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Author: Paul Wright

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Host Paul Wright and his guests have THRILLING discussions about the coolest and geekiest movies, comics, TV shows, and books for our listeners to check out.. There's gonna be action! There's gonna be excitement! This Podcast has it all! Get ready for the best podcasting experience of your life!
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On this episode, we take a look back at the first episode in the controversial final season of Game Of Thrones. Enjoy and thanks for listening!
On this episode, Paul and Ryan review and discuss, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson! The Venom franchise is one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved superhero films of the last 20 years, so we put 110% into this episode of the podcast! So get ready and buckle up for the ride of your life! The 1st Venom film is a cinematic masterpiece and modern classic. Does Venom: Let There Be Carnage live up to its predecessor? Listen here and find out! Thanks and enjoy! (This episode contains SPOILERS)
We’re back, baby! After a brief hiatus, The World’s Best Podcast has returned to breakdown the epic 8th episode of the Marvel Disney+ series, What If…? Where is this episode leave the series going into this week’s season finale? Also: Paul rants and rails against our technological overlords! Thanks for listening and enjoy!
On this episode, we give our straight out of the theater reaction, to latest MCU movie! While not a FULL SPOILER review, a few MAJOR SPOILERS get dropped in our discussion, so listener beware! Instead of the studio, we recorded this in our car, immediately after seeing the film, which is why there’s a little background noise. This was a fun movie to watch and a fun movie to chat about. Enjoy and thanks for listening!
Paul’s fragile sanity breaks while babbling about what he loves and hates about The Arrowverse. Enjoy and thanks for listening!
The first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally arrived! On this episode of the podcast we breakdown and analyze the whole thing with our Trailer Commentary! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
The Suicide Squad Review!

The Suicide Squad Review!


On this episode, Tim Cuff and Ryan McDonald return to the show to help me review the new DC film from director James Gunn, The Suicide Squad! FULL SPOILERS! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
On this episode we discuss the new trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, along with a deepdive into what makes the Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones franchises so fantastic! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
Season 1 of Marvel’s LOKI has come to an explosive, MCU shattering end! On this episode of the podcast, we’re here to breakdown all the big reveals, our favorite moments, where things go from here and much more! (FULL SPOILERS for LOKI Season 1) Enjoy and thanks for listening!
In the EPIC Crossover episode of The World’s Best Podcast and Cuff’s Basement, Paul, Tim, and Ryan discuss the 90’s Schwarzenegger cult classic, LAST ACTION HERO! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
LOKI, the 3rd Marvel Cinematic Universe series, following WandaVision and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, has made it’s debut on Disney+! On this episode of the podcast, Big Paul Sr. returns to the show as we do a deep dive breakdown of the LOKI series premiere! Oh, please bare with in the beginning of the episode, we eventually get rid of the f#@z%ing birds! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
At long last! On this weeks episode of the podcast, we breakdown the first season of Amazon Prime’s INVINCIBLE, based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead)! We give you everything you need to know about this the groundbreaking and incredible new series. After only one season, INVINCIBLE has already become a modern masterpiece, among the very best comic book adaptations put to screen! This is the show that everyone is going to be talking about, so don’t miss this killer episode! Thanks for listening and enjoy! FULL SPOILERS
Paul takes some time to review Jupiter’s Legacy, the new Netflix series based on the comic book by Mark Millar! Some SPOILERS!
On this episode of The World’s Best Podcast, our New Season begins by talking about endings. Endings can be the most important part of any story. A great ending can retroactively make a story infinitely better, while a bad end can destroy everything that came. Kicking off our New Season, Paul discusses a wide range of topics, including Godzilla Vs. Kong, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, WandaVision & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Zack Snyder’s DCU, and much more! As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!
Special Announcement!!! We’re back with a New Season of The World’s Best Podcast! After a brief hiatus, we’ve returned with some phenomenal content coming down the pipeline! Just in time to cover all the exciting Movie, TV/Streaming, and Comic Book projects coming in Spring/Summer 2021! Stay Tuned and thanks for listening!
On this episode, The World’s Best Podcast crosses over with the Cuff’s Basement Podcast to review Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which recently premiered on HBOMax! Our hosts, Paul, Tim, and Ryan, breakdown this vastly different film compared to original 2017 Justice League theatrical release. Zack Snyder‘s Justice League is more like a entirely new film, than a director’s cut. We go over everything from what worked to what didn’t, as well as what we loved about the film and what we may have disliked. We go over everything from the performances to the action sequences, in this fun and far reaching discussion! This was one of the best episodes so far this year! Thanks for listening and enjoy!
On this episode, the guys dive right into their FULL SPOILER review of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier series premiere! Thanks for listening and enjoy!
On this episode, guest co-host Mike Cole and I discuss one of Marvel’s most wildly unique and compelling stories yet, WandaVision! We chat about the series as a whole, while also going over the recent final episode and what it means for the future of the characters and The MCU! Thanks for listening and enjoy!
Things are getting CRAZY in the town of Westview, folks! On this episode of the podcast, we breakdown Episodes 5 & 6 of the excellent, new Disney+ series, WandaVision! (FULL SPOILERS & Explicit Content)
Best TV Shows 2020!

Best TV Shows 2020!


In our final podcast looking back at the Best & Worst of 2020, this week’s co-host Big Paul Sr., joins Paul to go over the Best TV Series of 2020! The Mandalorian! The Boys! Star Trek! What We Do In The Shadows! All of our picks for the coolest shows of 2020 and more! Thanks for listening and enjoy!
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