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Author: Angelike and David Norrie

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We know what it’s like to tune out, so now it’s time to TURN ON, because despite all the modern luxuries of life, more and more people are claiming to feel unfulfilled, uninspired or alone. Why, if we're so connected, do we feel farther apart? As a society, we’ve been entertained and shown a million ways we can tune out; social media, gaming, virtual reality, binge watching among a few. We’ve been lulled to sleep by things which are more artificial than actual.The side effect of this amazing technological advancement we’re living through is that, despite all the advancements, we’re still left wanting more; more connection, more relationship and more meaning, especially when it comes to The Big Four (Faith, Being, Relationships, and Business). Being turned on means more interaction, more tangible experiences and renewing the rediscovery of the gifts we’re given and knowing how to use them.Being TURNED ON is to see with different eyes. It means breaking the dullness and darkness with light. On this podcast you will hear from David and Angelike as they openly share their ideas about how to flip the switches that get us back to feeling human again. They will shine a light into things that MATTER and TURN ON everything that has been disconnected or tuned out.We believe the world is looking to be Turned On, even those who may be so sedated they don’t even know it. Indeed there’s a stirring in the soul to uncover more of what it means to reconnect with our senses. It’s not out of reach, in fact most of the time it’s a simple flip of the switch which allows us to incorporate the necessary changes that will get our pulse beating again and create real transformation that leaves a true, not temporary, sense of fulfillment.
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-She studies bugs and dead things!-When she was 23 years old, married and pregnant with her first child, she had a vision to do something more which led to her journey towards what she does now-The struggle with imposter syndrome.-Thinking outside the box to make significant financial contributions to your family-What happens when you undervalue yourself or your craft-Surrendering to the process and not losing the ability to hear. Turning your gift into an enterpriseCassie Everson-Martin is the creative visionary behind Wanderlust Skulls. A mid-western wife and mother, she finally gave into the god given talents of her artistry in fall of 2016. And, the  perfect canvas ended up being bone. Cassie's journey from feeling like a lost SAHM and ex-retail worker to global art entrepreneur happened quickly when she began to fully lean into her faith, and understand that God makes no mistakes when he gives you talents to bless the world with. After ignoring the same idea that ate away at her for well over two years, she began, and never turned back.Two years, 5 countries, and over 230 art pieces made with buffalo and longhorn skulls later,  Cassie is on a mission to create incredible legacy art pieces that will inspire and elevate any space in your home. But more than that, she has found the need to help other artists (especially mothers) break the "broken artist" mindset and set out to use their unique talents, and understand their worth. Cassie is dedicated to helping break the barriers of old belief that too often take place in the mind of artistic creatives.
When we speed up and rush, when we react in haste, it’s never goodDoes succeeds love speed or does it love momentum and accuracy?Recognizing the signs in your life that say “Be Still”Is the “blame game” your modus operandi? Instant gratification: how the need for answers in seconds is stealing our joyFirst things first. Asking yourself what is the first thing I can do to remedy a situation?What’s within our control? Taking care of those variables we can implement with action stepsCan you rally the troops? Being the Captain of your home and business via motivationStep up and be the catalyst The stock market mentality. How we can look to see what others do, if they run we run. Why?Who is turning you on? Who are you looking to? Is it a new idol each season?When to enlist the help of a friend, how reciprocation is the best way to get over the hump. 
