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Author: Jarek Esarco, D.C.

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Discussing Ways to Cultivate Family Wellness
72 Episodes
The same concentration to detail and care is paramount in this special demographic to pinpoint these minute changes in biomechanics. X-rays help with this matter.
ICPA Press Release
The connection between Trigeminal Neuralgia and the Upper Cervical Spine.
Reset and Reorient

Reset and Reorient


To reset without taking stock of the issues that plague you will lead to the same problems. Same garbage, different day. 
The connection between the Upper Cervical Spine and Post-Concussion Syndrome 
Debunking more preconceptions surrounding Immunity
Debunking preconceptions surrounding Immunity. 
Where is the vertebral subluxation? X-ray analysis helps us answer that question. 
The connection between Acid Reflux (Heartburn) and the Upper Cervical Spine
If there is an imbalance in tone, there is an imbalance in “healthy elasticity and resilience.”
The connection between the Upper Cervical Spine and Headaches.
Although the causes of dystocia are clearly defined, it is a very complex condition that can be highly subjective, especially in ascertaining a diagnosis.
Telechiropractic could never be a thing because Chiropractic requires touch. And not just any touch, but a healing human touch. 
The upper cervical spine and its associated muscles are unique in many ways compared to the rest of the vertebral column.
Safety and effectiveness are always on the mind of the pediatric chiropractor. 
Vitalistic Nutrition

Vitalistic Nutrition


In our Western society, if we think there is a health problem associated with food, the problem is with the food alone and not with the eater of the food.
Birth Imprints

Birth Imprints


A ‘Birth Imprint’ is a stress event that effects the baby physically, chemically or emotionally.
Me and My Microbiome

Me and My Microbiome


Half of the cells that are found in and on you are not “your” cells at all, but are in fact thousands of different microorganism species.
Immunostasis is a branch of homeostasis that concentrates on the adaptive and resistive qualities of the Immune System and its role in health.
Have you been medicalized since birth? 
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