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Author: Scott Austin

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Want to get the most out of your Shopify business? Listen to the Shopify Solutions Podcast to get concrete examples and recommendations on how to build and grow your eCommerce business. Hosted by Scott Austin, owner of JadePuma, a Shopify agency. Scott has decades of e-commerce business with the biggest companies and the smallest stores and everything in-between.
46 Episodes
1/20/20 - Episode 46.  Learn how to keep Google Search up to date on the content of your store and ensure a smooth customer experience as your store evolves.SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow Links404 Dashboard Report Marketing redirect example - Bulk 301 Chrome Extension Search Console podcast episode 
1/6/20 - Episode 45.  Learn how to connect Google's Search Console to your Shopify Store and maximize your SEO.SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksPage Performance EpisodeVideo on Connecting Google Analytics and Search ConsoleFlex Theme - provides great structured dataGoogle's Search Console
12/23/20 - Episode 44SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksPiano Gift Ideas
12/9/20 - Episode 43Here's a detailed checklist for you to follow when doing user testing on your Shopify store.  SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksEvolve Skateboards USAShopify Payments Test ModeChrome ToolsEdit this CookieFacebook Pixel HelperLoadify - Smart Image DownloaderGrammarlySee Mobile View in Chrome DesktopCollection Template for Image Size ReviewSetting Up Google Analytics in your Shopify Store
11/25/20 - Episode 42In this I episode, I sit down with Dillon Glenn of Cattlemen's Coffee.  We discuss his new business and his experiences with Shopify.  SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksCattlemen's Coffee
11/11/20 - Episode 41In this episode, I'll explain how you can use the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) methodology in your Shopify store.  Do small changes step by step.  Getting something in front of real customers is more valuable than iterating on a solution in a vacuum without customers.Listen to what customers have to say about the changes.Each step should be informed by customer feedback.This should result in a store that is easier for customers to purchase through, which leads to the ultimate store goals of increased conversion and Customer Lifetime Value.SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksTwyrl @ HomeBixby & Co.HotJarGoogle Analytics
10/28/20 - In this episode, I'll cover all of the major improvements that Shopify has rolled out in the past six months. SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksShopify ChangeLog - Pickup - for online orders - delivery - sign maker - routes in Shopify Local Delivery app - app - Captcha v3 enabled - support in Shopify Chat - order lookup in Shopify Chat - products - orders list - shopping app has moved to a channel - create or edit customers from the gift card issue page - analytics on the product page - checkout links from mobile - to product camera on mobile -
10/14/20 - In this episode, we'll cover videos in your Shopify store.  What sort of videos to have.  Ways to host videos.  Tools to use.  Best practices.  And more.SHOW TRANSCRIPTShow LinksApply to have your store reviewed in an upcoming episodeToolsEmbed ResponsivelyHandbrakeOBSExample Videos Homepage Banner VideoMission Video - bottom of the pageAbout Video - bottom of the pageHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
9/30/20 - In this episode, I'll explain why you should ignore the Shopify Speed Score and provide an alternative method to judge the performance of your store.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSPingdomHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
9/16/20 - In this episode, I'll explain how to create the first marketing calendar for your Shopify store.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSGoogle TrendsList of HolidaysNational Day CalendarLululemon NewsHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
9/2/20 - In this episode, I'll cover the basics and the nuances of setting up the shipping rules in your Shopify store.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSRecommended Shopify AppsBoxifyAdvanced Shipping RulesReferenced Podcast EpisodesEpisode 8 - Wholesale in Your Shopify StoreEpisode 24 - Pick a Shopify PlanHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
8/19/20 - In this episode, I'll show you three different ways to improve the display of collection descriptions on your collection pages.  This episode is a bit technical.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSCode for Split MethodShow More / Less SolutionShopify Cheat SheetChrome Developer Tools VideosShort VideoLong VideoShopify ForumsHiring a Shopify Expert podcast episodeHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
8/5/20 - In this episode, I'll walk you through all of the steps you'll need to take to make the first edits to the Liquid code of your Shopify store.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSShort Title Code for Collection PagesShopify Cheat SheetMetafields Guru AppHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
7/22/20 - In this episode, I'll cover what to look for in a reviews app, provide a simple recommendation (use the app) and tell you how to get the most out of your review app.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW Review AppShopifyStatus.comGoogle Structured Data Testing ToolHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
7/8/20 - I'll explain why an email app is so important to your Shopify store.  Then I'll explain why I recommend Klaviyo for your email app.  And lastly, I'll go into some best practices on implementing Klaviyo.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSSign-up with Klaviyo - affiliate linkHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
6/24/20 - Listen to a review of the user experience of 3 Shopify stores.  Each store is selling high-ticket products, so they should be investing in their store experience.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSHere are the stores reviewed:OneWheelEvolve SkateboardsEcoTricHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
6/10/20 - Here's a beginner's tutorial on many of the technical terms that you'll come across managing a Shopify store.SHOW TRANSCRIPTHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
Shopify ReUnite Recap

Shopify ReUnite Recap


5/27/20 - Hear a recap of the announcements that Shopify made at last week's Shopify ReUnite online video stream.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSShopify's ReUnite Blog PostGift CardsTippingLocal PickupLocal DeliveryMulti-currencyEmailGoogle ShoppingFacebook ShopsPingOrders InterfaceShopify Balance Shop Pay Installments HELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
5/13/20 - Learn how to configure Google Analytics for your Shopify store to extract the most insights from the data.  Properly setting up GA takes some knowledge.  In this episode, we'll give you that knowledge.  As a result, your store will have has as good of metrics as the top Shopify stores do.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSGoogle Analytics Setup ChecklistHELP THE PODCASTLeave a reviewCREDITSThese sites and articles were extremely useful in my research on this topic.Digital DartsElevarAquireConvert
4/29/20 - Learn about the newest features from Shopify.  Also, we'll cover a couple of easy ways to increase trust in your stores.SHOW TRANSCRIPTSHOW LINKSShopify ChangelogGift Card podcast episodeGoogle Shopping appGoogle G-SuiteGoogle VoiceHELP THE PODCASTLeave a review
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