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Write a book about it

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A view of the world through upside-down Coke-bottle glasses. The CEO of indie publisher Blooming Twig, Kent Gustavson, sits down with his editors every month to talk about writing, publishing, pop culture, and current events. It's not as boring as it sounds, we promise.
4 Episodes
How to survive the writing process. When to read the prologue. If Stephen King was your best friend. Yeeting. Essays. Library Rock Day. And much more.
Why books are like mushrooms. The real plural form of platypus. Sentient fungus. Google translate. Brexit. Furries. And much more.
Black Holes, Bird Socks, and Other Digressions
Why Wikipedia is a dude and we don't give him money. How to tell Mom why you write (even when you make no money). Flat earthers. The Fyre Festival. VHS tapes. The difference between a chimney and a fireplace. And much more.
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