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Press Play! Evan Golden, TV personality, actor and producer based in South Florida has officially released his video podcast series broadcasted from the offices of The Berman Law Group in Boca Raton, Florida. The podcast, "Talk Golden to Me" discusses what’s trending in entertainment, pop culture, businesses, and exclusive personal interviews Guests have included: Miss Florida USA Brittany Oldehoff, NFL Legend Fred Taylor, Instagram Super Star Supreme Patty, Senator Joseph Abruzzo, Recording Artist Rio Santana, and many more have already been scheduled in for future recordings. "Talk Golden to Me" is now available for free on iTunes and Spotify. In addition, you can also view the official video podcasts on Youtube."So many people and business have launched podcasts as of late, we wanted to take an interactive approach utilizing new technology. We have teamed up with Sling Media L.L.C, and we will be recording and live streaming the shows through SlingStudio, the industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform with 4K post-production support," said Marjorie Guaracho a Producer for the show.“I have been using the term "Don't Google it, Golden it!” for many years now and it's a motto I will be bringing to the show. It does not mean I have the solutions for everything being discussed but it does mean I have an answer, not necessarily the correct one but it's my take and opinions," said Host Evan Golden.ABOUT TALK GOLDEN TO ME Talk Golden to Me launched May 23, 2019 and releases new episodes weekly. This podcast is dedicated to provide listeners with “Golden” content by delving into the trending world of influencers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and more. Each guest is brought in to share their story, personal brand and discuss any upcoming projects they have emerging. There will be fun, games and contest giveaways coming soon call "Golden Giveaways" that will attract various listeners for a chance to win top of line prizes from iPads, sunglasses to vacations.ABOUT EVAN GOLDEN Evan Golden is most recognized for his work with MTV, Universal Studios and his break out role on Ivana Trump's reality TV show, "Ivana Young Man." Evan Golden also is a host for the TV Show Eye on South Florida and has been honored as South Florida's Young Leader in Philanthropy by Simply The Best Magazine, Men With Caring Hearts by the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, Real Men Wear Pink Candidate by the American Cancer Society and winner of the 2018 Apogee Award by South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine.For more information on how to be a guest on the show, contact series production coordinator via email MGuaracho(at) or follow Host Evan Golden on Instagram @GoldenTV to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.ABOUT THE BERMAN LAW GROUP The Law Firm, based in Boca Raton, FL is a full service law firm established in 2008. Evan Golden joined the law firm in 2014 to oversee the Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Division. He also sits on the board for the Berman Family Foundation. The studio is based in the firms mains offices of East Boca Raton.The views, information or opinions expressed during the "Talk Golden To Me" podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of The Berman Law Group and its employees. The Berman Law Group is not responsible and does not verify for accuracy any of the information contained in the podcast series.
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Tommy Davidson started his career as a stand-up comedian in Washington DC, earning an ardent following with sheer hard work in various comedy clubs. As one of the cutting-edge, young stand-ups, he was spotted by major concert promoters, who booked him as the opening act for A-list touring acts, including Patti LaBelle, Kenny G and Luther Vandross. It wasn't long before he came to Hollywood and was performing stand-up at a number of clubs, including the Comedy Act Theatre, where he met Robert Townsend. This led to his first national television appearance, with a starring role in Partners in Crime (2005) and was the conduit to Keenen Ivory Wayans, who proved instrumental in Davidson's career by offering him an opportunity to audition and join the uniquely talented cast of the most adventurous prime-time variety show of its day, In Living Color (1990). He, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans made TV history with their this revealing memoir, Tommy Davidson shares his unique perspective on making it in Hollywood, being an integral part of television history, on fame and family, and on living a life that has never been black and white—just funny and true . . . Abandoned as an infant on the streets of Greenville, Mississippi, and rescued by a loving white family, Tommy Davidson spent most of his childhood unaware that he was different from his brother and sister. All that changed as he came of age in a society of racial barriers—ones that he was soon to help break. On a fledgling network, Tommy joined the cast of In Living Color, alongside other relative newcomers all united by an ingenious throng of Wayans siblings, poised to break new ground. Now Tommy gives readers the never-before-told behind-the-scenes story of the first show born of the Hip Hop Nation: from its incredible rise, to his own creation of such unforgettable characters as Sweet Tooth Jones and dead-on impressions of Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, M.C. Hammer and Sugar Ray Leonard, and appearing in such classic sketches as “Homie The Clown,” the “Hey Mon, family,” and the “Ugly Woman,” through guest-star skirmishes (and black eyes) to backstage tensions and the eventual fall of this pop-culture touchstone. He reveals his own nascent career on the stand-up circuit, as well as reflections on working with Spike Lee, Halle Berry, Chris Rock, and Jada Pinkett Smith. He also shares his very personal story of living with—and being inspired and empowered by—two distinct family histories. Told with humor and hard-won honesty, Living in Color is a bracing, illuminating, and remarkable success story.
