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How should we think about our place in history? Should we be pessimistic? Optimistic? How does our cultural and historical moment fit with the overarching story of Scripture for this age? Join Gray and Eric as they talk about the world and the Bible and how they intersect.What's Good - The Bear (Eric)
How do we give wise counsel as Christians? How do we know the limits of what we should say, how to say it helpfully, and have a framework to give practical advice? Join Gray and Eric as they dig into this topic.What's Good: (self-titled) by Marcus Mumford (Gray)
Christians are called to unity, to be one in Jesus. At the same time, Christians disagree about all kinds of things, from theology to cultural and political issues? How do we handle differences in the church? Join Gray and Eric as they discuss navigating these challenges.What's Good:The musical artists Jess Ray and Chris Renzema (Eric)
Scripture pictures our world as having both a physical and a spiritual dimension, and sees the stories and conflicts of the spiritual realm as affecting and overlapping with our experience of life in the world. What does the Bible say about spiritual realities, and how do we as Christians think about and interact with them? Join Eric and Gray as they give an overview of this mysterious and at times confusing topic.What's Good: Gray -
How do we square God's sovereignty over all things with our responsibility? How do we relate our effort to God's gracious work in us? Join Gray and Eric as they discuss these complicated topics and (hopefully) offer a little clarity.What's Good - Leadership & Self-Deception by the Arbinger Institute (Eric)
S2E5: Pornography

S2E5: Pornography


Note: This episode contains discussions of topics not suitable for young kids.Pornography is an epidemic in our society; millions of people wrestle with its effects. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss this hard topic and offer practical advice for those who are struggling.What's Good: Steering the Craft - Ursula K. Le Guin (Gray)
How do we think about the question of losing our salvation? Does  Jesus keep us? Do we need to live in fear? And if we are secure, what about apostasy? What about people we know who leave the faith? Is God's love an excuse to live in unrepentant sin? Join Gray and Eric as they dig into these challenging issues.What's Good: Sous vide cooking (Eric)
How do we talk with people we know about the good news of Jesus? This is guilt and anxiety-inducing question for many, but it is something we are called to do in Scripture. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss practically how to talk about their faith with those around them.What's Good: Gray - Van Neistat's YouTube channel
S2E2: Leisure

S2E2: Leisure


How should Christians think about leisure time and having fun? On the one hand, we don't want to be legalistic or suspicious of rest and free time. On the other hand, we also don't want to endorse our culture's obsession with recreation and pleasure. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss the balance.What's Good: Gray - Black Sticky Notes
We're back! After a bit of a break (which they'll explain in the intro), Eric and Gray are back with season 2 of the Simply Faithful podcast! As they get back in the rhythm of podcasting, they answer the question pastors sometimes get asked, "But what do you actually do?"What's good:Eric - Severance (TV Show, AppleTV+)Special thanks to our new editor, Ira Tipton!
This week, Eric and Gray discuss what is perhaps the strangest of the seven deadly sins to our modern ears - sloth. How is this a root of great evil? How do we think about it as more than a cute and humorous jungle creature? Join us as we discuss how acedia afflicts many of us and slowly crushes our hearts.What's GoodGray - the band Blue Nile
#58 Masculinity

#58 Masculinity


This week, Gray and Eric wrestle with the complicated topic of masculinity in Scripture. What can we say from the Bible about being a man? What are ways this can go wrong? How do we parse differences in gender? Listen in as they wrestle with these challenging discussions.What's Good:Gray - Flat Top Grills
Is God punishing me? Is this my fault? Is there something I should be learning from this suffering? Join Gray and Eric as they discuss divine discipline, hard circumstances, and what God is doing in all of it.What's Good:Eric - East of West
This week, Eric and Gray continue their series discussing the seven deadly sins by probing the issue of greed. How do we think about our money and material possesions? Are they evil? Unqualified blessings? How, especially in our society of prosperity, do we keep our hearts free from the love of money?What's Good - Blackwing Pencils
How do we think about the relationship of the Old and New Testaments? Do they contain different Gods? Different moralities? How do they fit together? What changes, and what stays the same? Join Eric and Gray as they discuss the story of Scripture and continuity and discontinuity in the Bible.What's Good:Eric - Axe Throwing
Join Eric and Gray as they engage in a bit of an experiment: an occasional series working through the seven deadly sins. This week: gluttony. It isn't just about what you think, and it is something we can all grow in confronting in our hearts. Make sure to let us know what you think of the mini-series idea!What's Good:Gray - the "second brain"
We are back! With Eric installed in a new job and Gray finally back from the travails of a three-month sabbatical, it's time to start the conversation again. This week, they discuss criticisms of the church, churches and church leaders. When is it warranted and good? When is it problematic? How should we assess such criticisms? Join them as they parse these hard issues.What's Good:Eric - Vinyl records, sort of
This is a rebroadcast of an episode from September of 2019.Lots of people have questions about leaving a local church-can we do it? When can we do it? How should we do it? Even more people have questions about finding a new church, whether after such a hard situation or as the result of a move. Listen as Eric and Gray discuss (and perhaps disagree) on the answers.
Gray is on sabbatical for the next few months, so the lunatic is running the asylum! Eric has Crystal Davy, musician, writer, and worship director at Grace Chapel in Lincoln, Nebraska on to talk about creativity and the arts in Christian circles. Join them for a thoughtful, extremely non-linear discussion of how the church should relate to creatives.What's Good:Crystal - Sourdough, before it was cool
This week, thanks to life circumstaces, we're rebroadcasting one of our earliest episodes, one that many seem to have appreciated. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming in two weeks.
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