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The Disrupters with Bill & Candace...
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The Disrupters with Bill & Candace...

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The Disrupters will disrupt your local business while building it to a global business! Meet Candace Thompson founder of the Wild Child Group & William (Bill) Lee founder of the Keeba Agency, together these business hero's equal over 75 years of entrepreneurial experience. Candace & Bill will talk about how outside of the box marketing will work to build your business.
With our weekly quests talk about now technology has changed the way business today is done.
The Disrupters will entertain you while providing valuable business tips.
118 Episodes
Bill and Candace return to the podcast world to talk about Public school funding. And where is Bill?
Bill & Candace discuss the importance of your company brand. Is your brand marketing your business?
Bill & Candace return with a series of new views on how business should be! The podcast today is about Cokes "Be Less White" training story...
Bill & Candace, talk back stage with Pastor Crow about his life and how he helps others who are homeless!
In this episode of The Disrupters, we have a phone conversation with Artist Bob Abrams who was a background artist at Walt Disney Studios in the late '50s. He worked on cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and many more! Now here is the Bob!
Candace and Bill talk over the phone about how businesses can move forward while fighting the C-19 virus.
On Flash Back Wednesday Bill Chris & Candace discuss Facebook and what's users need to know!
On the Disrupters a phone conversation with Artist Sam White as he tells how he started to painting many pictures in Sam world of color...
On The Disrupters Bill interviews Simon the author of Frank and Mustard children books. Simon tells his story of how Frank and Mustard changed his life...
We revisit with Dee McDermott of the Lions with Christina Turner Manager, Community Development of Mary Bridge Hospital talk about there a partnership at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital-Clinics-Foundation.
Gil Talks... How to use business networking for building your client relationships!
Rhonda talks about the importance design has on your small business branding!
Dionne Balwin talks about the importance of Video Blogging for your social media presence and content for the web.
On the New Disrupters Podcast Bill & Candace go farming for answers.
Bill & Candace discuss the problems many small business have which cause to fail when starting to become successful. They also talk about and how important a business team can be when your company starting up.
Bill & Candace discuss how important the lost art of customer service is today. This show is part one of three parts.
Dr. Munson talks about his early history, why he starting his own podcast called Revealing wholeness on
The Wild Child Story features a very special guest on the Disrupters. Candace Mom Betty joins the show to talk about the early life of Candace, while Bill an Chris ask Candace questions about the early beginning of the Wild Child Group!
Bill and Candace talk about branding,how important it for your business.
Kat Jackson from N. W. Float Center joins the Disrupters for coffee to discuss the benefits of Floating for your health. KAt is the owner of NW float in Tacoma WA.
Comments (3)

Keith Besherse

Looking forward to the discussion of specific channels for a marketing campaign...

Aug 9th

Paul Long

very good job on this episode!

Apr 5th

Paul Long

Very well done Bill!

Jan 3rd
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