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The Spark Salon is TCS’s programme of events in the UK that showcase innovative and thought-provoking new perspectives on the role of technology in helping to create a sustainable world. At these events, we have a number of speakers give a TED style talk on the Spark Salon’s theme. Now, through the Spark Salon podcast, you can hear these amazing ideas and discussions proposed by our expert speakers.
12 Episodes
In our first Spark Salon series, we will be looking a cybercrime and cyberterrorism. Last year, it was reported cybercrime cost the world almost $600 billion! But what exactly is cybercrime? How does it work? And where did it begin? Join Spark Salon host, Jim Bligh, as he talks to Dr Victoria Baines, a author and researcher in cybersecurity,  who has experienced first hand the rapid changes in cyber throughout her career.   Produced by: X Equals
We probably all know something these days about GDPR, data protection, and privacy laws, but today we are asking: how do we - as consumers - know our digital products and services are safe? Spark Salon host, Jim Bligh, will discuss the how we secure our digital lives with Peter Bagnall. Peter is a security specialist and interaction architect and has been thinking about data protection and personal cybersecurity for many years.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
It’s one thing to organise your personal cybersecurity and another thing to transform an entire organisation’s cybersecurity. In our next episode, Spark Salon host, Jim Bligh speaks to Rosie Slater Carr, the Chief Information Officer at the British Red Cross, and how they and the charitable sector are managing cyber threats in the era of digital transformation.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
Data, information systems and emerging technologies are truly global - not easily controlled by traditional nation-state borders, the government, the military or the police. So, how can we tackle cyberterrorism and cybercrime in this new digital frontier? Joining our Spark Salon host, Jim Bligh to answer these big questions  is Peter Apps. Peter is a global affairs commentator at Reuters, executive director of the “pop up think tank”, the Project for the Study of the 21st Century, and a member of the British Army reserve.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
In our second Spark Salon series, we are exploring the future world of mass personalisation - a data-driven society world which promises higher and ever-better levels of convenience and automation. Our expert speaker, Ved Sen explains what mass personalisation means and what this new digital era will look like in our day to day lives.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
Join Spark Salon podcast host, Jim Bligh, speaking to Sinead MacManus, a Senior Programme Manager for Digital Health in Nesta’s Health Lab. She will reveal how personalised healthcare will work in our future world of mass personalisation.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
In our third episode of the mass personalisation series, host Jim Bligh will be chatting to Will Selby from EDF about how energy companies are starting to personalise our homes and energy, in order to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
The Spark Salon’s final episode of the mass personalisation series will take a fascinating turn and explore how data-led personalisation can be used to combat violent content, extremism and radicalisation. Tune in to our host, Jim Bligh, talking to Vidhya Ramalingham, a leading expert on white nationalist extremism and far-right violence and founder of Moonshot CVE.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
In our third Spark Salon series, we explore the enormous question of how technology has impacted and changed our democracies. Geoff Mulgan, current CEO of Nesta and expert speaker, talks to us on how the UK government in particular can tackle the growing impact of technology on democracy.    Recorded and produced by: X Equals
We continue our third Spark Salon series by exploring how new digital technologies are impacting elections. Dr. Philippa Williams, a senior lecturer in Geography, tells us all about her research on the impact of social media platforms - specifically Whatsapp - on democracy and political life in urban India.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
In our third episode on the impact of technology on democracy, we interview Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, Seyi Akiwowo, on how can we protect individuals from online abuse and why this is so important for democratic processes.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
In our final episode from our democracy and technology series, we speak to Souhiant Zanganehpour, the founder of Swae, a decision-making platform combining anonymity, AI and collective intelligence. Soushiant’s talk explores how traditional democracy needs to evolve with our digital, exponential technologies and proposes a new model for 21st century governance.   Recorded and produced by: X Equals
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