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Where opinion takes-on opinion from outside the elitist bubble with Grace Matthews and Connor Murphy.
176 Episodes
On today's show: Beware: Former Officials Delayed Law that is now Creating DatabasesHow will these databases be used in the future?Corey Lewandowski testifies again. Might be running for senator of NH. Kavanauh under the gun again. Mitch McConnell and wife Elaine Chao investigation begins under her name. Flynn can be cleared by internal memo from 2017. Is John Bolton a warmonger? Saudi and Iran in conflict. Is Trump getting richer in office? Jerry Falwell and Liberty University under investigation by FBI. 41 yo disabled man with ALS in Canada has funding cut but by government but they will pay for assisted suicide. NC has special election. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow being sued for $10 million for defamation by One America for saying they were an agent of Russia. Guns sales surge by 15%. Databases for medical and alcohol. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Three R's Aimed at TrumpThe three R's aimed to take down Trump: Russia, Racism, and Recession.The Hill's John Solomon has 10 declassified Russian collusion revelations coming this fall that will stir up the capital. Andrew McCarthy says Obama knew about the Trump spies.Jeffrey Epstein sends cement truck to his island. Google insider hands over 950 documents to DOJ along with a laptop. The Intercept article, 7 conservatives with no connection to white supremacists are: Tucker Carlson, Stephen Miller, Trump, Laura Ingraham, Candace Owens, John Cornyn. For a list of source links, visit's-aimed-at-trump-dueling-dialogues-ep-188/
On today's show: Literally Political SuicideGrace and Connor discuss the mysterious suicide of Jeffrey Epstein and other questionable deaths from witnesses, victims, and whistleblowers in the past. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: American Youth II - Dueling Dialogues Ep.186Grace and Connor are joined by MSU students, Cadie and Ian, to discuss mass shootings from the perspective of: gun control, media influences, social issues, toxic masculinity, feminism, racism, white supremacy, and white privilege. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: A Rat is a RatJoe diGenova says documents will drop on FISA reports. Can Baltimore rats be actual rats or is it a racial term? Christopher Wray will not hand over any FBI information. Rev. Al Sharpton has become moral authority of the left. Trolls are changing, left wing trolls say they have hope for you to see the light. California gov. says Trump will not be on the ballot in California. Marianne Williamson's hocus pocus on election. Illegal voters wanted by the left. Can Trump change that? Will Michelle Obama run in next election? Rush Limbaugh has an inside scoop. Media connects to Obama camp. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: White Dog Racists - Dueling Dialogues Ep.184Comey had spy in White House in 2017 reporting to FBI. IG report likely to come out in September. The racist bandwagon continues and people with white dogs are now racist. People in Harlem throw water at police, police do nothing. Antifa getting away with violence. Don't get your cats declawed in some US cities or you will get a fine. Jeffrey Epstein's black book is exposed. Clintons at top of list among many other politicians and celebrities. Actress Bella Thorne says she's a pansexual. Tom Brady dad-shamed for cliff diving with 6 yo daughter in Costa Rica. Dominican Republic and Costa Rica have more tourist deaths from tainted alcohol. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: American Youth IGreat Show!!Grace and Connor discuss PC culture, macro racism, reparations, drug use, and cultural appropriation with special guests, students Cadie and Ian, from Missouri State University.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: What Song will Epstein Sing? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.182Jeffrey Epstein arrested on alleged sex related charges, pedophilia, rape, among many charges. Tommy Robinson reaches out to Trump over political asylum. AG Barr pushes to get illegal immigrant question on census.Schools and universities in NYC allow students can change name and gender. People with Trump derangement syndrome call for Home Depot boycott. Court rules against Trump on drug pricing. Diabetes and benefits of CBD oil. Kamala Harris may be Obama's candidate.Hannity jokes about O'Reilly's return to cable. Workforce in US adds 300K jobs. Foreign exchange students.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Borderline CrazyAOC visits the border. Claims women are drinking toilet water. She also says border patrol were laughing at her and were sexually threatening. Trudeau snubbed at G20 summit. Trump meets with Kim Jong Un. Tucker Carlson makes some health observations on Kim's health. New Yorker writes an article on Hunter Biden. Is this a strategy attempt to expose all before election? Kamala and Warren move ahead and Biden moves backwards in the race for candidacy. Trump and RNC raises $105 million for campaign. Dems are pushing medicare for all, while Republicans do not. Journalist Andy Ngo gets beaten by Antifa in Portland. Eric Trump gets spit on at Chicago restaurant. IG probe into FISA warrant is over. Report is still being written. Mueller is going to testify in front of congress. Navy seal Ed Gallagher is awaiting murder charges. 16 brands of dog food linked to heart conditions in dogs. Google execs call Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson Nazis. Cartoonist Michael de Adder has been let go from Irving-owned Brunswick News Inc. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Hypocrisy in Double Standard JusticeAmericans fed up with double standards in the justice system from right to left. Will this create a landslide for Trump? Jean Carrol accuses Trump of rape in dressing room of department store more than 20 years ago.George Conway, why would he do this to his kids? General Flynn makes a discovery about Hillary. Obama sends law after him right after announcing his discovery? Why does Kerry and Obama get away with advising Iran on Trump in violation of the Logan Act?Biden gets caught paying for Twitter followers. Bernie is upset at banks for lending college students money. Banks stopped this 10 years ago, how did a senator not know this? This was Obama's government. Sen. Omar married her brother, possible immigration and marital fraud as well as maybe even tax fraud. How safe is the vetting process for immigrants? Dems hypocrisy talking how republicans are going to split in two. Congressional left will not pass anything for Trump. Iranian problems continue to plague the US. Iranian people are for the most part innocent, but are being controlled. AOC calling immigration camps concentration camps. How much is it to rent a 2 bdrm home? Most patriotic state New Hampshire #1, Missouri #9.For a list of source links, visit
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