Darren Prince is a sports and celebrity agent who, at the age of 14, founded a mail order company selling baseball cards and traveling around the country participating in trade shows. At the age of 20 he sold his company and became an industry leader in private autograph signings for sports and celebrity memorabilia with athletes and celebrities. A-List celebrities included Muhammad Ali, Hulk Hogan, Pele, Joe Montana, Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy.In 1995 Prince started a new venture with Prince Marketing Group (PMG), representing athletes and celebrities for marketing deals consisting of endorsements, licensing, TV, movie and book deals, autograph signings and appearances. His first client to sign with the firm was none other than Magic Johnson. Soon after Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson and Chevy Chase followed.With PMG growing at an enormous pace, Prince added Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler, Mickey Rourke, Roy Jones Jr, Micky Ward and the late Evel Knievel as clients over the years. “The sports/entertainment industry is a small world and very competitive,” says Darren Prince, CEO of Prince Marketing Group. “Prince Marketing Group has prospered over the years by delivering out of the box thinking for clients and building relationships through the practice of good business and effective networking.”Prince Marketing Group is currently a multi-million dollar business that has negotiated over $200 Million in deals and currently secures marketing deals, arranges signing/memorabilia appearances, commercial licensing, product endorsement, and voice-overs. Darren is a true entrepreneur as he has been able to continuously reinvent himself and significantly grow his business over the years. He has been featured in outlets such as Your World With Neil Cavuto, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Hannity & Colmes, ESPN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, USA Today, Forbes’ Sports Money, On the record with Greta Van Susteren, Howard Stern radio, CNBC The Closing Bell and a variety of others for his marketing expertise.Darren Prince, International Best Selling author of his memoir “Aiming High” is a prominent sports and celebrity agent and global advocate for addiction and recovery. Through his agency, Prince Marketing Group, he represents icons such as Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Charlie Sheen, Dennis Rodman, Chevy Chase, Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, the late Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali and Evel Knievel to name a few.As a leading authority in this space, his insights have been featured in WSJ, NYT, USA Today, CNN, Fox and Friends, Tucker Carlson and Dr. OZ. From selling his first business at 19 to building a multimillion-dollar talent agency, Darren has experience what life is like in the celebrity world. Unfortunately, he also saw the dark reality of addiction through his own personal struggle. After over 12 years of sobriety, it’s now Darren’s mission to help others avoid and break free from addiction.Through his new cause, he has become a sought after speaker on addiction recovery and mental health. He specializes in helping high functioning addicts and at-risk executives to identity and avoid the pitfalls of addiction and working with teens of self esteem and self worth.Darren Prince Instagram Site Marketing Group Evan Golden Golden to Me Podcast Golden Instagram Channels
Holly Sonders born on March 03, 1987, in Marysville, Ohio, in the United States of America. Her father, Dan, was an optometrist and her mother was a retired golf champion, no wonder Holly took a liking to the sport. Growing up, her interest in golf was apparent, and she was soon making a name for herself with her exemplary skills in golf. This performance, in turn, managed to earn her a high school scholarship at Marysville High School. For four years, she held the all-district honour and at the same time got the district MVP and the league honour. The young lady had sports blood in her veins, and also managed to shine in basketball and baseball. She attended Michigan State University for her higher education where she pursued a career in journalism and graduated in 2009. It is important to note that throughout her stay in the university, she was notably one of the grade A students.  She earned herself numerous awards and honours both in her academics and in golf, where she played a total of 77 rounds. Unfortunately, Sanders was not able to go through with her golf career because of incurring an injury during one of the collegiate golf tournaments. You would think this would shatter her, but you are wrong. The rising golfer did not let the damage pull her back. She had a big dream to work as a journalist in the Golf Channel, but sadly did not manage to get the job immediately due to lack of experience. She, therefore, joined Little Rock as a broadcaster and finally landed a job at Golf Channel later on in 2011. Here, she shined brighter than before. The channel brought shows that further elevated her — The Morning Drive, School of Golf and Playing Lessons with The Pros. In 2013, she covered the online portal Golf Digest. Her great job did not go unnoticed, and she earned herself a spot on FOX TV to cover the United States Open in 2015. In 2016, she was the event's studio host. Sonders hot body might have helped her get placed as the world's most beautiful woman by in the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 consecutively. Guest:  Holly SondersWebsite: Evan GoldenWebsite: on all these Platforms
