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We started this journey because the blockchain and crypto world fascinates us. And we knew that by doing so we’d have the opportunity to speak to some fascinating people. That is exactly what has happened. But nothing prepared us for the incredible conversation we were about to have with Professor Samson Williams. What started as a casual meeting at an event in Philadelphia led to a mind-blowing discussion that goes down a number of rabbit holes. In fact, we’ll tell you up front that this conversation was so epic that we’ve already invited Samson to come back and share more of his thoughts. Yeah, it’s that good. So prepare to be fascinated. It’s like sitting down at the movie theater with a fresh bucket of hot-buttered popcorn, but without the greasy mess and 10 previews of coming attractions. This is a fascinating crypto conversation with Professor Samson Williams on episode #323 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.
Big players are abandoning Facebook’s Libra project, but Zuckerberg says the show will go on. The SEC has halted Telegram’s $1.7 billion dollar token offering. The Blockchain has helped officials bring down a major child pornography ring. And a major Bitcoin milestone may have happened while you are listening to this podcast. This is weird, because Travis is in Denver today, but I’m not. So weird. But that’s how we roll. And the weirder you are the more likely you are to enjoy this Bad News episode #322 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.
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