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Danessa Knaupp, CEO and Author of Naked at Work joined Maryland Tech Council CEO, Marty Rosendale on January 13, 2021. Their conversation highlighted leadership theory, real-life executive experience, and humor to explore authenticity at work. As a CEO and entrepreneur with an extensive background in finance, Danessa brings a unique and valuable perspective to leaders related to specific ways your authentic leadership can drive innovation, build trust, and directly impact financial returns. Thank you to our sponsors Alexandria Real Estate and Pfizer.
Dr. Leonard Friedland, Vice President and Director of Scientific Affairs and Public Health for GSK Vaccines joined Maryland Tech Council CEO, Martin Rosendale for this ZoomCast to discuss vaccine development, new technologies, and the two centuries of continuous research, improvements and achievements in the field.Watch the ZoomCast here: 
 Karen L. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer of Emergent BioSolutions joined MTC CEO, Martin Rosendale for a discussion on developing and deploying COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics. They discussed the supply chain and pipeline challenges, the value of collaboration in our region and Maryland as a premier vaccine industry cluster.
Comptroller, Peter Franchot joined MTC CEO, Marty Rosendale for a robust discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, Maryland’s fiscal health, and Maryland’s continued economic recovery. During Q&A, the Comptroller addressed the Digital Divide, the application of statewide high-speed internet and specific issues facing your industry.
CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series: Briefing with Maryland Senators and DelegatesIn this episode, Maryland Senators and Delegates joined MTC CEO, Marty Rosendale for a robust discussion on how we can translate COVID-19 work into legislation for the 2021 legislative session, other potential COVID-19 biotech or cybersecurity legislation under consideration, and additional actions that the Legislature can take to assist your business and the state.Thank you to our guests:Senate Finance Committee Vice Chair, Brian FeldmanSenate Majority Leader, Nancy KingJoint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology and Biotechnology Co-Chair, Senator Katie Fry HesterHouse Majority Leader and Ways and Means Committee, Revenue Subcommittee Chair, Eric LuedtkeSenator Steve Hershey, Senate Finance CommitteeDelegate Lily Qi, Member of the House Economic Matters CommitteeDelegate Nick Charles, Member of the House Health and Government CommitteeRichard Tabuteau, Attorney, Schwartz, Metz & WiseThis episode is sponsored by Amgen. Amgen is committed to unlocking the potential of biology for patients suffering from serious illnesses by discovering, developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative human therapeutics. This approach begins by using tools like advanced human genetics to unravel the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology. For more information, visit or follow on watch the full interview or to learn more about CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series, visit us at
Dave Hickey is the President of Integrated Diagnostic Solutions for Becton Dickinson (BD). He is also a member of the John Hopkin’s Health Advisory Board, and more recently, an advisor to the president’s COVID Task Force. In this episode, he and Marty Rosendale, CEO of the Tech Council, discussed BD’s response to early challenges to the supply chain, areas of innovation to expand the roles of their platforms during the public health emergency, and more.This episode was sponsored by the University of Maryland BioPark. The BioPark is Baltimore’s largest biotech cluster and is home to leading and early stage life sciences companies. It accelerates biotech commercialization and economic development in West Baltimore and throughout the region. Click here to learn more about the BioPark.Watch the full interview on our YouTube or visit us online to learn more about CapitalM ZoomCast Live – COVID Series.
CapitalM ZoomCast Live – COVID SeriesTEDCO’s Economic LeadershipDr. Linda Singh, Interim Executive Director and CEO of TEDCO, joined Marty Rosendale, on funding and investment opportunities, the economic future, and how TEDCO is supporting businesses during these times. Dr. Singh’s background combines a unique blend of public and private sector experience spanning health, defense, state and local government. Tune in to learn more!This episode was sponsored by Newport LLC. Newport is the national strategic advisory firm that helps business owners and CEOs of mid-size companies grow and improve the performance of their businesses. For more information, please visit or contact Tony Cord, Partner and Managing Director – Mid-Atlantic at Click here to learn more about TEDCO or visit us online to learn more about CapitalM. 
CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID SeriesAfter the Pandemic - Opening Maryland With Governor Hogan beginning the initial public conversation about reopening the state, it’s important to understand what his appointed COVID-19 task force has been hard at work doing behind-the-scenes to effectively and safely help our great state get back to business. To understand this, Allyson Redpath, Director, Entrepreneurship with the Maryland Department of Commerce and Mike Weigand, Head of Internal Audit with T. Rowe Price joined Marty Rosendale to share the task force’s process and outcomes to date, best practices that T. Rowe Price is implementing, and what can be expected moving forward as the state begins to re-open. Secretary Kelly Schulz provided opening remarks and a “State of the Marketplace” to all attendees.Visit to learn the best practices for Maryland’s companies reopening in correlation with the COVID-19 outbreak.To learn more about CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series, click here.
CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID SeriesWhy business agility matters now more than ever in the age of COVID-19 and digital disruption Brian Panicccia, Managing Partner of TecVeris, a leading Lean Agile Advisory firm and one of their clients Kodi Terry, Global PMO Director, for one of the world's leading digital broadcast Ad-tech companies joined Marty Rosendale to examine how Agile Enterprises adapt to challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and are set up to respond to market disruptions. From immunotherapies to aircraft and government, see how Business Agility is powering innovations far beyond software. These concepts created the rise of the trillion dollar cap tech giants - who are now disrupting non-tech sectors. Every company today is dependent on or uses software and data for competitive advantage.This ZoomCast focused on how your company can benefit from Business Agility and why this is critically important for survival post-COVID-19 or any form of disruption. Click here to learn more about TecVeris or visit us online to learn more about CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series.
CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series: A Discussion with Jim Hughes: Advancing UMB-Born Technologies in the Fight Against COVID-19 & BeyondSenior Vice President and Chief Enterprise & Economic Development Officer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Jim Hughes, shared how university physicians, faculty/researchers and tech transfer professionals are working to bring innovations to life to help clinicians on the front line treat patients and fight COVID-19. The University’s innovation arm, UM Ventures, is seeking investors to support the development of these companies, researchers and their technologies. Mr. Hughes also shared the recent UMB-born success story, Breethe. Learn more about CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series at
CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series: $310 Billion Refilled to the PPP and EIDLMarty Rosendale's guest, Doug White, Managing Director of Glass Jacobson Financial Group focuses on small to mid-stage companies, provided specific insights and answers to help you navigate your way to the best use of the PPP and EIDL programs. Visit us online to watch the interview online and to learn more about CapitalM.
CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID SeriesKeeping Our World Safe & USP’s Public Health Response to COVID-19US Pharmacopeia's (USP) Chief Science Officer, Jaap Venema shared how the organization is supporting the public health response to COVID-19, the affects on the supply chain, its involvement in drug and vaccine development and manufacturing today, and more. USP calls the BioCapital home and is a global leader in building trust in medicines, supplements and foods by setting standards that help ensure quality and safety. Visit us online to watch and learn more about CapitalM ZoomCast Live - COVID Series.
MTC CEO, Marty Rosendale was joined by guests, Michael Buher, CPA, CVA, Director of the Assurance & Advisory Services Practice at Clearview Group, Brenan Redman, CPA, Director of the Accounting & Financial Services Practice at Clearview Group, and Nick Chavis, Director of the Risk Advisory Practice at Clearview Group for episode 2 of “Capital M” Podcast Live! on April 15, 2020 for Business Continuity and Minimizing the Financial Impact on Your Business with COVID-19.Visit us online to watch the interview online and to learn more about Capital M.
Marty is taking “Capital M” Podcast Live! This series is designed to give you access to his conversations and resources to navigate through your operational challenges. Capital M will broadcast live every week via Zoom with invited executive from the life science, technology, government and service companies in the region.Join Marty with guest Jay B. Turakhia, Senior Vice President, Business Banking, Truist and Eric Rosenberg, First Vice President, Community Commercial Bank, Truist to discuss what you should know about Small Business Paycheck Protection Program.