Meet Jala Sue the Fitness Model MomI'm a life-long lover of fashion, fitness, pure food, paddleboarding & all things healthy. My greatest accomplishment(s) are my 4 children...  Yes, they run me ragged most of the time, but they are also what keep me going and drive me to do better, be better & work harder.   So, me.....I've been in the modeling industry, professionally, for 19+ years and I am currently signed as a fitness model with SLU Agency & a few others.  I have been fortunate enough to work with the likes of FORD, WILHELMINA of NYC & Los Angeles, as well as MUSE Models in Australia. Traveling to many parts of the world has had a profound impact on my growth as a person and a woman.   I made the decision to move back to my original home in Northern Michigan 10+ years ago to be close to my roots, my family, a wonderful community and to raise a family. When I'm not modeling, taking pictures of my adventures, gardening, cooking and caring for my kids, helping others achieve their beauty goals with MONAT,  you can find me running, doing the Barre method, or paddleboarding with friends until Lake Michigan freezes over!    Guest: Jala SueWebsite: Evan GoldenWebsite:
Sharmila Medicine is a brand offering transformational healing, education, coaching & consulting in the areas of mind, body, spiritual & sexual health. In her personal healing journey from medically dead to healing a terminal incurable disease she discovered somatic sexology & began her studies as a sexologist to heal herself & help commUNITY. Sharmila is a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, sexology consultant to sex educators + life & success coach. She  reprograms the mind & body, transforming the way people relate to sexuality so they can heal emotional & physical disharmony & reclaim sexuality in healing, connection & pleasure working with all genders, couples & singles. IG @sharmilamedicineYouTube: sharmila medicineWebsite: www.Sharmilamedicine.comEmail: FB Group: Sexologist: Somatic Education & Coaching at Institute of Somatic SexologyStudied at Institute for the Study of Somatic SexologySexology?The study of Sex relating to the nervous system= geek definition Somatic Sexology is a body>mind approachSomatic healing allows the mind to be a witness to the wisdom of the body Release attachment to the identity Hollywood portrays sex.Which comes from a male-dominating patriarchal view, an obscure construct based on pleasure.Somatic sexual healing looks like allowing the body to feel sensation or even lack of... & witness.When touched the body is communicating with the breath, movement & emotion stored in cellular memory.Profound, subconscious healing from beginning of life happens here!Emotional memory is stored in our cells, until they move this E-motion ENERGY in MOTION.trauma or social programming has the breath shallow, chest tighten, body tremble as a primal protective response or complete numbnessBeen taught to thrust like a rabbit? had a partner gyrate in you, waiting to feel a big Ahhhhh moan like in movies & actually mean it?how ‘bout slow down. actually feel the walls of them open while you’re inside?Be  S T I L L  Feel their walls expand & pull you inFeel their juices beg you in D E E P E R Let their body give permission with each thrust (with practiced consent in place) Female-identified, ever sit & drop gently onto your partner, having your  decide when to slide down a cm or 2? slowly ‘til your  kisses their base? just BE and breathe & FEEL NO THRUST. FULL PRESENCE.Instead of scissoring partner,try coming into one another letting both your kiss & stay IN that kiss & breathe? sharmilamedicinefan@gmail.comImportant note: I am trained to work with PEOPLE. LGBTQ+ non-binary, couples, singles & then some Host:Evan Goldenwww.EvanGolden.com
Multi-award-winning social media expert & influencer. Co-Founder of and CEO of Brand Branding PR LLC. getty The world as we know it seems to have changed overnight. None of us have experienced a global pandemic on this scale, with so many businesses forced to shut down to help stop Covid-19 from spreading. But from great adversity comes great opportunity. It’s time to adapt to survive, and social media marketing can help businesses withstand this stormArmed with an arsenal of varied skills and experience, Sophie has helped both new start-ups and existing businesses to communicate the right brand message to their constantly evolving target audience, build brand awareness and increase market share. Sophie is an official member of the Forbes Agency Council, and is an award-winning social media influencer. In October 2019, Sophie won a MarCom award recognizing her as the best social media influencer building awareness for local businesses. Head hunted for the PR Executive role of a major UK magazine aged 18 (The Big Issue), Sophie went on to build a successful career as an event promotions manager in London.  Sophie worked on some major events including album launch parties for Kanye West and John Legend, as well as organizing annual parties for huge clients such as FHM Magazine and launching new products for global powerhouses including Jean Paul Gaultier. Sophie's first business, a global entertainment agency, was nominated for 3 prestigious business awards including Business Innovation, and was selected as 1 of 6 companies to be showcased by Richard Branson for his Back of an envelope campaign.  Sophie went on to become a business mentor and guest judge for The Young Enterprise - an entrepreneurial program for young people in schools and colleges across the United Kingdom. Sophie's Social Media clients will on average see their engagement rise organically by as much as 500% within 3 months. Sophie is currently based in Miami, where she’s a regular ‘Hero’ at Miami Ad School teaching advertising students all of the social media tricks of the trade.  
