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Canadian Politics with a twist
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Canadian Politics with a twist

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NOW ON 'Parler' @ehradiocanada We "Comment" and cover Canadian politics some of US politics that affect Canada. We also look across the pond and discover things that others have NOT and probably wished we hadn't. FREE SPEECH is Under attack in Canada. Ehradio EXPOSES Canada's "Liberal Communists" Who want to change Canada forever. We are NOT MSM and are Proud of it. When you Positively NEED TO KNOW WE ARE EHRADIO -- We are not PC and do not apologize for it! Enjoy it because WE DO! while you still CAN (Trudeau has plans for ALL of US in Canada unless we can remove him from office)
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Comments on an open letter to RCMP commissioner
RCMP Officers speak about tyranny in Canada
Ivermectin works, ANY questions?
Are Native Indians in Canada being forced to take the vaccines the information is unclear at best as NO ONE is covering this story in MSM
Chris Sky speaks on COVID and more
Due to the fact that recent History is not taught some of you didn't get the significance of the ref to Checkpoint Charlie - So we explain
The wall isn't coming it's here and Canadians voted for it, right!
Canada Unity is a group of concerned Canadians, concerned enough to travel from the east coast to the west coast to meet up and not demand but ask politely that Canadian politicians follow our laws. Only a Canadian would take this approach, we will see if manners work, I hope so!
Texas had enough, have you?
You can read this and consider what it means to you go to and look for 'ehradio' for link to USCA news
COVID The financial cost
'Stand your ground' or you won't have any!
Join us for more information on this story a NEWS SOURCE that just tells you it ALL whether you like it or not
Final FREE CANADA Comment
Why you should vote PPC you don't have a choice if you believe in FREEDOM, you do believe in FREEDOM right?
We are suspending NORMAL PODCASTS as of Aug 9 2021
Ever wondered where you would be if you hadn't complied that is?
The links between big pharma Faucci and Universities
The TRUTH about the treatment of American Political Prisoners held in Washington DC by Pelosi and FBI DOJ and BIDEN
How Republicans and conservatives should react to Marxists
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