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Enter the mind of one street smart, right wing, pothead, basing opinions on facts, NOT feelings. Introducing the newest member of the Cloud Style Broadcasting family, Petrov Phukka. Join him in the zone each week for free-form no holds barred discussion on some of today's most hot button topics, covering: news, politics, music, or that awful driver in the blue Durango. You never know what you'll get or who will fall out of the woodwork in an episode of Hotbox Talk! Just remember.. "Gas, Grass, or Cash. Freedom Isn't Free!"
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Brodnax OriGinal ------- reaction. Brodnax dropped a banger and a half. From the beat to visuals Brodnax always sets a new bar. This is no different. What a BANGER. Song YT LINK
Riot For Me off of Uprise 2. Burden and Mesus - Riot For Me Reaction. SONG LINK FOR YOUTUBE πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Tom MacDonald bought a 100k Emienm beat, proceeded to savagely tear into said beat speaking on Eminem tune in for my reaction. Song Link on YT
So much going on music wise from singles to entire tape being dropped, one could say it is hard too keep up! A-Wax & King Isos tape was taken down with a cease and desist from Travis O Guin, Burden and Mesus dropped a controversial song Riot for me, Brodnax dropped more southern heat, Tom MacDonald dropped Dear Slim, matter of fact tune in to catch the rest of this Review !
Lil Monster, Lil King Kong, came back to back with another sing-a-long. Onlyfans, Overdose and now this. Madchild coming with the shits, concept, visuals production and execution. comebacks and come-ups getting the bag a sober way spitting tales of his higher days. A song for those fighting addiction, Madchild delivered again. ---- Link to O.G song YT
Scruby came with the lyrics in this one. Beat fire, production fire. Bars on point. Metaphors classically savage. He kept this banger short and it goes hard the entire time he spitting. Scruby touched down with this one issa got damn banger!! ---- YT Link For O.G song.
Boy oh boy did Big Murph MUHPHUKKIN deliver. One of the most slept-on Independent Artists in the damn game, versatile beyond the word versatile. Man got bars man's got a singing voice man's got the hands to play the guitar! How is he still slept on that's the question now get your ass over to YouTube and Go Bump Dancing with the Devil by Big Murph. -------- #BIGMURPH Dancing With The Devil YouTube link.
Bidens America, is covered in darkness, from his horrible economic numbers, pushing unrealistic wants for reopening. Biden is bad for America. He thinks 266k jobs when it should've been 1million is a good thing. He thinks wearing a mask while vaccinated outside is a good thing. He is still in talks with Iran when Iran is supplying Hamas and PIJ with weapons to carry out the terror attacks that they have. He won't pick a side even when one side is our ally. His administration denied the gas shortage in the southeast. I will stand by my statements that he is bad for America.
Bidens America. He won't pick a side like DJT Did so Israel is getting attacked by air and land. His plan to withdraw will hurt Afganistan without question, rampant terror attacks prove that. His Administration believes they need to play both sides, his administration believes Israel needs to he a place of calm for all. He had his administration deny the gas shortage in the south east. Biden still blames Trump when he can as often as he can. As does his administration and his followers. Dont forget to hit part 2 muhphukkas.
Joyless Reid uses her Hate pushing platform on MSNBC to attempt to call Cruz a Race Traitor. All because he opposed a democratic legislation that would hurt our elections not help them. Cause we all know the DNC doesn't care about free and fair as long as they win.
John Oliver uses his subpar show to speak on the hair discrimination so face in America. Should private schools change their dress codes or no? Donald Glover says white people need to stop cancelling things on his communities behalf. Alex Miller and Glover both misrepresent and generalize white people throughout the article when we all know it's the radical and extremist movement that enjoyed cancel culture.
Vaccine Hesitancy at an all time high. Or maybe just maybe some people don't want the vaccine because they know the statistics show survivability is in our favor. Experts believe we won't reach herd immunity, half the adults are inoculated with at least one poke, but they need 80% to get the jab. Which I think we all know won't happen. Sanders doesn't believe anyone should be forced to get the jab adults or kids. He also believes that the vaccines evidence suggest that it seems safe. Amazing how he worded that bullshit salad. Tune in an enjoy this episode. πŸ‘‰ message me on anchor if you want muhphukka! πŸ‘ˆ
The Marine Rapper Topher and D Cure all came back to back to smash this track each verse solid as Roman pillar. Bars for days. A song that you would work out to, go to war to an or smash your enemies too. The beat is good, the production is good. You just need to stop sleeping on these cats for own good. Space force link on yt πŸ‘‰ message me on anchor if you want muhphukka! πŸ‘ˆ
Madchild dropped another one. More music with a message a testament to his being sober. Knowing drug addicts and sober people this song is definitely relatable. Along with a message he did it in a catchy way. Madchild overdose link on YT πŸ‘‰ message me on anchor if you want muhphukka! πŸ‘ˆ
Only a few real pieces of scum have came across my show. This asshole Brian Elliot killed his mother got paroled then assaulted a 65yr old Asian Woman sparking mass outrage. Dude deserves the needle. Fake News Created News Narratives buried Bidens Underwhelming jobs report an instead pushed the White houses back lawn as a real issue while blaming Trump. AGAIN CREATED NEWS NARRATIVES is what CNN should stand for.
Don Lemon was asked what his take on Tim Scott being called an oreo. In true Lemon fashion his answers were one sided attacks on Republicans. And ego stroking for the other. Lemon couldn't be impartial if had too. He said the word shouldn't be used publically. Roasting and Going in on Lemon is always fun. Due join in.
Jimmy Kimmel out here trying to remain a relevant TV host. Decided to call Caitlyn Jenner an asshole for comments made about Jenner's friend fleeing CA due to homelessness problem. Is Kimmel not aware of the poop patrols? Sarah Silverman said your a transphobe if you are against Trans Girls playing in Girl Sports with Cis Gendered Females. Silverman then said Trans girls are girls there is no difference. Clown world right. Tune in an hear my thoughts on this whole situation.
Talk That Shit Ep2

Talk That Shit Ep2


Second installment of Talk That Shit. From ContraPoints catching some of the loving censorship to Milk74 beefing with PNO, and MightyMouse. Milk74 makes some accusations that others have made and corroborated. Jake Paul stole the show from his big bro and Mayweather. Oh so much smoke is going on. Already know I had to smash on this like some smash on gas station burritos.
Big Murph - Jurassic. Instant favorite. Versatile artist has a serious way with music. This is thumper of a song forreal couldn't reccomend it enough. Word play is crazy, it's a fun song and you could knock someone out to it. Just an honest opinion. Enjoy the reaction! Big Murph Jurassic YT link
Cal Scrubby, outchea slaying these beats like they own him money. Locked in a box is a song that anyone can relate to. Everyone at some point or another has been locked in their thoughts and can't share em. This song hits on that note and let's it be clear. You ain't alone. Bars and metaphors for days double entendres some nasty. You already know Scrubby for the W. CAL SCRUBBY - LOCKED IN A BOX YT LINK
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