Undaunted by grim prognosis, college softball star vows to return to the fieldAn ever-driven college softball star was unwilling to accept her prognosis.On April 18th 2015, two former Division 1 college softball players were involved in a collision on the base paths during an A10 conference matchup. The collision between the two players resulted in a life changing injury for Bella Picard and a life changing perspective for Allie Bradian. Bella Picard broke her neck and was temporarily paralyzed on the right side of her body. Her hashtag became #BRINGBACKTHERIGHTSIDE in hopes of making a full recovery in gaining back function in her right side. Every post from Bella on Instagram and Facebook kept her friends and family updated on her progress and the many setbacks she was faced with during her long road to recovery. Bella Picard's determination and relentless spirit has now inspired the nation to view life from a completely different perspective, the perspective of an All-American athlete with a bright future who's entire identity was stripped away from her in seconds. Today, Bella can walk and use her right arm. Her injury has left her with right sided drop foot, neurologic toning in her right wrist, fingers, and both biceps, along with a neurogenic bladder and Autonomic Dysreflexia. She continues to fight for a full recovery today.Bella's injury took away what she thought she was born to do; become the greatest athlete she could possibly be. Over 3 years of fighting, Bella has came up with something even bigger than just her recovery,  the #BRINGBACKTHERIGHTSIDE DIARY is an inspirational video series featuring the several amazing human beings who she has met since her life changing injury. The people who she will be featuring in each chapter are individuals who have positively influenced her recovery and those who significantly impacted and helped her get through some of the darkest moments in her recovery.This is CHAPTER 1 of the #BRINGBACKTHERIGHTSIDE DIARY series, starting with the player who she collided with. CHAPTER 1 captures the very first open discussion between the two former softball players about what happened that day, how both players healed from the tragedy, how their lives changed and how they individually chose to rise above the traumatic incident to seek a greater purpose: to help others who need healing, and to inspire athletes around the world to play for a bigger purpose, to play for those who can't and to play with gratitude and respect for their game.Bella Picard and Allie Bradian have now developed an unlikely friendship 3 years after the collision on the base paths. Please watch what these two strong women have to say about their experience and how they dealt with pain, heartache, guilt, sadness, and feeling a loss of identity after the game of softball became a sore subject from the result of the collision in April of 2015. 
Python Cowboy AKA Trapper Mike winner of the 2020 Python Bowl Joins the Talk Golden to Me Podcast Show Hosted by Evan Golden to spread awareness how #invasivespecies are ruining the #ecosystem and the #Everglades The Pyhton Cowboy is accustomed to wading into the blackness of the Everglades at night searching for invasive Burmese pythons as a paid bounty hunter for the South Florida Water Management District.Owner/Operator of Martin County Trapping & Wildlife Rescue in swampy South Florida, SFWMD Invasive Species Contractor, FWC Alligator and Nuisance Animal Trapper; also 1 of 25 state contracted Python Hunters in the Florida Everglades and surrounding areas. Python Cowboy specializes in large/dangerous nuisance animal removal and wildlife rescue. State contracted invasive wildlife agent. He takes pride in his work and his name.The 2020 Python Bowl ended recently with 80 invasive Burmese pythons caught.Taking the grand prize for most pythons captured from a professional was Mike Kimmel, a trapper with Martin County Trapping, Removals and Wildlife Rescue. He is well known as @pythoncowboy on Instagram and YouTube.Kimmel caught eight pythons making up 10% of the total number of pythons caught during the bowl, it was his first Python Bowl. The longest and heaviest of these slithering beasts was 12 feet, 7 inches and 63 pounds. With more than 750 registered competitors from 20 states, Florida Python Challenge's 2020 Python Bowl came to a close during a ceremony Saturday at Bayfront Park in Miami, about a week after the hunting stopped on Jan. 19.Burmese pythons are taking over the historic Everglades. Hunts are held regularly, but the number of snakes removed is not on pace with the rate at which the snakes are spreading. They compete with and prey on native species.
