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Elaine Alec is an Indigenous author, political advisor, educator, and spiritual thought leader.This podcast episode is Dawn Nickel and Elaine's live session of #MentalHealthMonday . Elaine shared:The traditional, relational, action, and innovative perspectives that promote well-being, inclusion, validation, and freedom Utilizing Indigenous stories, teachings, and language to cultivate safer spaces for healing, communication, and learning What the four necessary conditions are within a "nested system"About ELAINE ALEC:Elaine is from the Syilx (Okanagan) Nation and Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation and is a member of the Penticton Indian Band in the Interior of British Columbia.She has been a political advisor, Chief of Staff for the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations, Community Planner for her own First Nation, an employee for the Province of BC and Federal Government, and an Entrepreneur.Elaine has spent over 20 years in over 100 communities across Canada to promote healing and wellness. She is a partner of an Indigenous-owned and operated planning company called Alderhill Planning Inc.Elaine is a first-time author of “Calling My Spirit Back” a memoir about growing up as an Indigenous girl in Canada and the impacts of colonization. It also provides Indigenous knowledge, teachings on how to cultivate safe spaces for diversity and inclusion.Elaine's Website and to order her book: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Ayako is a woman who, in her words, is “not an expert. Just a lonely mum trying to navigate miscarriage, motherhood, and depression.” While she is not busy keeping up with her spirited son, Takeo, she serves as a relentless supporter for parents navigating the heartbreak and secondary losses surrounding an “out of order death” in memory of her daughter, Emi. She is also in the process of creating her business 'Emi & Company' where bereaved parents and families can purchase tools for recovery and access healing resources.In this heart-polishing and courageously vulnerable conversation, Lisa and Ayako discuss the early deaths of their children and the postpartum cycles of grief, change, healing, and hope that can follow a miscarriage. This podcast is in honor of Emi (Ayako) and Rowan (Lisa) and all the babies who are no longer with us earth-side. May they continue to grow love in our hearts and give us purpose and strength with each passing day. Forever cherished, always remembered. Connect with Ayako on Instagram: Resources: 1. Canadian EI "Special Circumstances” Benefits. Go to this link and click on the “Miscarriage, Termination or Stillbirth” or “Death of a Child” options: 2. Instagram: @peanut  For their “Renaming Revolution” Glossary of inclusive, compassionate terminology/language: OR specific link to post regarding the Glossary is: also have an app with further support: “Peanut: Find Friends & Support: Fertility, Pregnancy, Motherhood”3. Stillbirth Foundation Australia: The most comprehensive and compassionate resources that help post-loss (Explanation of types of medical procedures for pregnancy loss, Logistics of funeral/cremation, etc, Physical and secondary losses explained)“Practical and Emotional Help for Parents”: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Seraphina’s European grandparents first introduced her to the healing power of natural medicine. While seasonally gathering herbs in rural Ontario they lovingly taught her about the traditional wisdom of herbs and plant lore.After suffering injury to her spine as a teenager, Seraphina was declared by the conventional medical system to lead a life of suffering in chronic pain. Determined to heal herself, she returned to her roots and began a professional study of natural medicine, herbalism and homeopathy.In this episode, Seraphina shares her journey of recovering from her injury, anxiety, depression and grief. And she shares beautiful wisdom for fellow travellers on a path of healing.Seraphina Capranos' Website: RECOVERS Mental Health Monday with Seraphina: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
One of our beloved SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles is, "Recovery is a journey to wholeness. We learn to take care of our body, mind, emotions and spirit." Recovering our bodies, becoming embodied and incorporating somatic based healing modalities is a passion of our movement!Taryn sits down with Payton (SHE RECOVERS Director of Volunteer Network and Foundation Events) to discuss why SHE RECOVERS Dance is such a beautiful, trauma informed compliment to your recovery patchwork. No experience necessary!SHE RECOVERS Dance Weekly FREE Class: SHE RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
