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Author: Michael Albert

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RevolutionZ: Life After Capitalism highlights social vision and strategy. You can join our community and help us grow and diversify via our Patreon Site Page
106 Episodes
Episode 100 of RevolutionZ explores with Noam Chomsky his take on the election and on left priorities in light of the election.Support the show (
Episode 99 of RevolutionZ explores the character of left habits, beliefs, values - left culture - and their impact on left outreach and stability. Support the show (
Episode 98 of the podcast RevolutionZ proposes 10 claims bearing on the task of winning a participatory socialist economy. Support the show (
What does it mean to "be radical"? What does it entail? Thoughts? And Actions?Support the show (
Episode 96 of RevolutionZ has for its guest Kathy Kelly. She answers questions about her organizing experiences, and about U.S. foreign policy effects and causes, and then we discuss issues of movement violence and non violence in our very troubled times.Support the show (
Episode 95 takes seriously the possibility of Trump trying to remain in office despite losing in 2020 and discusses efforts and means of combatting such a coup attempt. Support the show (
A wide ranging discussion of Amirani's film making and the broader issues of political film, Hollywood, and activist possibilities. Support the show (
Episode 93 of the podcast RevolutionZ discusses three different socialisms, their basis, their features, and the implications for our own future.Support the show (
Episode 92 of RevolutionZ, titled Dealing with Differences, does just that. It discusses some of the kinds of differences that arise among people engaged in activism and suggests some possible approaches to dealing with them. Support the show (
Episode 91 of RevolutionZ addresses the issue of Reform and/or Revolution, using various examples to try to arrive at a useful way of addressing such issues. Support the show (
Episode 90 of RevolutionZ asks and tries to help answer what is freedom, what responsibilities accompany freedom, and what is alienation, and what does any of this imply for efforts to win a better world. Support the show (
The PMC, the coordinator class, whatever we call it, what is the relevance of a class between Labor and Capita: What's the Substance and Why Does It MatterSupport the show (
Episode 88 of RevolutionZ discusses the logic of dissent and activism and the on-coming eviction crisis.Support the show (
Reform vs revolution; Revolution vs. reform, real question, false question, and what do our concepts have to do with it?Support the show (
Episode 86 of RevolutionZ explores the debate over 2020 presidential election strategy trying to present and address the opposed views and find a grounds for unity.Support the show (
Episode 85 of RevolutionZ is about how current society does handle and how it ought to handle mental illness - for that matter it is about what is and what isn't mental illness, as well. And, of course, about mental illness in a participatory society. Support the show (
Episode 84 of RevolutionZ features Collective 20  addressing features of a desired new world and of methods of attaining it. Support the show (
Episode 83 of the Podcast RevolutionZ presents and looks at the recent essay from the new writer Collective20 (a a group of 24 writers working and publishing together). The essay considers the rush to reopen economies. Support the show (
Episode 82 of RevolutionZ take a look at what people write for whom, and discusses what might be effective approaches to writing and publishing - and by extension, reading -  in these complicated times. Support the show (
Episode 81 of RevolutionZ is a Question and Answer session about writing articles, books, etc. Why do it, what to do, how to do, etc. Support the show (
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