Just shy of six feet tall with crystal blue eyes and flaxen blonde hair, this ambitious glamazon from a quiet town in the north of Sweden has dreams of acting after a few more years of modeling. Victoria has graced the pages of Playboy magazine as Miss December 1996, and has just been named the 1997 Playboy's Playmate of the Year. She has also skied competitively in the giant slalom as a lithe Swedish athlete. In 1993, Victoria was the first runner-up in the Miss Sweden beauty pageant, and went on to represent Sweden in the Miss World contest. There, Victoria met a modeling agent from Paris and has been modeling ever since.1997 Spokesmodel for Guess jeansPlayboy (Germany): Playmate of the Month June 1997Recorded a CD "Girl on the Run" that topped the European Billboard charts and the corresponding video to her single "Hello Hey" reached number 1 on European MTV.Her husband, Chris Wragge, was a former Entertainment Tonight (1981) reporter. He is now the Sports Director for KPRC-TV in Houston, Texas.Has played characters named Inga 3 times and characters named Ingrid twice.Hobbies include horseback riding & downhill skiing.Playboy Playmate of the Month December 1996Playboy Playmate of the Year 1997First runner-up in the 1993 Miss Sweden beauty pageant, and went on to represent Sweden in the Miss World contest the same year.Named #39 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. (2006).Her best friend is her big sister, Veronica Silvstedt.Fluent in Swedish, English, French and Italian.She and her husband, Chris Wragge, separated in 2007 after 7 years of marriage, but they have not divorced.Has apartments in New York, Miami and Monaco.Filming a movie [February 2004]Roomed with Slovenian model Melanija Knavs (before she became Melania Trump) when both were struggling models in Paris in the mid 1990s.
Recording Artist  Cartel Prezzy talks about the Miami Music Scene
Grace Field was born in the little town of Austin Texas. From the get-go, everyone knew she was an artist; before she could ever speak she was either singing, plunking notes on the piano or creating artwork!Her love for theatre and performing grew as she started school and began to perform in school plays and musicals.  Her musical debut was in the 4th grade, where she played the title role of Oliver in Oliver!  She then continued her studies by attending conservatory schools in high school and college, and double majoring in Visual arts and Vocal performance minoring in dramatic studies.Since then, Grace has moved to the Tri-state area and has been in multiple musical theatre productions across the country.  She has performed at theatres including Broadway's New Victory Theatre, Jazz at The Lincoln Center with Audra Mc Donald, Apollo Theatre with Tony winner Cynthia Erivo, Off Broadway’s June Havoc Theatre, North Shore Music Theatre, The Fulton Theatre and more! She has had the privilege of working with Broadway's Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, Rebecca Luker, Seth Rudetsky, and many others.  Her favorite roles include Cosette (Les Miserables) Magnolia (Showboat) Laurey (Oklahoma!) Nellie (South Pacific) and Sandy (Grease). ​She is a proud new member of Grammy award winning group Broadway Inspirational Voices in New York City. Field also is a soloist at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.Not only does Grace perform professionally on the stage, but also is a professional pianist, artist and model.Field has a huge heart for charity and helping the world through the arts, and has founded Dare to Dream Art Charity which encourages people to donate to local or global charities through the gift of art. She recently released a Christmas CD where 100 percent of the sales go to Operation Christmas Child which aids third world country children.She is currently on tour as the lead female singer and keyboardist in Freddie Mercury Band "Mercury", and also is currently touring with platinum recording artist Geoff Sewell in his London based company Incognito artists and Bravo Amici. You can catch her this summer at Monmouth Theatre in the new Sinatra musical "My Way" and will be making her Public Theatre debut in Alan Menken's new Broadway bound Hercules. 
