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Every farmer claims to grow the world's best weed. However, the ability to prove that statement takes not only a strong strain and favorable conditions, but the luxury of growing at a small scale, and having the time for a personal relationship with each plant in the garden. Hop in and become a Cannasuer!   Subject discussed in the first segment: Small Batch/Single Source    Subject discussed in the second segment: The Future of Craft   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: Jory Bacon is the Chief of Sales for Bacon's Buds, a small Craft Cannabis company based in Washougal, Washington right on the Oregon/Washington state Line.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Field Day Cannabis - Dog Walker Nug Jug Field Day Cannabis - Rainbow Beltz Nug Jug   SPONSORS: FAIRWINDS AVITAS HELLAVATED   Stoney Baloney Episode: Venus and Mars
Plant based medicines are making a huge jump in popularity as this decade of the soaring 20's ramps up. But potentially the most mysterious of them all is a life-changing brew that has been used in Amazonian ceremonies for at least a thousand years. So, will western culture bastardize it, or use it to evolve into a higher plane of awareness? Drink up and feel the healing.    Subject discussed in the first segment: Ancient Medicine   Subject discussed in the second segment: The Experience   Greg The Guinea Pig: Jhavid Mohseni is the CEO of Aperone Corporation, a global Cannabis trading ecosystem, and has over 7 years as a student of Mother Ayahuasca.    Products Featured: MFused—Zookies Vape Cart MFused—Peach Rings Vape Cart   Sponsors: First Break: HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS AVITAS   Stoney Baloney Episode: Wookies 
For years, landrace strains have been what most people associate with when identifying Cannabis. But as new technologies keep the public interested in everything from smart phones to electric cars, so goes the race for new strain discovery and the ultimate goal of immortality. Take a look inside to see how the real OGs create the best strains.    In First segment: Define Phenohunting    Subject discussed in the second segment: In Seach of the next Blue Dream    Greg The Guinea Pig: Ben Davis is the Owner/Co-Owner of Freddy's Fuego Cannabis Company.    PRODUCTS FEATURED: Solstice Cannabis—Fruit Tartar Dab Saucer Solstice Cannabis—Orange Cake Dab Saucer   SPONSORS: AVITAS HELLAVATED LAKE GRADE FAIRWINDS   Stoney Baloney Episode: Let's Taco Bout It
Skin art is an expression that humans have practiced since early civilization, and inspiration can come from every end of the spectrum. But what is the role of weed both for symbolic reasons and actual healing purposes? Hop aboard and let's do something we'll never forget!   Subject discussed in the first segment: CREATIVE INSPIRATION    Subject discussed in the second segment: RECOVERY, HEALING, AND MAINTENANCE   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: SHARDELLE MONIQUE is a CANNABIS MODEL and PHOTOGRAPHER and beautifully decorated with a ton of COOL TATTOOS.    PRODUCTS FEATURED: 1. Bacon’s Buds—The Big Smooth Nug Jug 2. Bacon’s Buds—Bootylicious Nug Jug   SPONSORS: FAIRWINDS AVITAS GREAT NOTION LAKE GRADE HELLAVATED   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: CLUB MEDA
The Cannabis plant consists of at least 113 Cannabinoids. THC is by far the most well-known of these, and potentially the most important, but what about the others? There's a wide world of effects, benefits, and experiences waiting to be unlocked, so let's goooo!     Subject discussed in the first segment: MORE THAN JUST THC Subject discussed in the second segment: HEMP OR CANNABIS, IT DOESN'T MATTER     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: MARK HUBBARD is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of INTEGRITY LABS, MSIX LABS, and SUN EXTRACTION EDUCATION.      PRODUCTS FEATURED: Kites—The Big Smooth Pre-roll 10 pack Real Eve—Gas Pedal Joint Pack     SPONSORS: HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS AVITAS GREAT NOTION LAKE GRADE     STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: PROBLEM SOLVING IS EASY!
