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Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants

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Today’s “information age” is predominantly powered by five major technology companies: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google – or “FAANG”. Each season, we’ll dive into one corporation and examine the ways it’s changed our lives – for better and for worse. Produced by the Vox Media Podcast Network.
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When Amazon became a publicly traded company  in 1997, it was losing money. And it wouldn’t turn a profit for years. So how did it convince Wall Street to do something unprecedented: Turn a blind eye to profit? And how did that help Amazon become one of the world’s most valuable companies today -- and how did it change the way tech companies grow?
In recent years Amazon has quietly become one of the leaders in automation, reshaping its workforce of nearly 600,000 workers, and the way humans work with robots. We fear robots taking over the world, but do we understand just how we as consumers are making that future happen?
When Amazon Leaves Your Town

When Amazon Leaves Your Town


In 1999, Amazon opened one of its first warehouses in the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas. Fifteen years later, it closed. We visit Coffeyville to learn what Amazon can bring and what it can take away, and what lessons Coffeyville might have for a community that’s just getting started with an Amazon warehouse: Staten Island, New York.
Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant can tell you the weather, operate home appliances, and video chat family members. Alexa aims to be the centerpiece of the “smart home” connected to the Internet. It can lull us with the convenience, but what’s the downside to letting Alexa run your entire home? And why is Amazon making a microwave oven powered by Alexa?
With over 100 million members, Prime is the engine that’s made Amazon a retailing juggernaut and one of the largest companies in the world. Jason Del Rey explores how Prime came to be, why it’s so effective at keeping us locked into the Amazon ecosystem, and how it became the source of the company’s power.Enjoyed this episode?Rate us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.Want to get in touch?Tweet @recode or send an email to for free.Be the first to hear next week's episode by subscribing in your favorite podcast app.
The Rise of Amazon

The Rise of Amazon


Examine how the biggest tech companies rose to power, and what they're doing with that power. In season one, The Rise of Amazon, Recode's senior commerce correspondent Jason Del Rey traces how Jeff Bezos transformed Amazon from an online bookseller to one of the largest companies in the world, and what that means for how we shop, work, and live.Tuesdays starting July 23rd.Subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app.
Recode's Kara Swisher and Jason Del Rey preview Land of the Giants, a new narrative podcast that examines the unparalleled power of the world’s biggest tech companies, and how they've changed the way we live today.
Comments (5)

Elijah Claude

It's utterly ridiculous and foolish to not be forthright in admitting how fast robotics/automation will take over almost every job field in the next decade or two. Nobody ever even seriously answers the question of what people will do instead either. We need to get on with #UBI @AndrewYang

Aug 21st

Drew Brid

Elijah Claude I agree with you!

Aug 22nd

Jess D

this is literally any factory though. I worked for a company called Reckitt Benkeizer which repackaged things like Lysol wipes. Their factory still isn't air conditioned. A lot of this is fairly industry standard. So to act like it sets Amazon apart as a bad actor is fairly disingenuous.

Aug 8th

Kodi Swank

Jess D Shouldn't we want better for America's workers though ?

Aug 12th

Lesly Carter

Jess D 🤔🤔

Aug 9th
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