Neon Hitch (born May 25, 1986 in Nottingham, United Kingdom) is an English singer, currently living in London.Hitch was raised in a romani family of circus performers. Prior to leaving at the age of 15, she traveled Europe performing as a fire dancer and a trapeze artist.Hitch was previously the flatmate of Amy Winehouse.Hitch has performed alongside 50 Cent and The Streets. Along with Ke$ha, Sean Foreman, and Benny Blanco she wrote the song Blah Blah Blah. In 2010, she also collaborated with 3OH!3 on "Follow Me Down", for the Tim Burton Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.Hitch is a client of American producer Benny Blanco and is currently working on her debut album tentatively titled "Beg, Borrow and Steal." reports that the album's lead single, "Love U Betta", became her first #1 as a solo artist when the tune hit the top of the USA Dance Club Songs chart in its sixth week.British singer-songwriter Neon Hitch’s life has been about as normal as her name would suggest. “The day I was born, my house burnt down; the day I left home, the Twin Towers burnt down; and I lived in a jungle in India at 15,” she says. “I have done my fair share of traveling, that’s for sure.” No kidding—she spent the majority of her younger years as a gypsy, circling the globe (and living in a bus) with her mom and sister as a street performer and trapeze artist, while her lighting-artist dad toured with the likes of David Bowie, Duran Duran, and Annie Lennox. “I was always a bit of a showgirl; it was in my blood (and my name),” she confesses. “I never thought I would have a career as a singer, though.”In December, Hitch took the stage at Madison Square Garden with Gym Class Heroes—quite a coup for any musician—but the road to that sacred stage was not an easy one. After the label she was signed with, The Beats Recordings, shut down in 2007, things started to fall apart for the songstress. Hitch found herself homeless, until her “long-lost sister” Amy Winehouse took her in. In a moment of luck, Benny Blanco’s manager James Johnson messaged her on MySpace when he liked what he heard. Cut to today, and her future is looking neon bright. She’s signed a recording deal and her catchy debut album (Beg, Borrow, and Steal), produced by Blanco (who has also worked with pop princesses Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry), is due out late this summer. She co-wrote “Blah Blah Blah” with Ke$ha for her No. 1 album Animal and has also worked with Miike Snow, Sky Ferreira, and Mike Posner. Currently, she’s touring with Gym Class Heroes, singing their iTunes chart-topping single, “Ass Back Home.” Today, her single “Fuck U Betta” [below] hits the pop radio airwaves. We caught up with the sassy Brit over the phone to hear about living with Winehouse (Hitch now has an “Amy” tattoo on her finger as a tribute), opening for 50 Cent, and whom she would like to collaborate with next.
Yorvis Torrealba, years removed from nightmare kidnapping, gets chance to follow in dad’s footsteps with the Colorado Rockies. He graduated from Stoneman Douglas and we talk about the Parkland Shooting. 
João grew up in Zimbabwe in the midst of political strife and corruption, where surviving became a daily objective. Highly motivated to leave that life behind, João got a job doing day work for a boat captain, which began the rapid career trajectory that landed him as this season’s bosun of the Sirocco. While his professional path has been gold star all the way, his personal path has not. This season will prove whether he has learned from his past mistakes and is ready to show to Sandy that he has what it takes to be the best bosun.
The MTV network is popular for its reality show, and among them, Siesta Key ranks quite good. The group of eight adults gathering and staying in one place is a trend that was once followed by Floribama Shore. The main reason for its popularity is the love triangles and romantic life of all full of dramas. Brandon Gomes is one of the cast members.Brandon Gomes’ hometown is in Sarasota, Florida. He holds American citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity. The 22 years old TV star is also a model and musician. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He started modeling when he was 16 years old, and now he is one of the ranked models. He is Sarasota native and went to Riverview High School.Follow Brandon Gomes on Instagram: Gomes Music:
Afida Turner is an international singer, songwriter, author, actress and TV Star & Host from France. Released her first single titled "Crazy About You" in 1998. She grew up being an orphanage after a terrible tragedy. She tried to change her life, forget all the negative things and pursue her dreams to be a singer. She became an underground artist in Paris, also a journalist and a host for MCM International: French BET. She began to act in major sitcoms but the public really discovered her when she got a #1 hit TV Show with more then 9 millions viewers every night. During that show, Afida was an entertainer. She sang, acted and become the star of the show. Sony Music offered her a recording contract and her single: "Not That Kind" was a great success in France and also in Europe. She published an autobiography, a lot of people was touch by her incredible life. Afida became a true Cinderella story and she finally became a model for all the young generation. Afida is one of the first colored girl on TV and magazines. Afida was also called "The Tiger" by the media that made her feel invincible. Her new challenge was to go to America to try to learn English. And she will release her second album in English in order to be ready for the world. She also performed live with some legendary names and the Turner's Family. Afida, as an actress, was seen in 3 movies available on DVDs. The singer is back on television in 2009 on M6, 100% Mag, private access, we discover her artistic world from Paris to Hollywood and in Cannes for the movies festival, at the studio where she is recording her new album in English. 