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This podcast serves to gives reasons for truth for the Christian faith. It is intended to train and equip anyone with a desire to know truth and share it with others.
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Is the universe was intelligently designed with such precision that plants stars, earth and design have countless fine tuned attributes that can only be explained by the Great Designer God? Yes. Non-Christian science and Christian scientists alike all believe that the universe is designed with precision to create and sustain life on earth. The Bible tells us this very same thing, making the scientific faith and beliefs in support of the biblical account of creation. Tune it for today's episode of Reason For Truth with Steven Garofalo - please consider a FIVE STAR REVIEW in iTunes and your PLATFORM and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
When we stray from God by way of not being in His Word and neglectful prayer, we allow sin to come between God and ourselves. Last week we spoke about making a spiritual warfare and this week we will address 8-essential things we can do to bring our spiritual restoration back in line with God's favor, blessing, protection and provision. Tune in with Host Steven Garofalo for today's episode on SPIRITUAL RESTORATION! Don't forget to tell others about this channel and SUBSCRIBE!
Ancient biblical manuscripts tells us through King Solomon WISDOM FOR LIFE. Wisdom is from God and wisdom is eternal. Tune in for three simple wisdom points that will change the ways that you look at life, eternity, triumphs and trials. Please tell others about this channel, consider a 5-STAR review in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE!
"...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). All of us sin on a daily basis, albeit some more than others. Some people sin to the point of murder and some simply tell little white lies. In any case, we all sin and when we sin we begin to separate from God. When gone unchecked sin builds up and takes us further and further from God with each and every sin, each and every day. The only way back to God is to repent and make a spiritual U-Turn. Tune in with Host Steven Garofalo to learn more about spiritual u-turns and some simple things you can to to reunite or become closer with God. Please consider a 5-START Review in iTunes and SHARE this with your friends...Also please make sure that you SUBSCRIBE! Thank you kindly.-Steven Garofalo
God's sin quota has its limit but God has provided a STAY OF EXECUTION. A stay of execution give the opportunity to to make a spiritual U-Turn, the subject of next week's episode. Please tune in today to hear PT2 of Sin Quote-Stay of Execution. Please SHARE this and SUBSCRIBE!
We hear a lot about God's mercy, patients and forgiveness in today's world but often don't hear about consequences of non-repentant sin. God has a sin-quota regarding just how much He will tolerate before He brings judgement upon an individual, group of individuals or bodies of leadership. The Bible speaks about God's limit regarding unrepentant sin and we can read from His Word in both Old and New Testaments about that limit. Please SHARE this with your friends and SUBSCRIBE this episode so don't miss PT2 which will air on Thursday! Thank you for tuning in for today's episode of Reason For Truth with Steven Garofalo
In the 1990's Steven Garofalo went on a couple of international mission trips. The first was to Chile and the second to Romania. Today, will share a short bit of what he learned about personal responsibility in the body of Christ and in life. We pray you are blessed by this simple but short episode of Reason For Truth,. Please share this with your friends and SUBSCRIBE so that you show Steven to be responsible:)
A very best of friend, my "boichick" Evangelist Steve Olin gave allowed me the privilege of interviewing him for the Reason For Truth YouTube channel and Podcast. This is a MUST SEE and HEAR testimony of a Jewish man who played baseball for the New York Yankees who went on to be one of the top sales people in New York City before losing it all. Then, on his knees, he met Jesus Christ and handed his life over to Jesus in full. Please SHARE this powerful testimony with your friends (especially your unsaved friends) and SUBSCRIBE and be inspired!
We live in stressful times. There are two ways to look at life and circumstances One is that the glass is half EMPTY and the other is to look at the glass-meaning our circumstances, as half FULL. By seeing the glass half-full, we can allow God help us fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28) and get EQUIPPED to reach the world for Christ in a suffering world. Please tune in for this very short episode of Reason For Truth with Host Steven Garofalo and SHARE this with others. Lastly, please SUBSCRIBE and thank you tuning in!
Is Christian "over dependence" a sin? In 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 Paul tells us that we as Christians are to " with your hands as we instructed you, so that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one". Paul made tents to support himself and took support from the church as secondary. We as Christians are called to be dependent on God first and foremost and when we really and truly need it, to be dependent on the body of Christ for the essentials in life. Tune in with Host Steven Garofalo to hear more about over dependence being a SIN in the body of Christ. Please consider a 5-START Review in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE-that would be greatly apprecaited.
