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Where opinion takes-on opinion from outside the elitist bubble with Grace Matthews and Connor Murphy.
196 Episodes
On today's show: COVID-19 Quarantine UpdatesThe Hammer joins Grace and Connor to discuss the Corona virus quarantine. Media wants to stop airing Trump's virus press briefings. Updates on happenings and stimulus packages from the US and Canada. Gas prices and booze sales.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Corona Quarantine: Pros and ConsThe Hammer joins Grace and Connor to discuss topics around the COVID-19 Coronavirus and the differences in location-based quarantine. What are the personal challenges and consequences facing the quarantined? What Pelosi and the Democrats tried to do and the similarities in what Canada's Trudeau liberals attempted to do, with regards to the emergency relief legislation. Announcing a new podcast "His & Her's" coming soon to the Dueling Dialogue platform. A new podcast will discuss lifestyle and social topics and present his and her points or view.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: COVID-19: Viral LockdownWalmart wars.Spring breakers. Government help. Businesses respond some don't. Info from China was not honest. The strain on the medical system. Rich people tested before the poor? For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Is Corona Panic Legit?Coronavirus now considered a pandemic by WHO. The virus's effect on the stock market. Joe Biden...really? Pelosi will use anything and everything she can against Trump.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Bernie Beats BidenPrimaries in New Hampshire. #firechucktodd from NBC calls Bernie's followers brown shirts. Can Bloomberg save the day? Roger Stone sentenced to 7-9 years, Barr steps in and reduces sentence, 4 prosecutors left, 3 of them quit and were part of Mueller team. Lori Loughlin fake rowing evidence surfaces. Are aliens coming? Siba standard poodle wins Westminster, golden retriever gets bypassed. Doodles not recognized. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Impeachment Gets TrumpedTrump exonerated from impeachment. NYT says Trump was acquitted by republicans out of fear of retaliation. Pelosi tears up Trump's State of the Union Address. Trump takes a swipe at Romney and Pelosi without using their names. Iowa caucus uses app with Clinton ties to count votes and it fails miserably. Biden takes it on the chin in Iowa.Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer, will Sean Hannity take over? NYT says Epstein owned a bank in the Virgin Islands. Coors Light will cover first 1000 adoptions fees for dogs up to $100. Canadian man burns money to avoid paying ex wife. Chiefs win the super bowl. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Trump Valentines?Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash. Coronavirus hits the world. Credit scores will be changing. Impeachment updates. Trump Valentines? Taxing bad stuff. Laughlin has listed her mansion for sale. Super Bowl predictions from The Hammer. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Women for Trump - Dueling Dialogues Ep.201Is 'Women for Trump' and exclusive girls club. Virginia's crazy new gun law. Epstein murder or suicide? Comey leaks investigated by DOJ. CNN settles lawsuit. One America might be bought out by Trump allies. Nancy uses 25 pens to sign impeachment. Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz added to Trump's law team. Harry and Meghan updates. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: 2020 VisionGreat Episode!In a special 200th episode, Grace and Connor are joined by the Hammer to go over predictions for 2020.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Holiday Leftovers 2019Hallmark Movies are they racist, fascist pieces of propaganda? Woman pays her taxes with nickels. Pelosi is thinking of keeping impeachment to herself. talks Instapot. Protein pancakes. Coffee offsets absorption of sugar. Male engagement rings. Amazon has best holiday season to date. Dem insiders say Bernie may win the nomination. Good for your love relationship to raise a dog. Why is this most hated bull stock market in history? Genius foods. For a list of source links, visit
The following satire was created for comedy entertainment purposes only and some content and language may offend some. Listener discretion is advised.For a written copy visit:
On today's show: Stupid ThingsImpeachment goes ahead. IG report finds sloppy investigation on 17 counts.Paul Manafort has charges thrown out by NY. The View has a fallout with Whoopi Goldberg telling Meghan McCain to stop talking. The high cost of diabetes drugs has people desperate. Bombshell movie about Fox News. Recession warnings. Judge Neil Gorsuch says Merry Christmas. 12 stupid things we shouldn't waste our time onFor a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Impeachment Fatigue and Other Crazy StuffImpeachment moves forward. IG report has been released. Joe Biden's plagiarism and meltdown over son Hunter in town hall meeting. AOC's quote. Hillary paid multiple journalists in 2016. Kamala Harris pulls out of race. Will Hillary Clinton run again? Valerie Jarrett's connections and rise in Chicago's politics via community organizing. Will we see her rise again? Gender neutral bathrooms. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Talking Turkey IIISpecial guest The Hammer joins Grace and Connor to discuss the biggest turkeys of the past year.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: George Soros' Legacy Part IIGrace and Connor discuss George Soros' legacy and his children: Alexander, Gregory, Jonathan, Robert, and Andrea. Also in this episode, Nikki Haley's book released today. Delta Airlines' web survey hits a nerve. President Trump is going to release April call to Ukraine.For a list of source links, visit'-legacy-part-ii-dueling-dialogues-ep-195/
On today's show: Truth or Fiction?Is it true or is it fake and/or a conspiracy theory? Grace and Connor go through some info bits and rumors that listeners can investigate and decide for themselves if it's true or fiction.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Impeachment Inquiry Moves ForwardThe inquiry into Trump impeachment moves forward in the house as congress votes to continue the investigation.Is Joe Biden the fall guy? Has he always been the fall guy? Is he even a serious Trump opponent in 2020? How did Nancy Pelosi and the democrats change laws in order to get this far? Epstein coroner says his wounds match what is seen in homicides, but no further investigation into his possible murder will occur.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: George Soros' Legacy Part IAt 89 years of age, billionaire George Soros is building a legacy through his children. Grace and Connor talk about his sons, Alexander and Gregory Soros, from George's wife Susan Webber, and their work through the Open Society Foundation.For a list of source links, visit'-legacy-part-i-dueling-dialogues-ep-192/
On today's show: Impeachment Distraction ContinuesImpeachment attempts continue.Trey Gowdy hired by Trump as attorney. Matt Lauer accused of rape. Tom Brokaw has accusations as well. US pulls out of Syria, but leaves Kurds exposed. Fox's new competition coming via VIACOM-CBS? Peter Schweizer exposes more corruption. McCain's former aide pleads the 5th in Russian dossier investigation. FBI and FISA targeting more Americans under FBI director Christopher Wray. Can General Flynn take down and fry Mueller? Joe Biden's brother James gets 80K worth of Chinese gemstones. Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Jr. has a Ukrainian deal with a energy company. Globalist Obama endorses globalist Trudeau to interfere in next week's Canadian federal election.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Impeachment: Real Threat or Bluff?Dems call for impeachment of Trump over Ukraine phone call in which Trump asks Ukraine to investigate alleged corruption by Joe Biden and son Hunter. Is this a bluff to discredit Trump or a real threat coming from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff?Video of Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau surfaces just weeks before election, of Trudeau wearing black-face numerous times in his past. Trudeau takes cheap shots at Andrew Scheer his biggest opponent. Scheer promises to open investigation into Liberal corruption if he is elected the new Prime minister.For a list of source links, visit
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