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Creating hobbies, or falling back into old ones, has kept many a person sane during this car crash of a year. Sewing has a been a big one at HFHM HQ so we thought we'd watch a few that showcased sartorial talents.First up is Lauren's pick, the Australian period drama The Dressmaker, directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse. Then it's time for Jordan's choice, the 2017 film (with the rumoured final performance from Daniel Day Lewis) Phantom Thread, directed by the great Paul Thomas Anderson.
Back with another episode of marital film watching, Jordan and Lauren celebrate the release of the final season of one of their favourite TV Shows, Netflix's The Crown, by taking a look at some films revolving around the British Monarchy. First up is Jordan's choice, and he went with the film which won Best Picture at the 1966 Academy Awards, Robert Zinnerman's period drama, A Man For All Seasons. Lauren follows this up with 2006's The Queen, starring Helen Mirren and directed by Stephen Frears. Download, listen and enjoy!
Quirky [adjective] - Unusual in an attractive and interesting way. We love offbeat and unique films here at His Film Her Movie HQ, so we thought we'd pick a couple of our favourites and talk about them.Lauren's choice is the 90s-tastic beauty pageant mockumentary Drop Dead Gorgeous starring Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams and Denise Richards to name just a few. Jordan, however, chose a film from Mr. Quirky himself - the one, the only... Wes Anderson, with his superb hit The Grand Budapest Hotel. Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
Grab an energy drink and you're favourite sweat bands as we're about to get sporty in this hizzy. As you may have guessed, this week is all about sports movies. First up Lauren's choice with Drew Barrymore's girl power extravaganza Whip It, starring Ellen Page and Kristen Wiig. Jordan then makes his wife watch Martin Scorsese's challenging masterpiece, Raging Bull. Subscribe, listen and enjoy.
With the beloved Bill & Ted returning to our silver screens last week, we thought we'd honour their presence and discuss two VERY different time-travel movies. First up is Lauren's choice, the Jennifer Garner starring romantic comedy, 13 Going on 30. After that we have a chat about the seriously complex (go check out the YouTube video) Shane Carruth puzzler, Primer from all the way back in 2004. Of course, Jordan goes for the pretentious one!Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
As we head into #thinkingofyou week, it seems like the perfect time to delve into a theme that's all about about the feels - friendship. So call your bestie and give these two flicks a watch. First up is Lauren's pick. Get the tissues at the ready as she's chosen the 90s family film, My Girl. And Jordan stays within the warm confines of the 90s as his film this week is director Brad 'The Incredibles' Bird's debut film, The Iron Giant from 1999.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
It feels like forever since kids were in classrooms but, as parents rejoice around the country, today is the day when they all head back. So we thought let's talk about some interesting school based films in this week's episode. First up is 80s favourite (and Lauren's choice) Pretty in Pink starring the always charming Molly Ringwald, before we take a turn and head back to 1961 to the brilliant, and seemingly not that widely discussed, William Wyler classic, The Children's Hour. Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
Like many folks across the United Kingdom, we've been taking advantage of the superb Eat Out to Help Out scheme designed to help eateries across the land. So we thought we'd use it as inspiration for this week's episode.We've both went and picked a couple of films that has a restaurant as one of it's most important components. Lauren chose the 2009 feel good film, Tonight's Special and Jordan went with the unique Louis Malle film, My Dinner with André.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
And. We. Are. Back.After taking some time off, unintentionally at first (then intentionally after a couple of months) Jordan and Lauren are back to serve you up with their unique slice of film discussion. In this episode, we slide into gear and put the pedal to the floor as we discuss a couple of our favourite road movies. Jordan's pick is the pre-code 1934 romantic comedy It Happened One Night whereas Lauren chose the Australian cult favourite The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.Subscribe, listen and enjoy.
As we head into another week of global lockdown and as the insanity of the same four walls creeps deeper into our consciousness than we'd probably like to admit, we've decided to watch a couple of films that also restrict themselves to their surroundings. This week we take on a films that take place all in one location.First up is Jordan's choice, and one of Alfred Hitchcock's most memorable cinematic experiments, the James Stewart starring Rope from back in 1948. This is then swiftly followed by Lauren's choice, which showcases another great slice of John Hughes pie, as the 80s legend demolishes the social construct of the high school experience with The Breakfast Club.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
As we're now into week three of quarantined life here in the UK, we continue with the second part of our special episodes looking at what film franchises to binge to keep the boredom away.This time around we're focused on the the Tom Cruise-athon that is the Mission: Impossible series. Big action, some bad hair and Ving Rhames being Ving Rhames awaits.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
The world is a scary place right now and many of us are in for long periods of time indoors, which isn't ideal. Even for us folk who choose to spend more time watching films than interacting with other people.We've tried to soften the blow by choosing a couple of film franchises that can get you through the dark days and hopefully put a smile on your face. In this, the first part of a special double episode, Lauren has chosen the Harry Potter franchise to discuss as a perfect tonic to your isolation blues. Subscribe, listen and enjoy.
Every five weeks Jordan and Lauren take a break from their normal format and look at a film based on history (dramatised history that is!) from around the time the episode is released.This time around we discuss Ava DuVernay's fantastic, Selma, from back in 2014. The film depicts the shocking events running up to and after the Civil Rights march from Selma to Montgomery on March 7th 1965.
In this weeks show, your hosts time travel and try to revisit the past as they take a long look at a couple of films that defined their childhoods.First up is Lauren's pick, the second feature in the Don Bluth animated studios franchise with An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. This is all before Jordan transports you to the snowy pavements of Minnesota and tells you to strap on your skates as he discusses the family favourite, The Mighty Ducks.Subscribe, listen and enjoy.
I'm pretty sure 99% of us will relate with this week's theme as most of us will live in one. Listen as we turn our gaze to some memorable movie dysfunctional families.Lauren's choice is an American indie darling, the super charming Little Miss Sunshine. Jordan, however, goes down the dark and disturbing route with Yorgos Lanthimos' breakout film, Dogtooth.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
We're back! Finally! After a couple of weeks away due to life commitments getting in the way, Jordan and Lauren are back in front of their microphones tapping into the Valentines Day mood and discussing a couple of love stories... however, these aren't your normal romances.First up we've got Lauren's choice, the Academy Award winning Spike Jonze film, Her. Then it's time for Jordan's pick, the Nicole Kidman starring, Jonathan Glazer directed film, Birth from back in 2004.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
They say conflict is key for any great story and what's better than exploring the conflicts of the bigger questions that life may throw at us. Either they be philosophical in nature or just something that you don't agree with.Jordan and Lauren have picked two films that have a couple of big moral questions at their core. First up is Lauren's choice, My Sister's Keeper directed by Nick Cassavetes whereas Jordan opted for Stanley Kubrick's anti-war gem, Paths of Glory starring Kirk Douglas.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
Every five weeks Jordan and Lauren take a break from their normal format and look at a film based on history (dramatised history that is!) from around the time the episode if releasedThis episode they watch another film that neither had seen with the controversial depiction of infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy (portrayed by Zac Efron), in Joe Berlinger's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The murderer was executed by electric chair on January 24th 1989. Subscribe, download and enjoy!
Let's face it. The world is a pretty shitty place to live right now. Climate change, impending wars, and societies that are so split down the middle that you feel they could collapse in on themselves at any minute. So why not watch a couple of films that could put some of that melancholy into perspective?First up is Lauren's choice, with Mike Judge's allegorical smackdown, Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolf and Terry Crews. Jordan follows that with Sidney Lumet's 1957 classical depiction of systemic racism, 12 Angry Men.Subscribe, listen and enjoy!
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