Growing fire Cannabis can be accomplished by a number of effective methods. but as with all plants, and more importantly, the ones we eat and smoke, the nutrition they consume is vital to a quality end product. Dig in and see that healthy soil equates to healthy humans.   Subject discussed in the first segment: WHAT IS LIVING SOIL? Subject discussed in the second segment: A HEALTHIER PLANET   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: DOUGLAS HENDERSON is the CEO of PAINTED ROOSTER CANNABIS COMPANY.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: House of Cultivar—Sugarberry Scone Nug Jug House of Cultivar Grand Cru—Rainbow Runtz #1 Nug Jug   SPONSORS: LAKE GRADE HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS AVITAS GREAT NOTION   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: FATHER TIME IS UNDEFEATED
As individuals, we often feel helpless when it comes to politics. And like so many trailblazers of change before us, you have the opportunity to influence. But, first, you have to know the rules of the game before you can win the game. Let's raise a sign to make a statement!   Subject discussed in the first segment: POLICY IS POWER Subject discussed in the second segment: SMALL ACTION EQUALS BIG CHANGE   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: GREGORY FOSTER is a CANNABIS JOURNALIST/ADVOCATE and FOUNDER of CANNABIS OBSERVER.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Lazy Bee Gardens—Aliens on Moonshine High CBD Joints Hazy Daze--#Hashtag Solventless CBD Infused Pre-roll   SPONSORS: GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS AVITAS   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: TRIGGER HAPPY
Since the invention of moving pictures, people have shared a fascination for cinema. And even with the addition of countless new platforms vying for our entertainment attention through the years, none has ever dominated in popularity like the silver screen. Turn the lights down and raise the curtain for this fun romp!   Subject discussed in the first segment: WHAT'S HOT? Subject discussed in the second segment: POPCORN AND POT     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: CHARLES MUDEDE is a SENIOR STAFF WRITER and FILM CRITIC for the legendary STRANGER, Seattle's only remaining newspaper.      PRODUCTS FEATURED: Dawg Star Cannabis—Orangeade Nug Jug Dawg Star Cannabis—Wonder Woman Nug Jug     SPONSORS: AVITAS GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS     STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: BOOGERS ARE INFLUENTIAL
Quality Cannabis is what most people want, but the quality isn't always about what you can see and smell. This is the juncture where consumers have to ask themselves, 'What safe practices did the grower use to make this weed so fluffy and smelly?' Because, even though the flower appears beautiful to the naked eye, it's nearly impossible to determine how healthy is it to smoke? Get out your scorecard and let's get happily compliant!   Subject discussed in the first segment: WHAT IS PESTICIDE TESTING? Subject discussed in the second segment: WHY IS IT CONTROVERSIAL?     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: JASON HUTTO is the FOUNDER of HOUSE OF CULTIVAR, one of the premier Cannabis operations in Washington State.    PRODUCTS FEATURED: Western Cultured—Spiked Punch Nug Jug Western Cultured—Ice Cream Cake Nug Jug   SPONSORS: FAIRWINDS AVITAS GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: PICKLE JUICE IS UNDERRATED
Everyone wants to feel better because that's the key to leading a most enjoyable life. And improving the way you feel physically is largely based on exercise. But if the heart-pumping products that get you energized and activated aren't really good for you, what is a healthy alternative for your workouts? Get motivated here to find the best possible you life has to offer!   Subject discussed in the first segment: TIME TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE Subject discussed in the second segment: CANNABIS AS A CATALYST   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: STEVEN THIBERT spent 5 YEARS in the MEDICAL MARKET and now OWNER of BUILT FOR IT FITNESS HEALTH AND FITNESS COMPANY.    PRODUCTS FEATURED: Plaid Jacket—Royal Wedding Pre-roll Plaid Jacket—Pablo’s Revenge Pre-roll   SPONSORS: HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS AVITAS GREAT NOTION   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: URINE LOVE