In this conversation, Magdelene Joly shares her journey of recovering from burnout, chronic fatigue and Lyme disease. Magdalene is a farmer, nutritionist, herbalist, dancer, mother, artist, student of Medical Qigong, and community organizer living at TreeEater Farm on Denman Island, the traditional unceded territory of Pentlatch and Comox Nations.She believes in the power of community and receiving support while healing, and that illness can be a beautiful teacher - if we listen and allow it to be.TreeEater Farm & Nursery:'s Jewellery: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Nina Turczyn is an amazing silversmith and gallery owner.Leading up to the opening of her gallery, Nina hit a wall with overwhelm and exhaustion. She never expected to be someone who experienced mental health challenges, but realizes that her experience has given her the opportunity to be a beacon for others. In this episode, she shares her journey of recovering from burnout and depression - and the powerful lessons she learned along the way. Nina's Gallery: Jewellery School: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Autumn Skye is a visionary artist. She believes that the role of the artist is especially crucial at this time and that while the world is at the precipice of momentous change, artworks have the potential to be maps that can help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. Autumn says, "through creativity we have the opportunity to transmute shadow and pain into visions of healing and wholeness. In this potent conversation, Autumn shares with Taryn her journey of grief from losing her beloved father, how the creative process can be an amazing tool for healing (and inner child work) and the sacredness of sisterhood.Autumn Skye's Website: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Jacqueline Jennings is an entrepreneur coach, facilitator and startup strategist who got sober at the age of 15. In this conversation, Jacqueline shares with Taryn about the importance of her journey with connecting with traditional, cultural teachings and ancestral wisdom. She also talks about the need to focus on community care - not just self care, matriarchy, and decolonizing recovery.Jacqueline's website:'s instagram: @jacqueline.d.jenningsDecolonize First resource: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Bisexuality is one of the most misunderstood expressions within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Bisexuals or other individuals under the bisexual umbrella  can be thwarted with cruel commentary like, "Why can't you just pick a side," "You must be confused," or "You can't be trusted."In this episode, Dawn speaks with  Dr Jamie Marich, clinical trauma specialist, trainer, author, openly bisexual woman, and person in long-term recovery. Dr Jamie Marich shares about her  own experience navigating these oppressive cognitions in her early life and recovery and why this phenomenon of being pulled between two worlds or being made to feel like your identity is not valid can add an extra layer of wounding for bisexuals.To learn more about Dr Jamie Marich: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Grab your tea and join SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Executive Director, Susan Carter and Co-Founder, Dawn Nickel by the fire."As a woman celebrating 27 years of continuous sobriety, I am deeply committed to giving back what I have so graciously been given. And after meeting and working with the beautiful intelligent and impassioned women who have shepherded this community to where it is today, I knew this is where I wanted to put my stake in the ground. Working alongside these brilliant women in recovery would be the jewel in my career crown, not to mention a treasure in my life. Serving as Executive Director of this vibrant movement is a true honor and privilege" - Susan Carter.SHE RECOVERS® Foundation has the women, the power, and the presence to be a mighty force in our world. And until ALL women in or seeking recovery from these challenges are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities, we will not rest. This is OUR movement. This is our cause.SHE RECOVERS Blog: This is Our Movement, This is Our CauseSHE RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Taryn speaks with Payton Kennedy, beloved colleague, friend and creator of SHE RECOVERS Dance®. Payton shares her multi-layered recovery story and her life-long journey as a seeker.  As an adoptee, Payton struggled with decades-long feelings of disconnection, grief and sadness that contributed to self-sabotaging behaviors.  She discusses her daily recovery practices -  powerful tools that ground and connect her with with inner wisdom.SHE RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Biet Simkin is the renowned meditation teacher dubbed "The David Bowie/Lady Gaga of Meditation." In this episode, you will understand why. She is rebellious and rock n roll, yet, very grounded in her recovery and spiritual practices.She beautifully shares about the deep losses of her mother, father and first born daughter. And Biet shares about her recovery journey from heroin and disordered eating/body image issues. Biet Simkin:'s mindbodygreen online meditation program: SHE RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
One of the things we love about being in recovery is that we tend not to do a lot of "small talk." Instead, our conversations are "big talk" - deep, expansive and truthful shared experiences.On this episode, Erin talks with one of her closest friends, Chris Campbell, a woman in long-term recovery. Erin and Chris met on a SHE RECOVERS retreat. The conversation they started on the beautiful rooftop of our Mexico retreat home has continued for three years. In this recording, Erin and Chris share how they are working to break long-established patterns of behavior and what types of powerful decisions come once self-love is established in our lives.SHE RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: Wickersham:
