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Episode 115 of RevolutionZ continues what we started last episode by addressing additional criticisms of economic vision offered by various anarchists.Support the show (
Episode 177 of RevolutionZ delivers presents  21 fallacies of cancel culture. It hopes to add to and further on-going discussion of the many involved issues. Support the show
Rpidofr 176 of the Podcast titled RevolutionZ conveys a speech of Arundhati Roy, read by the host, Michael Albert.Support the show
Episode `175 Discusses a highly innovative approach to primary campaign strategy and organizing more broadly.Support the show (
Episode 174 is a broad discussion of being Strategic regarding various aspects of winning social change.Support the show (
Episode 173 of RevolutionZ presents three more entries in the on-going discussion of economic vision by Yanis Varoufakis and Michael Albert, including some comments just for the podcast.Support the show (
Episode 171 of RevolutionZ presents a short draft chapter on the Logic of Transition and then addresses issues of writing and group formation and preparation as well.Support the show (
Episode 170 of RevolutionZ takes up various issues including war motives, censorship, nature vs. nurture, and more...Support the show (
Episode 169 of RevolutionZ is the third in the Transition Sequence. It addresses the where to of Transition...Support the show (
Episode 168 of RevolutionZ presents the first four installments of an on-going exploration conducted by Yanis Varoufakis and Michael Albert, plus some spontaneous additional  commentary. Support the show (
Episode 167 of RevolutionZ Continues the sequence exploring Transition to a new economy, It briefly addresses where we are transitioning from...Support the show (
Episode 166 of RevolutionZ offers an exploratory discussion of good and bad consumption (and by analogy views) and judgements about each...Support the show (
Episode 164 of RevolutionZ is a bit, addressing participatory economic, ecology, and anarchism, and their interrelations.Support the show (
Episode 163 of RevolutionZ takes a look back and a look forward regarding a persistent clash of views...Support the show (
Episode 162 is a discussion of various topics of vision and strategy directed at organizations and their views, and especially DSA.Support the show (
Episode 161 of RevolutionZ address the logic and issues accoiciated with class reductionism, race reductionism, and other reductionism and proposes a way to get the benefits and discard the debits. Support the show (
Episode 160 is a provocative but hopefully very accessible discussion of aspects of Marxism as it has been, as it is, and as it could become.Support the show (
Episode 159 of RevolutionZ is a discussion with Robert McChesney about media history and politics and a project to resurrect local media throughout the U.S.Support the show (
Episode 157 of RevolutionZ is a rumination on various personal and social phenomena including anti tax sentiments, violence, arrogance, and hypocrisySupport the show (
Episode 155 with Sotiris Mitralexis of the European  "think tank" Meta focuses on post capitalism and ranges over Greek politics, issues of vision and consciousness raising, online communications, art in politics, and more.Support the show (
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Mahdi Momenzadeh

the book sounds so interesting. I'm looking forward to it :) Any heads up when it will be released?

Aug 5th
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