Dr. Prakash Chakravarthi is the Founder and CEO of Machfu, an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company. Prakash has founded multiple companies and successfully raised capital, and he shares his perspective on the capital markets with Marty Rosendale, CEO of the Maryland Tech Council and podcast host. Prakash sees a pattern in the types of companies VCs will invest in, and he shares those insights as well as his thoughts on why he has a team of mentors supporting him and how their expertise help propel his company (Machfu is a Venture in MTC’s Venture Mentoring Services Program). Prakash gives advice to first-time fund-raisers and encourages them to keep on keeping on, even when times are tough and you keep being “beaten down”!
In this episode, Marty interviews Ron Gula, who was the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Tenable, one of Maryland’s big success stories. Today he is the President and CEO of Gula Tech Adventures, which invests in cyber companies and funds of all sizes and supports a variety of cyber programs and non-profits focused on cyber policy, training and economic development.Ron provides insider knowledge on what he looks for when investing in a company, and how important it is for the company to have a strong leadership team (especially a strong CEO) driving the company forward with a clear vision. Ron’s perspective on pitching to investors is to answer their questions the same way, and he has developed a 5-slide pitch deck that simplifies the process – listen to his 5 essential questions your pitch should answer!
What is it like to take a company through a whirlwind of different stages, raising capital along the way and eventually going public? Marty sits down with Doug Doerfler, President and CEO of MaxCyte, who did just that. MaxCyte is a cell engineering company developing technologies to help patients with high unmet medical needs.Doug has taken MaxCyte from startup to commercial company to development company, and he talks about the challenges and successes along the way and how he raised capital to grow the company here in Maryland. He also dives into what it takes to go public (MaxCyte went public in 2016 in the London Stock Exchange). Doug stresses the importance of having a strong executive team behind you as you approach the capital markets, and how finding the right investors for your company is key.
We’re recording this episode at Maryland Life Sciences’ first annual Bio Innovation Conference, which was held on October 7, 2019. Marty Rosendale, CEO of MTC and host of the Capital M podcast, sits down with conference attendees to discuss access to capital and workforce issues in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic.Dr. Annica Wayman is the Associate Dean in the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences for UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). Annica oversees the Applied Biotech Programs at USG, and she works to develop innovative curriculum that is responsive to the needs of biotech companies today in Maryland and the surrounding area. She and Marty address solutions to the workforce issues the life sciences community is beginning to face in Maryland, including how organizations like Maryland Life Sciences can get involved to help form a workforce coalition that links industry to universities.
We’re recording this episode at Maryland Life Sciences’ first annual Bio Innovation Conference, which was held on October 7, 2019. Marty Rosendale, CEO of MTC and host of the Capital M podcast, sits down with conference attendees to discuss access to capital and workforce issues in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. In this episode, Marty discusses business in Maryland with Elaine Haynes, President and CEO of KaloCyte, a pre-clinical biotech startup developing a synthetic red blood cell substitute. KaloCyte recently relocated to Baltimore, and Elaine reveals how, for a biotech startup, Maryland has a “set of benefits that you can’t replicate anywhere else in the country.” For her, the biggest benefit has been the proximity to government agencies, which is accelerating her ability to access non-dilutive funding.
We’re recording this episode at Maryland Life Sciences’ first annual Bio Innovation Conference, which was held on October 7, 2019. Marty Rosendale, CEO of MTC and host of the Capital M podcast, sits down with conference attendees to discuss access to capital in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. In this episode, hear about capital markets from the perspective of an investment banker and a serial entrepreneur.Rick Kohr is the Founder and CEO of Evergreen Advisors and has over 20 years in investment banking. He discusses what investors are looking for when meeting new companies and how his company prepares others for raising capital. Following Rick’s discussion is Neal Koller, Chairman and CEO of Alphyn Biologics. Neal is a serial entrepreneur and a mentor in MTC’s VMS program and helps startup companies grow and scale. He talks about what companies should focus on when raising capital. 
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