Friendly competition has been a way to break the ice for thousands of years. Whether it simply be for amusement, or a means to prove mental fortitude, contests provide an easy platform for entertainment and social interaction. But where drinking games generally end around the time a diploma is framed on the wall, what comes next? Grab your game piece and get in on the fun!   Subject discussed in the first segment: GAMES FOR STONERS Subject discussed in the second segment: FROM BEER PONG TO BASS THE BONG     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: JOHN LIM is the CREATOR of PUFF PUFF PASS, a CARD GAME FOR STONERS. He's also the creator of a game called AZN FLUSH, a drinking game for Asians.    PRODUCTS FEATURED: Puget Power—Bodega Bubblegum pre-rolled joint Puget Power—Lucky Lemons Cured Resin Dab Saucer   SPONSORS: GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS AVITAS   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: EXERCISE THE DEMONS
Our lives are filled with clutter. Even when we think we are decompressing with free time, the hand habitually grabs the remote and engages the television with more messaging to crowd our precious mind space. With all the distractions in our lives, two of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves is to get stoned...and then just stop. Take a break from the chaos and get delightfully centered with us.    Subject discussed in the first segment: THE ART OF ZEN Subject discussed in the first segment: TAKING YOUR BUZZ TO A NEW LEVEL   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: MELANIE MCCULLEY is an AGAPE LICENSED SPIRITUAL THERAPIST, CERTIFIED TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE COACH, and MEDITATION TEACHER.    PRODUCTS FEATURED: Green Rush—Triangle Kush Dab Saucer Green Rush—Hammer Time Dab Saucer   SPONSORS: AVITAS GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: CURSING IS LIBERATING
Sweets are wonderful, but not so healthy. So, if you're going to choose the lesser of all evils, you'll want to reach for the one that originated in the amazon as long as 4000 years ago due to the antioxidants which actually help cleanse your body. Pair this confection with weed and you've got one of the most popular infused edibles in existence. Prepare your taste buds for one of our yummiest shows yet.   Subject discussed in the first segment: THE ART OF CHOCOLATIERINGSubject discussed in the second segment: PAIRING WITH CANNABIS     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: OLIVIA PERRY is a FREELANCE EXECUTIVE CANNABIS CHOCOLATIER    PRODUCTS FEATURED: Shiva—Terpene Infused Pre-Roll Shiva—Special Blend Infused Pre-Roll   SPONSORS: FAIRWINDS GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED AVITAS   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: SOMETIMES YOU FART
The world has an indelible fascination with fringe sports, but the one that has been around since the 1950s has surprisingly managed to maintain relevance while still flying under the mainstream radar. We all know what it is, but few of us actually know what it’s about. Throw an elbow to boredom and jump in the rink for a one-of-a-kind show! Subject discussed in the first segment: IS IT A SPORT? Subject discussed in the second segment: ROLLING JOINTS AND ROLLING WHEELS   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: MEGHAN MOODY is an Assistant at GREEN JAR CANNABIS in WASILLA, ALASKA, and a 3 YEAR VETERAN OF ROLLER DERBY.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Hellavated—Strawberry Haze Gummy Hellavated—Water Your Melon Gummy   SPONSORS: AVITAS FAIRWINDS GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: SMART IDIOTS
Sports entertainment is a huge part of our culture. And when it comes to the most bang for the buck, you can’t deny the showmanship of the modern iteration of one of the oldest sports known to man. Combine it with one of the oldest medicines known to man and you have two great things that are rarely discussed in the same sentence. Jump off the ropes for a THC Smackdown as we get in the ring for a humorous look behind the big show!   Subject discussed in the first segment: THE ART OF THE SHOW Subject discussed in the second segment: FAKE PROPS/REAL PAIN     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: ZEBEDIAH SAINT is an ASPIRING PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER and the TRIM MANAGER at HOUSE OF CULTIVAR CANNABIS COMPANY.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Agro Couture—Gelato Cake Live Resin Dab Star—Pink Runtz Live Resin   SPONSORS: HELLAVATED AVITAS FAIRWINDS GREAT NOTION   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: COMPETETIVE EATING IS STUPID
