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Author: Steve Karafit

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Life can be overwhelming, navigating day by day is difficult at best and nearly impossible without a guide. The philosophy of Stoicism is a map for living a good life. Join Steve every Sunday for interviews with modern Stoics, readings of ancient texts, and advice for implementing Stoicism in your daily life. Carpe Diem!
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What do you value and why do you value it. Are your values your own, or those of the people that surround you?Support the show by going to Challenge Coin:
This week we consider the roles we play and how to be mindful of our actions as not to go down the wrong path.
This week we'll hear from three readings of the Enchiridion. Epictetus will show us the value of self control, of courage and of justice. If you want to reach out to the Faulkner County Library and show them your support go to
This week Epictetus gives us a list of over 15 rules to live by.
Remember what is in your power when you ask others for things. It is foolish to ask other's for things that you have control over. The Sunday Stoic Challenge Coin is available at
This week I am honored to be joined by Simon Drew host of the Practical Stoic Podcast discuss the Enchiridion 31 which focuses on piety, blame and the true nature of good and evil. Support the show by going to
This week Epictetus tells us how to behave towards our fathers, something we might consider this Father's Day weekend!
A philosopher must pick a path, evaluated, then stick to it. We can't make progress if we change our minds every day, otherwise we will fail to thrive... Today's reading is the Enchiridion #29
This week we cover the Enchiridion 26-28. We are told to try to understand the will of Nature, to practice recognizing things that happen to others, and to understand they will happen to us as well. By doing this we can start to handle life with equanimity. Sunday Stoic Coin:
When you catch yourself feeling jealous about the achievements of others, spend a moment to reflect on what they had to pay to purchase that achievement. You may find that you would be unwilling to make the same purchase yourself. Speaking of purchases... grab yourself a Sunday Stoic Challenge Coin!
To be a philosopher we must prioritize our principles, and live up to them regardless of their popularity. Sunday Stoic Coin:
This week Epictetus challenges us to turn our hardships into opportunity, to pick our battles wisely and to work on our anger. Save 10% off a Sunday Stoic Challenge coin with the coupon code CARPEDIEM by going to
238: Playing Your Part

238: Playing Your Part


On this episode we'll look at the Enchiridion #17. Epictetus tells us to accept the roles that have been assigned to us. Is it as simple as that?
237: On The Porch

237: On The Porch


A unscripted chat from the porch.
Epictetus warns us that we need not share the pain of the person next to us to be useful. Pickup a challenge coin today!
Dr. Nancy Sherman joins the show to discuss her new book Stoic Wisdom: Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience is not simply a journey of self improvement, it is also ensuring that we are an integral part of a community! Support the show by going to
Robin Waterfield joins the show this week to discuss his new annotated translation of Marcus Aurelius's Meditations.
To find equanimity we should stop trying to chase every desire. Life has a lot to offer, we must narrow our focus if we are to thrive !
Stoics often talk about personal improvement, while ignoring the cosmopolitan nature of the philosophy. Kai joins the podcast this week to discuss his new book Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In.
If we wish to find contentment we must realize that we do not control others, nor should we allow others to have control over our own happiness. Sunday Stoic Coin:
Comments (3)

Dave Allen

Awesome work keep it up!

Dec 5th

Richard Leyshon

interesting to come across another biology teacher who has found stoicism.

Nov 18th

Kaushal Parmar

this is actually good man. thank you.

Mar 4th
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