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The HPS Podcast Channel is home to all of Hamilton Place Strategies' original podcasts, including the HPS Macrocast and HPS Insights. The HPS Macrocast, produced by Hamilton Place Strategies and Markets Policy Partners, features weekly insight and analysis on the latest macroeconomic trends. HPS Insights features in-house experts and often special guests for analysis on the current events impacting the business and political communities.
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On this week's Macrocast, Tony, John, and Brendan are joined by John Dick from CivicScience to discuss how the markets and consumers are handling this odd holding pattern of economic activity. While markets seem to have an eye towards recovery and the retail economy seems stable, a quarter of Americans are still struggling, with a disproportionate impact on women. The gang discusses what this means for the long-term health of the economy and how the shifting nature of remote work will ultimately impact the post-Covid world.
Tony, John, and Brendan discuss the economic debate on the stimulus package prompted by Larry Summers' op-ed. The group discusses the Fed's approach to inflation and how optimism on vaccinations are impacting markets. Plus, they talk through the latest on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 
Tony, Matt, John, and Brendan unpack the complicated jobs report, discuss the Biden stimulus package and its critics, and take a moment to review the Trump economy — including discussing how the jobs numbers would have played out in an alternate universe with no pandemic. They also chat about the potential for a pandemic-related baby bust and its economic impact. 
Tony, John, and Brendan talk about short squeezes - from Piggly Wiggly to Reddit campaigns, the Federal Reserve’s attempts to talk markets down, and next week’s jobs numbers. The crew reluctantly discusses GameStop and goes long on its implications for how we understand SIFIs and the Fed’s blunt recovery instruments.
Tony, Brendan, & John are joined by John Dick from CivicScience to discuss the outlook for consumers and investors after President Biden's inauguration and first executive actions. The gang discusses the impact of the latest stimulus and the lingering concerns of an unequal, K-shaped recovery. As Tony puts it, "We don't have an output problem, we have acute problems in really important parts of the economy."
Tony, John, and Brendan assess President-Elect Biden's stimulus plan, how markets are reacting, and the implications of going big with the initial package. The crew talks through Federal Reserve Chair Powell's recent remarks from his kitchen and Trump's impeachment. As inauguration approaches, they also talk through the Biden administration's road ahead.  
In the first Marcoast episode of Season 3, guest host Matt McDonald, John and Brendan from Markets Policy Partners, and Bryan DeAngelis, discuss the fast-moving start to 2021 — from the Georgia Senate elections to the insurrection at the Capitol to the December jobs report. The crew talks market reactions to both and makes predictions on how the Trump presidency will come to a close. They also discuss the December jobs report. 
In the final Macrocast episode of 2020, Tony, John, and Brendan discuss the wild and unpredictable year — from the COVID-19 pandemic to its economic impacts and the government's fiscal and monetary policy reactions to both. The squad also talks about the socioeconomic and racial divisions highlighted in the past year and makes some predictions looking ahead to 2021. 
On this week's Macrocast, Tony, John, and Brendan discuss the last-minute stimulus drama, what to expect in the bill, and the impact this will have on the economy. The gang also discusses the news coming out of the Fed's recent FOMC meeting and what this means for its changing monetary mandate heading into 2021, the (continuing) Brexit drama, and the important consumer metrics to look for next week.
John Dick, Founder and CEO of Civic Science, joins Tony, John, and Brendan to talk through the emerging bipartisan and White House stimulus plans and how the market is reacting to the soon-to-run-out enhanced unemployment benefits. The gang also discusses the recent bifurcation in American consumers' behavior as holiday retail sales pick up before diving into the data expected next week and what it means for 2021. 
Matt, John, and Brendan talk through the disappointing jobs report, the market reaction, and a vaccine and potential stimulus on the horizon. The crew also breaks down the Biden administration's economic picks. Plus, the team takes a look ahead across the pond at Brexit negotiations and the ECB meeting.
On this Black Friday edition of the HPS Macrocast, Tony, John, and Brendan are joined by John Dick to discuss the holiday shopping season and how consumers are responding to the latest surge of COVID cases. The gang also discusses the first round of Biden Cabinet picks, the impact of the continued positive vaccine news on the economy, and the economic data to look for as we head into December. 
Senior Director Meghan Pennington joins John and Brendan to discuss the unprecedented argument between the Fed and the Treasury Department over unused CARES Act funds and what it means for the possibility of new stimulus. The crew also discusses markets' reactions to the Georgia Senate runoffs, how a divided government could work in 2021, and the latest news about presidential race recounts. 
On this week's show, Bryan DeAngelis fills in for Tony and is joined by John and Brendan to discuss the rollercoaster week for markets and how the surge in COVID cases, news of a potential vaccine, and results of the Presidential election are swaying investors. The gang also looks at news coming from the Biden transition and what to expect from the Trump administration during the lame duck on geopolitics and the Fed. 
On this Jobs Day Friday and Election Day +3, Matt joins Tony, John, and Brendan to discuss strong jobs numbers, the shape of the recovery, and the state of the election as well as the future of economic policymaking. The squad also talks about the fiscal and monetary policy outlook coming out of the latest FOMC meeting.
On this week's Macrocast, HPS partners Stacy Kerr and Michael Steel join Tony, John, and Brendan to discuss the state of the Presidential and Congressional races and what different election results could mean for markets. Tony, John, and Brendan also dive into this week's economic data, taking a look at the noteworthy earnings calls, what newly released economic data shows about the state of the economy, and the impact the new COVID surge may have on businesses and markets. 
John Dick, CEO of CivicScience, joins Tony, John, and Brendan to discuss how a delayed stimulus package, pre-Election Day polling, and the prolonged pandemic are affecting consumer sentiment. The crew also talks about what's on consumers' minds heading into the holiday spending season before diving into next week's announcements about the U.S. and Eurozone's Q3 GDP, housing data, and new product announcements in tech. 
A new cast of characters joins this episode of the Macrocast. HPS Partner Matt McDonald is joined by HPS Partner Michael Steel and Senior Director Meghan Pennington, as well as Brendan Walsh from Markets Policy Partners, to discuss the speculation on a stimulus deal and what it means for markets. They talk through the dynamics in Congress and the election that are impacting the likelihood and scale of a stimulus package. Plus, the crew takes a look ahead at earnings next week.
HPS Partner Stacy Kerr joins Tony, John, and Brendan for a recap of the Fed's asset purchases announcement, Brexit's October 15th deadline, and the need for a stimulus bill before or after Election Day in a possible lame duck session. The crew also discusses Wednesday's VP debate and the likelihood of more debates before November 3rd, markets' reactions to the Senate races heating up across the country, campaign spending, and early voting enthusiasm.
On this Jobs Day Friday, Matt joins Tony, John, and Brendan to discuss disappointing September jobs numbers, news of the House's passage of a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, and how the remainder of the 2020 campaign cycle plays out with news of the President and First Lady's COVID-19 diagnosis. The crew also discusses the status of the Supreme Court nomination process, the likelihood of the Senate's passage of the stimulus bill before the weekend, and what's ahead next week. 
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