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Building Your Business with doTERRA-Empowered Success
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Building Your Business with doTERRA-Empowered Success

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You have a dream for your business. We have the tools to get you there. The Building Your Business with doTERRA podcast dials in on how to develop your customer base, find business builders, and make residual income so you can experience freedom and live the life of your dreams. Join us each week to learn the secrets of top doTERRA Wellness Advocates on how to build your dōTERRA business. Subscribe today to discover how the Empowered Success program can help you to take your business to a whole new level. For more information go to
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In today’s episode, we sit down with Daniel Benitez, original US Founder, whose passion is palpable. This genuine passion to see others succeed is what keeps him and his team going. Daniel shares his best advice for becoming a great leader which includes: being patient, staying organized, investing time in your personal development, and learning to listen. For Daniel, caring about others is paramount to everything else and is the secret to his success. 
November BOGOS are here! Saimoni Lesu spills all the exciting details. Not only that, we sit down with original US Founder, Tahna Lee, to talk about her doTERRA business journey. She overcomes the stigmas that come with direct sales by focusing more on serving others and meeting their needs than making a sale. For Tahna, the relationships she has gained and the hope she is able bring to those in need have been the biggest blessings of her business.
Congratulations to Christina Badell, who achieved the first Founder’s Club 2.0 spot in just 6 months! Today we are celebrating this accomplishment with her, and digging in to the details of how she did it. Christina recommends having a strong Why, understanding the requirements of the program, making a plan, and much more. For her, going for Founder’s Club 2.0 was not a personal goal, but a team one. There are still 199 spots available—are you the next Founder?
It’s the holiday season, and doTERRA is excited to celebrate with you! Today we sit down with BriElle Bailey to talk all things November promo items which include the beloved blends Holiday Peace and Holiday Joy. Take advantage of these amazing exclusive products to motivate your team to make big strides this month. 
NAW Founder, Lynda Carpenter, is expert at utilizing resources such as the Empowered Success Live guide, and sits down with us today to walk you through how. She shares tips on wellness consults and getting customers on LRP. Lynda also shares her passion for teaching downline to understand the compensation plan fully so their efforts are maximized. This one is a can’t miss!
Kayla Monson, NAW Founder, is passionate about getting people on LRP and is here to help you master how. Any builder knows that LRP Program is the foundation for a thriving doTERRA business. Kayla also gives her insight on the importance of continuing education classes, giving people information slow and steady, and giving customers customized learning experiences. Kayla’s message will inspire you to get back to the basics to get your business for amazing results.
Laura Jacobs, original US Founder, is passionate that the doTERRA message offers powerful natural solutions.  Today she sits down with us to talk about the new Business Building Guide—an amazing tool to help you share these life-changing solutions effectively with others. Laura describes the guide as “a beautiful collection point of the right wisdom, a resource of excellence.” Listen to get genius insight and tips from a seasoned builder, this is not her first rodeo!
You know how revolutionary doTERRA products are. Utilize the new Wellness Programs with your customers to make using these products simple and effective while targeting specific areas of concern. Today we chat with Presidential Diamond Sherri Vreeman, who shares her expertise on how to give an effective wellness consult, using the new Wellness Programs, for amazing customer retention results. 
The highly anticipated Wellness Kits are here for October! Today we chat with Market Development Manager, Sondra Kahawaii about the kits as well as this month’s promotions. Get the details on the Product of the Month, 10% off Product, and the amazing 200 PV promo which offers four free products. Take advantage of these offerings to reach out to new and old customers to boost your business this month and beyond.
It’s 2020, and many Wellness Advocates are turning Instagram, as a way to grow their business. North American Wellness Founder, Cristina Badell joins the Podcast today to giver best her tips on sharing doTERRA on the platform. Cristina attributes her success to being authentic and being present. Consistency is key, and you’re sure to see results in your own business by following her great advice.
Ready to feel inspired? US Founder, Lil Shepperd, fell in love with doTERRA products, but since she was a shy person never saw herself building the business. Fast forward 12 years later, Lil has a thriving business and does not hesitate to share her passion for wellness with others. Lil says that using her passion to help others has been the key to her happiness. In today’s episode, Llil tells her story, gives her best business advice, and shares what she wishes she would have known starting out.
Global Connection 2020 is right around the corner, and it’s time to gear up! Today we sit down with Jacob Reis, Market Development Manager, to talk about this month’s promos and how you can better prepare for Global Connection. Jacob reminds you that “preparation precedes power,” and carving out time to spread the word and watch live will be prove to be an invaluable recruiting tool to take your business to the next level.
If you’re going for Founder’s Club 2.0 today’s episode is a can’t miss. NAW Founder, Phyllis Goodson, sits down with us to share her tips for approaching obstacles. She believes in the “magic of getting busy” as a positive way to deal with stress. Phyllis’ good nature, humility, and wisdom will leave you wanting more.
Today’s episode features North American Wellness Founder, Hayley Hobson here to talk about successful building with and without social media. According to Hayley, social media isn’t a place to make the sale, but rather a place to find community. She wants you to know that you have options in building your business, and what tools you choose to use are up to you; there is no one right way to do it.
After moving to a new state, Alicia Torres Geary discovered Vendor Events as a way to meet new people and build a thriving business. Learn her exact process for setting up, meeting the right people, and following up effectively so you can walk away with dozens of new contacts who are interested in health and wellness. We recorded this episode before the pandemic and now that some areas of the world are starting to open back up, we wanted to get this valuable information into your hands!
Finish out your summer successfully with this month’s exclusive promos! Today we sit down with Market Development Manager, Taylor Warner to talk about the Product of the Month and the 10% off products. Taylor invites you to stay consistent in your business building and to use Global Connection 2020 as a recruiting tool.
For Terri Seldon, North American Wellness Founder, enrolling new Wellness Advocates is a generally quick process. As a way to grow her business, she sets up at vendor events to shares her oils. In this episode, Terri shares how she makes these quick enrollments work and how her method has helped strengthen her team. Terri’s strategy is unique and hearing her secrets make this one a can’t miss!
Thinking about going for Founder’s Club 2.0? Listen up, you won’t want to miss this episode. Today we sit down with Peter and Susie Bagwell, original US Founders, to talk strategy on how you can be successful in your business. The Bagwells give great advice on finding an accountability partner, remembering your Why, and how to know which sacrifices are worth it.
Could Power of 3 and the Empowerment Bonuses be the secret sauce to get your business thriving? North American Wellness founder, Jeana Santos is passionate about helping people get their bonuses so they can see income early in their business. On today’s episode, she shares her tips for making the most of these bonuses as well as advice for those going for Founder’s Club 2.0. 
Inviting people to a class or to explore dōTERRA products can be intimidating. On today's show, we sit down with Original US Founder, Peggy Smith to talk about inviting in a way that is comfortable for you. Peggy says inviting should be all about them. When you take the time to learn about the person’s background and tailor their invitation is when the magic happens and both parties benefit.
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