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Daily Grind Devotions

Author: Grander Vision Media

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A collection of the morning devotions as heard on WCLN-105.7 FM's Daily Grind Morning Show.
286 Episodes
Something to think about.
Do you pray believing?
You are treasured by God. Today we open Matthew 10 to discover we are valued and treasured by the One who created us.
We're meant to live free and fast and light...and together!
Devotion-May 28

Devotion-May 28


Devotion-May 27

Devotion-May 27


Devotion-May 26

Devotion-May 26


Romans 15:1-2 Our strength is meant for service to others.
Yeah, dad. Totally...
Contentment is learned...
Is God asking you to do something? How will you respond?
God works in and through the difficulties and problems that confront you in ways that you seldom see except in retrospect. That's when you look back and say, "Ah, now I can see the hand of God leading, guiding, and protecting me; but I certainly didn't see it at the time." Right! That's why your hindsight is so much better than your foresight. Looking back you have 20/20 vision, but staring trouble and difficulty in the face, you are completely blind.
You ever notice the gloomy description of old age Solomon write in Ecclesiastes? Let's talk a bout that for a moment.
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