"I believe that my worth is not measured by what I do, by the honors that are bestowed upon me, or by material wealth that I might obtain. Instead, I am measured by the courage I show while standing for my beliefs, by the dedication I exhibit to ensure my word is good, and the resolve I undertake to establish my actions and deeds as honorable."Burgess OwensHow a sense of pride can equal dignity, honor, and stewardship in the Big 4Knowing your season and capacity and why its so important for growth and opportunityWhy environment is so important and individualizedIf you don't catch the "dimming of light" it could be too late Finding a sense of satisfaction in your daily walk How to gain momentum each daySuccess loves momentum and precision, not speed - and whyHow knowing your role creates momentum "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein
5 things you can do to navigate successfully during a major life pivotDon't miss this first crucial step to initiate a successful pivot The misstep we often make when we are facing a new endeavor and what to do to course correct How God uses the darkest times to cross-pollinate your experiences and gifts into the new platformWhy a "short-term" memory is helpful when transitioning and new territoryThe spiritual and practical piece that we often overlook to take with us into transition. And why the woo-woo can't help you hereWhat can we learn from the game of baseball AND a famous Bible story when you feel all odds are stacked against you 
Sitting in a patrol car, contemplating suicide, Adam surrenders his life to ChristThe cathartic release that writing gives us.It's impossible to leave your work at work, how do we cope with taking it home with us?God proves that there is light in all places despite what we may perceive to be hopeless.Having an encounter with the goodness of God changes everything. Never doubt His ability to change your life in an instant.We have to get to a point and understand that it is His will, not ours.Switching your focus to the things that really matter, the eternal.First responders are the extension of God's hand here on earth.Fostering a better relationship between the community and law enforcement begins with recognizing we must have a mutual respect.At the end of the day, when the uniform comes off, or when you retire  you have to have to be able to love your family. Your spouse.There is yes way to switch off what you've seen, you have to 
Why cities have higher crime rates, disorder, and lack of tranquility Technology and progress has no conscience What the removal of nature has done to our minds, bodies, and living spacesThe benefits of groundingThe benefits of natural sunlightWhy is morbid obesity on the rise?How our decisions are affecting our futureVirtual life vs Real life
Breaking down your particular style of procrastinationProgress over perfection. Perfection is a lieSaying "Yes" even when you're scaredMake time now or make time to live in regret laterHave you shot your business in the foot due to a lack of organization skillsSometimes the mistake that leaves a scar is a gift in disguiseRecognizing the curve ball, how belief leads to success.The Turned On Philosophy; Presence, Awareness, OpportunityBeware; Don't get caught being the old dog who refuses to learn a new trickConfidence; there is no substituteConnection and communication; why we need to spend more time on both
The real world knowledge our school system isn't teachingConsuming on a grand scale. Does it bear fruit?Reading vs. Comprehension vs. ImplementationInspirational entertainment or something you actually need?You are never too old to stop learningRead, re-read and then read it again.We're talking about "PRACTICE"The Turned On Method; finding your voids, filling them with knowledgeWhen your world is in chaos, this is what you doTurning your critics into coaches, a course of sanity and peaceThe author of the book is you, not the enemy. Take the penBinge consumption..are you really moving the needle?Ep
What components of fertility is conventional medicine missing?Physiological factors of having a successful conception and pregnancy.The epigenetic componentTop 3 things to look for when having difficulty conceivingEgg & sperm quality; how detoxification and diet factor inBasal body temperature as an indicator of what's going on in our bodiesThe best foods to increase fertilityGut health and autoimmune reactions may be blocking your chances at conceivingWhy women trying to get pregnant should stay away from gluten and BPAs
Feed yourself triumph; how one Google search changed the course of a man's life and resurrected a legend.How can there be a lost scholar, a lost author, who was on par with Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie?Heart, body, mind and soul; addressing the key elements to the meaning of life"An American Treasure" a book of timeless lessons that are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago.10 million books sold prior to 1950 but nobody has heard of him?How the problems we face today in 2020 mimic those of 100 years agoSolutions to your life come when you take action. It's that simpleThe Triumph of a Man Who Acts is for everybody.What's next for this mysterious author now that he has been unearthed?
Is your loyalty misplaced?are YOU really stuck or is your loyalty in the wrong place?Indicators of misplaced loyalty and how to pivotHow to recognize when its causing poverty in your lifeBreak unproductive patterns and recover faster from misplaced loyaltyHow well crafted language can lead to misguidance and poor decisionsWhen you are more plugged into a person, concept, company or idea and less plugged into God, it can lead to this slippery slope
What can we trust in these days?Seeking a personal relationship with JesusAngelike's life changing momentSupernatural Vs. Logical, can both experiences lead to the same end?Breaking down the most significant birth in the history of the worldTransforming your life to go from who you used to be to who you are going to beA new man/womanWe must look for and see Jesus in others and be like Jesus to others.We must be in communion, in contact. The enemy is trying to isolate and separate.Jesus, the man, how antiquity, not just the Bible, places him at a specific place in timeThe essence of God and the creation of the Universe. Evidence?The word became flesh and that is why we celebrate.What are we doing now and who are we doing it for?