2011, she opened the show : prime time TV on TF1 she performed "Come With Me" VIP, followed by her new video Erotica Glam in rotation on the music channel M6, Afida release a album "Paris-Hollywood" she writes, composes, and co-produced her new album available since May 18, 2011. Her new Single “Born an Angel” – recorded at the Paramount Recording Studios LA – will be released in beginning 2013! She is also active in different charitable efforts to help orphan kids mentally and physically abused. Enjoy ! Show Must Go On...She had a relationship with Coolio lasting two years. In 2007, she married musician Ronnie Turner, musician, the son of Ike and Tina Turner. She started to use the name Afida Turner.Follow Afida Turner on Instagram: to Afida Turner on YouTube The Talk Golden To Me Podcast on Instagram: Evan Golden on Instagram
 from Bravo's Hit Reality TV Show Below Deck Mediterranean appears on The Talk Golden To Me Podcast hosted by Evan Golden.We cant wait to see if Andy Cohen green lights the new searching for love reality tv show "Falling for Colin" Where Colin can finally find his true love.Talk everything reality tv production and what its like being on the yacht with cameras in your face. Colin Macy-O'Toole Returning deckhand. Colin Macy-O’Toole is ready to take on the South of France and all the challenges that are sure to arise. Colin grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York and has a degree in music. Although music is his passion, boats are his life. He started working as a deckhand when he was 15 years old, and when he’s not crewing the Sirocco, he is the Ferry/Port Captain in charge of all the comings and goings of all the Fire Island ferries. Colin is single and ready to mingle with his infectious sense of humor. He is a quintessential New York Italian Momma’s boy, who has a very strong connection to his friends and family. This fish out of water may get homesick, but he is excited to continue in learning more about the yachting industry on his new adventure.Follow Colin on Instagram: The Talk Golden To Me Podcast on Instagram:
Thomas "Tom" Danielson (born March 13, 1978) is an American former professional road racing cyclist who most recently rode for UCI ProTeam Cannondale–Drapac, until a positive test for synthetic testosterone in August, 2015 and Cannondale's decision not to renew his contract. He previously competed professionally for Discovery Channel (2005–2007), Fassa Bortolo (2004), Saturn (2003) and Mercury (2002).Follow Tom Danielson on Instagram: Golden to Me Video PodcastFollow on Instagram: on Facebook: yearsDanielson holds the record for the fastest ascent of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, in the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb. The previous record holder was professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton. He also holds the record for the Mt. Evans Hill Climb in Colorado, which traverses the highest paved road in North America. The previous record holder was Jonathan Vaughters, who is currently Danielson's manager.In 2004, Danielson had an uneventful stint on the Italian UCI ProTeam Fassa Bortolo, missing the early spring campaign because of visa problems. Subsequently, he raced for the American UCI ProTour team Discovery Channel, with which he won the 2005 Tour de Georgia and the 2006 Tour of Austria. Since Discovery Channel disbanded in 2008, Danielson has been part of the Garmin-Chipotle team.2010Danielson started the season by finishing twelfth at both the Tour Méditerranéen and the Tour du Haut Var. Following his two twelfth-place finishes, Danielson, however, struggled through Paris-Nice; finishing only fifty-second overall. Following, Paris-Nice, Danielson regained his form at the Tour of the Gila; placing second to Levi Leipheimer (Team RadioShack). A couple of weeks later, Danielson rode the Tour of California, but was unable to complete the race. After California, Danielson returned to form at the Tour de Suisse, finishing twenty-fifth overall. Following Suisse, Danielson finished in eighth place at both the Tour de Pologne and the Trofeo Melinda. A month later, Danielson rode his fifth Vuelta a España. He completed the race as the highest placed American, in eighth place. Danielson concluded the season with a thirty-ninth place at the Giro dell'Emilia.2011Danielson started the season with the Vuelta a Mallorca, and finished thirty-sixth in the third classic, the Trofeo Deia. Danielson, however, was unable to complete the fourth and fifth classics, the Trofeo Magaluf-Palmanova and the Trofeo Inca. Following the Spanish "Vuelta", Danielson finished thirty-first overall at