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Sean is blasting off to chat to Robyn about her recent chat with the cast and creators of the astronomical new Star Trek Prodigy!See for privacy information.
Sean is joined by Bex to chat about her interview with the awesome, iconic, author Michael Rosen! Michael is talking about his brand-new book, Rigatoni The Pasta Cat!See for privacy information.
Sean is chatting about his interview with genuine comedy royalty and all-round hilarious guy, Jim Carrey, about his role as Dr. Robotnik in Sonic 2! Jim reveals how much he loves the robots in the film, and stick around until the end of the podcast to hear Sean share some super Sonic secrets (now that's a tongue twister!).See for privacy information.
It's a very special episode of Fun Kids Meets, as today's guest is... Sean himself! Sean, and his friend Luke Franks, are chatting to Bex about their brand new book, Jamie McFlair vs The Ultimate Brain Hack! See for privacy information.
Sean chats to Dan about his recent chat with presenter, NHS Doctor and Best Selling Author Dr. Ranj all about the Brain and his new book Brain Power! Dan and Sean are both so impressed with how knowledgable Dr. Ranj is, and how brilliant he is at explaining complex ideas in an understandable and educational way! Plus, Dan is a huge fan of Dr. Ranj's hair!  See for privacy information.
It's a Sonic 2 special in Fun Kids Meets this week! Bex is chatting to Sean about her awesome interviews with the stars of the new Sonic movie, Ben Schwartz (Sonic) and James Marsden (Tom). The pair even play Bex's excellent new game - In The SO-NICK of Time (trademark pending). Listen until the end to hear Bex' chat to the ACTUAL Sonic and Tails too!See for privacy information.
Sean is joined by Dan to chat about his interview the awesome multi-talented explorer, Steve Backshall! Tune in to hear about Steve's new underwater show! Plus, find out how you can become an adventurer.See for privacy information.
Omari boasts the title of the youngest award-winning vegan chef in the UK, as well as the CEO and founder of vegan restaurant Dipalicious! See for privacy information.
Conor joins Sean to chat about his interview with the stars of the Disney+ series The Ghost and Molly McGee, Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder! Find out WHO has the BEST voice ever to grace Fun Kids well as the lowdown on the spooky spectacular Disney+ show, The Ghost and Molly McGee!See for privacy information.
Sean is joined by George to discuss his chat with the director of the awesome movie 'Sing 2', Garth Jennings! Find out if Garth realises just how popular the film is on social media, how he deals with directing superstars and hear about George's borderline obsession with the band U2 (ask your parents!)See for privacy information.
Bex is back with Sean this week to chat about her interview with Fun Kids favourite, comedian and author, Danny Wallace! Danny is chatting about his brand new children's book, The Luckiest Kid in the World, plus some hidden gems to look out for!See for privacy information.
Bex chats to Sean about her interview with the brilliant comedian and broadcaster Adam Hills about his debut children's book, Rockstar Detectives! Find out how Adam's own children influenced the main characters and stick around until the end of the interview to discover Adam's answer to the MOST important question in the world...SALT AND VINEGAR or CHEESE AND ONION crisps?!See for privacy information.
Dan joins Sean to lift the lid on his out-of-this-world interview with intergalactic legend, astronaut Tim Peake! Tim is joining us live at the Royal Observatory Greenwich to launch Mission Transmission, our record-breaking broadcast to space, on the 21st February 2022. Tim spoke to Dan about his brand-new fiction book, Swarm Rising!See for privacy information.
Sean is joined by Bex to chat about her interview with one of her celeb BFF's, MC Grammar! MC Grammar is a former teacher turned rapper who aims to educate children through his awesome rhymes. Listen until the end to hear a very special space rap for Mission Transmission, featuring lyrical support from the one and only Bex!See for privacy information.
Conor reveals all about his chat with frontman of Andy and the Odd Socks, Andy Day! Andy's chatting about Series 2 of Andy and The Band on CBBC! This season features from very special guests, including ROCK ROYALTY!See for privacy information.
Dan chats to Sean about his interview with the Voyager Golden Record artist, Jon Lomberg! The Golden Record was a recording that was launched into space - a bit like Mission Transmission, our record-breaking, history-making radio broadcast to space. Jon gives us some tips on what to include on our broadcast that might be listened to by aliens! Head to to submit your message for Mission Transmission.See for privacy information.
This week Sean is joined by George as finds out what it’s like to train to be an astronaut from NASA Astronaut Candidate Jack Hathaway. George and Jack also talk about our record-breaking, history-making broadcast where you can send your voice to space - Mission Transmission!See for privacy information.
Sean finds out what it’s like to be a KIDZ BOP from the band behind the official anthem to our record-breaking Mission to space... KIDZ BOP recorded a very special version of 'My Universe' for our radio broadcast to space, Mission Transmission: On February 14th 2022, we On February 14th 2022, we are sending a message to space. Broadcast live from the Royal Observatory Greenwich with some music from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the 30-minute transmission will feature voices of Fun Kids listeners telling us about their hopes, dreams and desires. Billed as a 'love letter from Earth', the broadcast will go out nationwide and will simultaneously be sent to the stars where it'll hurtle through the universe for literally trillions of years. If you want to be a part of Mission Transmission head to for privacy information.
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