King Solomon said in Song of Solomon 8:6 that God's love is greater than death. King Solomon's wife wanted Solomon's love to be stronger than death itself. You too can have and give to others such love if you are willing to following the true God of the universe in Jesus Christ. Tune in to hear more about a Love Greater Than Death. Please SHARE this with others and SUBSCRIBE and Check out our new ONLINE TRAINING platform at: www.EquippedAcademy.Com
Proverbs 18:24 tells us that an authentic-good friend is closer than a brother. The word "Friendship" is grossly overused. True-authentic friendship takes YEARS to develop and it takes work. It takes work to develop an authentic relationship with your husband or wife and the same is true with friendship. Tune in for this special episode of Reason For Truth whereby Host Steven Garofalo speaks from the heart and mind about his friends for life and the value of authentic friendship. Please make sure to tell others about this this video and SUBSCRIBE!
Both the rich and poor are created equal in God's eyes. Both have the same amount of hours in a day to live and only one life to live. Yes, there are difference in what they "have" but God has given certain things equally to both despite their lot in life. The question is how do you as a rich, poor or middle class person see the lot God has given you and what you do with it. Tune in to Rich and Poor Commonalities PART2 and make sure that you tell your FRIENDS about this channel. Lastly, please consider a Five Star Rating in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you for tuning into Reason For Truth.
With all of the talk about the rich and poor being compared as being very different, the Biblical record shows that there are still many commonalities they share. Both rich and poor are given a finite, limited number of years by which to live on this earth. Each has 24 hours a day. Each has 365 days a year to live their life and each has a moment in time whereby they have been scheduled to depart this earth. Tune in with teacher and host Steven Garofalo who will draw upon the wisest man to ever live, King Solomon in Part1 and James, the half brother of Jesus Christ in Part2 to look at the Commonalities of the Rich and Poor. PLEASE Tell Others about us and SUBSCRIBE!
What does it mean to LIVE THE WORTHY LIFE as a Christian on this earth? Tune in as Steven speaks on what Paul tells us about living worthy through Philippians 1:17-20! Please make sure to tell your friends about this channel and SUBSCRIBE!
The Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 1:27-30 how as Christians, we can live the Christ like-"worthy life". In Part1, Steven Garofalo gives an introduction and then explains Paul's three main take aways for living the Christian-worthy life. Please TELL OTHERS about us, consider a five start review in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE!
David Berkowitz told me years ago that while the diagnosis is psychological his issue in 1976 was SPIRITUAL-a spiritual battle. Tune in with Steven Garofalo and the latest letter from David Berkowitz in update. Furthermore, check out www.AriseAndShine.Org for more of David's articles and story. Please tell others about us, give us and SUBSCRIBE!
This is PART2 of the moral failure of RAVI ZACHARIAS. Ravi "finished the race" very poorly and sexually deviant and abusive of women, including a married woman who was a donor to RZIM. Ravi finished poorly and today's episode, Steven will cover the Moral Failure of Ravi Zacharias as a problem from a lack of accountability and premeditated sin and evil which hurt his family, ministry and Christian cause around the world. Tune it for part two and make sure that you SUBSCRIBE and share this with others as you don't want to miss upcoming episodes which include an Update regarding David Berkowitz and a follow up to a more serious thought on Ravi's death. Thank you for tuning in and SUBSCRIBING!
Ravi Zaharias was a biblical giant in the eyes of millions of people across the globe. He was scene as such because we, the Church made him just that. Today, I want to give a slightly different perspective on the moral failure of Ravi Zacharias and speak to how we as followers of Jesus Christ can avoid such pitfalls. Today is Part1 of a multi-part series and today I will address the fall of Ravi Zacharias from the perspective that he started strong but FINISHED BADLY. Please consider a 5-Start Review in iTunes---SUBSCRIBE, tell your friends about us-so you won't miss upcoming episodes!
Thank you for tuning in for PART2 of "The First Responder Apologist" with speaker and teacher Del Potter. If you have not yet watched or listened to PT1 please make sure that you do so! As Del will conclude in this follow up segment, all believers in Jesus Christ are first responder apologists on one level or another because we live in a hurting and decaying world in need of the Savior. As first responder apologists, we have the ability to lead help lead others to the Ultimate Physician, Jesus Christ. Make sure you watch both PT 1 and 2 and tell your friends to do the same. Also, please SUBSCRIBE to our Channel so that you won't miss an episode of Reason For Truth.
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Enrique Nava

do you read kjv or nkjv?

Mar 1st

Paul Doyle

Great direction and teaching on applying sound Biblical principles and Christian Apologetics to the modern world.

Sep 30th
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