You can find victories in the hardest times, even in wall-kicking momentsCourage & Resilience; two words you should take into the new yearThe No. 1 flavor of self sabotage among all of our 2020 surveys was thisMoney - its the easiest part of a business transaction but not the most importantAction steps and accountability are a teacher or entrepreneur's best friendHow can we be more intentional this year and bear more fruit because of itTo be a teacher, you don't have to be perfect or even be the best, you just have to teachOvercoming the fear of risk-takingRealizing we are all more alike than we are differentBe weary of holding back vulnerability. It will only hold you back professionally Truth-teller; the surprising answer to who the most valid and trustworthy accountability partner in your life may be
People ChangeWho was Saul and why is he important?Are you in need of a comeback or turn around?God chooses the imperfect to do amazing thingsTo be an "instrument" for the Kingdom, means to be a tool for a specific jobA healing of the heart. Is it possible for you or somebody you love?Not perfect, but progressingA true North Star. A place, attitude or mission that guides youShowing up in different roles, wearing different hats, yet still obedient to who God created you to beOur plea for you. Don't wait. Take action
Bypassing or overriding the Spirit. When your intuition says one thing but your flesh says anotherThe inner voice first whispers, then gets louder and sometimes screamsIf a decision is pulling on you, and there is fear and indecision, on the other side is where the favor isForcing what is not meant to be; A walk in disobedienceWhat you want versus what you needSeek first the Kingdom and all else will be addedReminding ourselves of our prioritiesWrestling with our minds. Big life issues are rarely smooth sailingGo to your room and be quiet. That's what you Father is telling you
The light at the end of the tunnelWhat role does faith play in coping with lossMad at God? Why anger in death in worldview not a faith viewWhat encouragement can you give somebody experiencing griefThe loss of a loved one. Why your worst moment is their best momentWhy the old model for recovering is broken and what is the new wayThe importance of community in life's toughest timesSharing your story is often the best way to heal the pain and move onIts OK to be happy. You can feel joy again.
When things go wrong are you blaming others or taking responsibility?Tim Grover and the Relentless approached helped usAre you a Cleaner? Is that even what you need to be to be successful?Courage. The big factor in attitudeStrategy; Working in your gifting.John C. Maxwell approach. Save those swimming toward youIntuition. When to listen.Faith is the key component of our business. Stop handcuffing your beliefs and let them lead youDr. Tony Evans: His books have inspired usAs Evans says, people are just people and God is still GodYou'll find success when you match your will with God's assignment for you.
Is current call to identity healthy and sustainableThe enemy of our soul and the chess matchThe wounded feminine and masculinityWhat happens in the big picture if men lose their masculinityGood times create weak menThe importance of the relationship between a father and daughter, father and sonWe're not meant to be deities here on earth. The influencer dilemma.Taking the opportunity to drink from the cup
The Divine Order.Kingdom down philosophy. The trickle down effect in our lives.Kingdom/Faith Focus down vs culture up.Creation and how we learn from this to be successful in all relationship (personal and professional). How do we bring order in our body? Reversal of divine orderThe First Commandment (not what you think) and the secret it holds for you.Delayed gratification- and why its important.Life and its pulse.The 50/50 model does not workHow we have learned to get tripped up and not able to see whats next.How your relationship in faith is cohesive with the Big Four and profitability.
The De-evolution of man - Occupying ourselves with things that sedate us and pull us away from reality and human connection.Achieving balance while we also can utilize the technology revolution to our benefit.. What humanity is craving may be something they dont know exists.Our innate desires for human connection..Do we know when to turn it off? Our job, our phone, our email, our schedules. Not knowing when to turn those things off so we can turn ourselves on. Intro to The Big Four & Divine OrderDo we have a better grasp of human language or more primitive understanding of it?Do we have more close friends today or more acquaintances? Are we more or less confused about who we are and what our purpose is? Stronger desire to interact with people or more avoidant?More intimate or distant with our spouses? Do we know our neighbors or are we more skeptical of them? Do we have a better understand of our kids? Are we connecting with them well?Building the body you cannot see...exercising spiritual muscles. It takes courage to go against the grain. We are hardwired for connection.
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Michelle Clemente

Had no idea about David's story of surrender before meeting Angie. Great message.

Jun 21st
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