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On this episode, we discuss the possibility of Steven Spielberg directing the new Superman film, Quentin Tarantino’s new book, House of The Dragon, Interview with The Vampire, and more! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
In this long overdue episode, Paul has a thing or two to say about Thor: Love & Thunder! The World must know…
Best. Episode. Ever.

Best. Episode. Ever.


The episode title does not lie. Buckle up, because this episode is about is epic as it gets next!



On this episode, Paul ventures to discuss his favorite content from Summer 2022, but as usual, things quickly go off the rails.
COMIC-CON 2022!!!

COMIC-CON 2022!!!


On this episode, Mike Cole makes his triumphant return to the show! We discuss the biggest news to come out of COMIC-CON 2022. Marvel Studios, DC, Lord of The Rings, House of The Dragon, & much more! PLUS!…We ponder the philosophical questions of life along the way. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!
Tim Cuff returns to the show to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of The World's Best Podcast!
After our explosive reaction to the first 3 episodes of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+, by listener demand we’re back with our take on Episode 4! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
On this episode, Paul has quite a bit to say about the Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series on Disney+ and Stranger Things 4 on Netflix. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!
Join us, as we take a thrilling dive into “Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness” on this episode of The World’s Best Podcast! Beware of FULL SPOILERS as we discuss the latest film in The MCU! We also cover the Season (or Series?) Finale of the Disney+ series, Moon Knight! Don’t miss this epic entry in our excellent podcast! Thanks for listening!
Khonshu from Moon Knight! Bast, The Panther God of Wakanda! The Asgardians! Celestials! The MCU is FILLED with being that seem to be “gods”, in one way or another. But what exactly are these things? Super advanced aliens like The Asgardians? Something genuinely more “god-like”, such as The Celestials? How are these beings connected, if they even are at all? These are some very fun questions that I found myself pondering after watching the latest episode of Moon Knight. Come down the rabbit hole with me, to the realm of the gods of The MCU! SPOILERS for MOON KNIGHT!Thanks for listening!
Check out our review for the series premiere of Marvel’s Moon Knight on Disney+!
The latest incarnation of The Dark Knight Detective has arrived in theaters! The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffery Wright, Colin Farrell and more! After attending The Gala World Premiere, here’s Paul’s straight out of the theatre take on The Batman
On this episode, Paul has a thing or two to say about The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 (and more specifically the Season Finale). Enjoy!
Best Movies of 2021!

Best Movies of 2021!


On this episode, we look back at 2021 and discuss our favorite movies of the year!
We’re back, Baby! After my Walkabout/Journey of Spiritual Rejuvenation, I’ve returned fo my beloved “World’s Best Podcast”, to talk about my 3 favorite TV/Streaming Series of January 2022! Which new and returning shows make the cut? Listening here to find out… Enjoy!
Here’s my quick, immediately out of the theater reaction, to Spider-Man: No Way Home! Very minor spoilers!
Finally! Part 2 of our Eternals podcast! Enjoy and thanks for listening! (SPOILERS)
The new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has arrived! However, Paul takes issue with one potential story element and he is NOT happy about it…
Eternals Review! Part 1

Eternals Review! Part 1


On this episode, check out Part 1 of our 2-Part review of Marvel’s Eternals!
Some thoughts on Guy Fawkes Day and the film V For Vendetta…
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