the Volta ao Algarve, and a preseason best of twentieth overall at the Vuelta a Murcia. However, after Murcia, Danielson's form deteriorated, finishing fifty-fifth overall at the Volta a Catalunya, forty-seventh at the Gran Premio Miguel Indurain, and eightieth overall at the Tour of the Basque Country. Following Basque Country, Danielson withdrew from racing, and focused on rebuilding his form. A few weeks later, Danielson returned to racing, and finished twentieth overall at the Tour de Romandie. After Romandie, Danielson finished third overall at the Tour of California, and ninth overall at the Tour de Suisse, which ultimately led him to a Tour de France debut. At the Tour, Danielson rode well, and finished as the highest placed American, in eighth place. After the Tour, Danielson finished fifth overall at the Tour of Utah, and fourth overall at the first addition of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Following the two American stage races, Danielson concluded the season with an eighty-sixth place at the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal.2012After being unable to complete the Tour de Langkawi, Danielson returned to form during the Volta a Catalunya,
Sarah Gaines is Wellness Creative, Group Fitness Instructor, and Yoga/Meditation Teacher with a focus on…love, positivity, awareness, confidence + fun.Based in Boston, Sarah is the creator of the college fitness community, Fit University®, mindful movement class joyflow, and experiential agency, JOY5 Media + Productions.She is an ASICS Studio Trainer, has traveled worldwide to teach fitness, and has been featured in USA Today, People, and INSIDER for her belief that fitness looks and feels differently for everyone.Sarah is available for one-on-one coaching, podcast features, speaking engagements, guest teaching + writing. Get in touch!  ALLOW YOUR MIND TO ASK FOR WHAT IT WANTSStart to tune into your thoughts, desires + beliefs...not what others have decided for you but what's in your heart and soul. Begin to shed yourself of external agendas, and start living off of yours. AWAKEN YOUR SENSES AND LET GOThe combination of movement, conscience breathing, sound + visuals aid in the effort to get you out of your body and into your untapped mind. DANCE, LAUGH + ENJOY EVERY MOMENTThere is something to be learned from every single moment of our lifetime, even the shitty moments (especially the shitty moments). Let yourself feel, enjoy + laugh through it all..and dance, always dance.TRAVEL TO GAIN NEW INSIGHT + EXPERIENCESWhen we step outside our usual routine, we open ourselves up to new people, ideas, and experiences. IND STRENGTH THROUGH MOVEMENTStrength + confidence is built internally. The most important thing you can do is find movement that makes you feel strong and confident, whether it's lifting, dancing, bouldering, or anything else in between. You'll start to notice that strength transfer from movement into all other aspects of your life. Ignite 2020DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | DECEMBER 28, 2019 - JANUARY 3, 2020I am beyond excited to be teaming up with my friends Josh + Brian of Startup Island yet again to host IGNITE 2020. What better way to start off the year than with some serious personal development in a beautiful beachside location? Expect to meet incredible people, embrace a new level of self, and kick off the year with a freaking bang.Follow Sarah Gaines on Instagram:
Brittany Sinitch is the Founder and CEO of the Unbreakable Organization and a former educator. From a young age, Brittany was fascinated with the world of education. She always enjoyed raising funds for charities, playing the role of “teacher” to her stuffed animals, and working many summers with kids. Brittany knew that she wanted to inspire students to use their voices one day through English. When she attended Florida State University in 2013, it felt natural to major in English Education. Upon graduation, she followed her heart and went back to her alma mater, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to teach 9th grade English and Introduction to Drama.On February 14, 2018, Brittany survived a school shooting that devastated the small town of Parkland, Florida. Brittany knew that she needed help healing, which brought her to therapy with a psychologist. When recalling the traumatic moments of that day, her therapist asked her how she felt while with her students in that moment. Brittany looked at her therapist and said “unbreakable,” without thinking twice. Since then, she has found power through the word unbreakable, and uses this word as a mantra to help in her own healing.Brittany has since vowed to help others who feel broken, hurt, or lost find what makes them unbreakable. Brittany is now running the Unbreakable Organization full time in hopes of giving back to schools, communities, and individuals. Brittany is also an advisor for a Dance Marathon program that she started at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as a speaker, writer, and YouTuber. She loves eating copious amounts of guacamole, watching New Girl, taking long walks around Target, and connecting with others. Brittany Sinitch on Instagram Unbreakable Org on Instagram on Facebook Host Evan Golden on Instagram Talk Golden to Me on Facebook
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