| Playing 4-Square: The 4 ways to reinforce or punish your horse. This week I look into the 4 quadrants of reinforcement and punishment. I scrutinise each quadrant and explain how it can be applied to your horse for good, bad or otherwise. I also highlight some of the key influences I draw my knowledge from (you can find their info below).  -- Mark Rashid has authored so many books it's not funny. Recently I've been sinking my teeth into 'Horsemanship Through Life' which not only talks about horsemanship and his life but also how we can all apply his approach to our own practice. I'm now reading another one of his books 'Nature in Horsemanship'. His books are really amazing for not only understanding how horsemanship concepts are applied but also for coming to your own conclusions by looking inwards at your beliefs. Jill Treece from Jet Equi Theory and author of the Equine in Theory podcast has been a favourite of mine for a while and when she started her journey on Positive Reinforcement, I was able to come along with her through her engaging videos and now highly addictive podcast. She talks about her personal experiences with dealing with her troubled horse Zoe and how +R has shaped a new found change. Adele Shaw is the mastermind behind The Willing Equine and is so knowledgable when it comes to understanding horses and applying +R. She is such a wealth of knowledge and her podcast has been a big motivator for me to do the same.  -- Follow me! Twitter and Instagram: @Jesseyannalee Youtube:  --- Send in a voice message:
Hi, my name’s Jess and welcome to my podcast. Today I explain to you how I settled on the understanding of what it means to have a horse and the journey I went through to discover how positive reinforcement (+R) has changed how I view my training. Like this? Follow me as I each week dive deeper into reviewing my week and my life with Magic, my horse. --- Send in a voice message:
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