Taryn, Dawn and Erin gather to discuss how COVID has created unexpected changes within the SHE RECOVERS organization, as well as their own lives. SHE RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: Wickersham:
We are back after our "podcast pause." As individuals, and as an organization, we took the sacred pause to focus energy and efforts on our antiracism work. In this episode Shari Hampton (SHE RECOVERS Coach and Trusted Advisor, speaker and consultant) chats with SHE RECOVERS Foundation founders Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong. Shari shares her experience of being a Black woman in recovery, as well as how she has been pivoting since covid-19. Dawn and Taryn share how the SHE RECOVERS Foundation has pivoted in terms of prioritizing antiracism work as a recovery organization.Shari Hampton: event: SHE RECOVERS Critical Conversation: Healing the Effects of Racism for Black Women in Recovery. RECOVERS Support for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color Facebook Group and free weekly online gathering: RECOVERS Foundation: involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Nadia Bolz-Weber is an ordained Lutheran Pastor who has reclaimed and redefined what it means to be a Christian woman. She is founder of House for All Sinners & Saints in Denver, CO, author of three bestselling memoirs and a woman in long term recovery. Nadia will also be a speaker at our Miami conference in May 2021. Nadia shares about grieving during the Covid-19 pandemic and what it is revealing about our relationships and culture. She also discusses how church teachings around sexuality have been to harmful to women and offers a vision for what a wholly integrated life - sexually, emotionally and spiritually - looks like. Her irreverent recovery wisdom, and belief that we are all sinners and saints at the exact same time, will inspire and encourage you whatever your religious or spiritual background. To learn more about Nadia Bolz-Weber: learn more about Erin Wickersham: visit the SHE RECOVERS website, click here.SHE RECOVERS Facebook Page, click here.SHE RECOVERS Instagram Page, click here.
Taryn speaks with Jen O., a retired veteran and woman in recovery, about her journey of recovering from using substances to deal with social anxiety and awkwardness. Jen's inspiring story shows the power of commitment and belonging. To visit the SHE RECOVERS website, click here.SHE RECOVERS Facebook Page, click here.SHE RECOVERS Instagram Page, click here.
Jen Pastiloff joins us for a special podcast episode recorded during our online PJ Party held the first weekend of May 2020. Jen is a teacher, leader and author of the amazingly beautiful book "On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard." Jen's story of recovering from disordered eating and depression helps women find, accept, and embrace their own vulnerability, bravery, and humanness. Her work is a celebration of happiness and self-realization over darkness and doubt and an inspiration to live outside the box and to reject the all-too-common belief of “I am not enough.”To learn more about Jen Pastioff: learn more about Erin Wickersham: visit the SHE RECOVERS website, click here.SHE RECOVERS Facebook Page, click here.SHE RECOVERS Instagram Page, click here.
Taryn and Erin check in and share their thoughts and observations of how seven weeks of quarantine has impacted them. As they work through the daily ups and downs of isolation, both women are working to break through old stories of what is possible and how to become intentional co-creators of their lives. They also examine some of the themes coming out of the SHE RECOVERS online gatherings.To learn more about Erin Wickersham, click here.To visit the SHE RECOVERS website, click here.SHE RECOVERS Facebook Page, click here.SHE RECOVERS Instagram Page, click here.
Lotta Dann used to describe herself as a "boozy housewife." For two decades she drank alcohol steadily and heavily. In 2011, alarmed at how her drinking was escalating, she started the anonymous blog 'Mrs. D Is Going Without' and eventually wrote her way into recovery and community.In this episode of the SHE RECOVERS podcast, Erin talks with Lotta about what she has gained in recovery, as well as areas where she still struggles, including her "ongoing battle" with flour and sugar. They also discuss how the current Covid-19 lockdown has created conditions that are both perfect and incredibly challenging for those living in and just beginning recovery. Lotta shares her belief that in this moment of collective grief, showing kindness to ourselves and each other is more important more ever.Online community website Living Sober here.Mrs D Is Going Without Blog here.To visit the SHE RECOVERS website, click here.SHE RECOVERS Facebook Page, click here.SHE RECOVERS Instagram Page, click here.
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I am thoroughly enjoying each and every one of these so far. Thank you for talking about things that are sometimes absent from conversations about recovery. I've shed some healing tears listening to more than one of these.

Sep 6th
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