Easily one of the most controversial drugs in existence, there’s no denying that we have a real love/hate relationship with this stimulating substance. Then when you mix it with our favorite mind-altering plant, you’ve got the Hippie Speedball. But is this combination as good of a thing as we think it is? Brew it up with us as we have fun with a couple of the world’s favorite drugs.   Subject discussed in the first segment: AMERICA’S DRUG OF CHOICESubject discussed in the second segment: IS IT ADDICTION OR LOVE?     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: BAILEY STUART is a FOUNDER/OWNER of GREEN JAR CANNABIS in WASILLA, ALASKA.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Solstice Cannabis—Panama Red Nug Jug Solstice Cannabis—Strawberry Banana x Golden Lemon Vape Cart     SPONSORS: GREAT NOTION HELLAVATED AVITAS FAIRWINDS     STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: THE PURSE PURSE
One in four people in the United States alone lives with a handicap that makes navigating life very challenging. And now that we are living in an era where plant medicine is becoming widely acknowledged, how do we improve these lives with a fresh perspective. Join us for a lively discussion on how evolving our perception is the key to living a meaningful life.   Subject discussed in the second segment: STAYING POSITIVESubject discussed in the second segment: CHANGING THE PERCEPTION     GREG THE GUINEA PIG: TIMOTHY EDWARDS, also known as TIM-ME, is a CREATIVE ARTIST, ACTIVIST, and ENTREPRENEUR and was born with the ALTER-ABILITY called ARTHROGRYPOSIS.     PRODUCTS FEATURED: Lifted Cannabis—Melonada Vape Cart Lifted Cannabis—Cold Cured White Truffle Badder     SPONSORS: FAIRWINDS LIBERTY AVITAS HELLAVATED     STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: THE EXPLORATORY DAVEY DABS
From basic flower to high-powered infused drinks, there are numerous ways to get Cannabis into your body. But for the true connoisseur who only reaches for the top of the shelf, there is one product that hovers above the norm. Bust out the dab rig and together let's inhale the finest vapor in the world.   Subject discussed in the first segment: WHAT IS SOLVENTLESS?Subject discussed in the second segment: WHY HAVEN’T YOU TRIED IT?   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: BRIAN MATHIS is the DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS for MT. BAKER GARDENS who is making some fire SOLVENTLESS HASH ROSIN.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Arlington Homegrown—Mr. Nasty Infused Palm Leaf Wrapped Blunt Arlington Homegrown—Wedding Crasher Nug Jug   SPONSORS: HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS LIBERTY AVITAS   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: THE CONSUMPTION ASSUMPTION
There is an emerging plant medicine available now that has the potential to change our prescription-based society much in the way that Cannabis has. Most likely you have seen it advertised driving past your local head shop, but you don’t really have any idea what it is or how it can change your life for the better. Let’s get international as we explore the benefits of a real up-and-comer in the pain management game.   Subject discussed in second segment: WHAT IS KRATOM?Subject discussed in the second segment: CROSSOVER WITH CANNABIS   GREG THE GUINEA PIG: BILLY COSGROVE is the FOUNDER and CEO of CHOICE BOTANICALS, one of the world’s biggest Kratom companies based out of Houston.   PRODUCTS FEATURED: Grass Valley—Platinum Kush Breath Nug Jug Landrace Labs—Black Cherry Punch Dab Saucer   SPONSORS: AVITAS HELLAVATED FAIRWINDS LIBERTY   STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: THE CONSUMPTION ASSUMPTION
With the environment heading down a potentially dangerous path, we need to explore alternative options for feeding the billions of people on this planet. So, as scientists look to new methods for producing sustainable protein, bugs have become a serious part of the conversation. Roll up a jay and bust out the good dishware for a fascinating look at how we can improve our own lives as well as those of coming generations. Subject discussed in the first segment: WHAT IS ENTOMOPHAGY?Subject discussed in the second segment: BRANDING THE FOOD GREG THE GUINEA PIG: VANESSA MORINSON is the MARKETING DIRECTOR of FAIRWINDS CANNABIS COMPANY and an ENTEMOPHAGY ENTHUSIAST. PRODUCTS FEATURED: Lish Extracts—Alice in Wonderland Dab Saucer Lish Extracts—Lemon Merengue Dab Saucer SPONSORS: HELLAVATED AVITAS FAIRWINDS LIBERTY STONEY BALONEY EPISODE: THE SALAD THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING
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