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Americanuck Radio is rock 'n roll rebel talk, from north of the 49th parallel! Host Mike Filip is a missionary for liberty in communist occupied western Canada. Join us live Monday thru Friday at 1pm CT on Mojo 50 , and iHeartRadio.
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Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- (AUDIO)Manitobans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are being offered a new provincial government card that will allow them to travel within Canada without being subject to the province’s mandatory 14-day self-isolation period upon their return.If they left, would they even want to come back?With the way that Premier Pallister has been running the show throughout the scamdemic, it might be time for a mass exodus out of the province.The nasty needle would almost be preferable to his nasty, dictatorial leadership.Manitoba is offering a $2M lottery, with borrowed money, to bribe it's citizens to get the vaccine.Who will be paying the tab?According to Pallister, it will be people's grandchildren.------------------There is a report of Jason Kenney and his UCP brass having a secret restaurant during the provincial lockdown.If this happened, then it will come to light.It will be exposed for the revolting hypocrisy that it is!Mike drives this home wonderfully!‐-------------The Chief Medical Officer for BC Interior Health has been arrested by the RCMP on charges of sexual assault and sexual interference against a minor in Alberta.He was also a leading voice on the BC scamdemic response.Evil upon evil. Will the merry shores of England be under the wave of abnormality forever?While the talk is about controlling the scamdemic, the real control sought is that of every citizen.All aboard the crazy train!-------------------(AUDIO) The federal privacy watchdog says the RCMP broke the law by using cutting-edge facial-recognition software to collect personal information.From GLOBAL NEWS:In a report today, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien says there were serious and systemic failings by the RCMP to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act before it gathered information from U.S. firm Clearview AI.“The use of [facial recognition technology] by the RCMP to search through massive repositories of Canadians who are innocent of any suspicion of crime presents a serious violation of privacy,” Therrien said in his report.“A government institution cannot collect personal information from a third party agent if that third party agent collected the information unlawfully.”Clearview AI’s technology allows for the collection of huge numbers of images from various sources that can help police forces, financial institutions and other clients identify people.In a related probe, Therrien and three provincial counterparts said in February that Clearview AI’s technology resulted in mass surveillance of Canadians and violated federal and provincial laws governing personal information.They said the New York-based company’s scraping of billions of images of people from across the internet was a clear violation of Canadians’ privacy rights.Mike analyzes this very well.READ MORE: all this, and more, in a superb segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- Mike welcomes his friend Joe to the program for segment 2.Joe tells the story of Lindbrook Store in Tofield, Alberta, and the terror this establishment faced from the RCMP.The dirtiness of the RCMP in this is right out of the gestapo, as Joe explains.While Joe didn't witness the madness himself, his wife was present when the RCMP made a very heavy handed assault on the location.An interesting conversation about a very infuriating exhibition of vile thuggery by the RCMP.For further reference, here is some background of the harrassment this store has faced. IN FULL!--------------------Alberta moves into stage 2 of reopening, but it's certainly nothing to shout about or be thankful for.With more than 67% of Albertans being vaccinated, the Premier waxes about how close he is to releasing Albertans from the bondage he's put them in.Meantime, Albertans must be eternally grateful, bowing at the Premier's feet for loosening the noose a little.Right?WRONG!!While the temptation may be strong to trust the Premier, people must seriously check themselves at this point before doing so.Mike goes through, and analyzes this carrot that Kenney is dangling before Albertans.----------------Enjoy all this, and more, in a wonderful segment 2 from Mike.
Summary by Peyton Smith MONOLOGUE: Today is a rather lame news day, as Mike explains.Seg:1- Premier Doug Ford suspended the lockdown rules so that people could attend a large vigil for the recent muslim killings in London, Ontario.How sweet of him.Still, it would seem that all the outrage, accusations, and pending charges against Nathaniel Veltman could very well be wholly unfounded.Imagine that?The narrative being built against this young man is looking about as flimsy as a chinese motorcycle made out of coronavirus.Veltman is already guilty because the despicable media, in concert with filthy federal and provincial vermin, have said so.Seriously, when figures like Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau have already condemned him, is it possible for Veltman to get a fair shake?Mike gives in depth analysis of a piece from the London Free Press, which shows how smelly the entire fiasco really is.Enjoy! device set off at a N. Alberta gender reveal party sparks a wildfire.A Knucklehead move?Yes.If folks aren't getting killed at these events, then a blazing inferno happens.Mike brings excellent commentary to this. all this, and more, in a marvelous segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- Mike starts off the segment with some news from the venerable and hilarious Flip City Magazine."After being lauded for sending the first black man to the moon, Biden vows to send all black men to the moon."Mike covers this, and a few more hysterical gems from the awesome Flip City Magazine.Enjoy, and remember to visit to receive 10% off a subscription.Enter promo code: "AMCradio"----------------A UK man thought he could make a deal with a demon, in exchange for winning the lottery.The price?He murdered two young women, as a sacrifice.It only gets stranger, and darker from there, but it's safe to say that we are reaching peak insanity.Listen as Mike analyses this horrible mess. Texas woman, Patricia Ann Garcia, was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for making false 911 calls that led to the deaths of two of her neighbors she was feuding with.Aside from this woman using 911 as a weapon, there is so much wrong with this story.So much.And Mike covers it all very well. school board meeting goes awry, due to a discussion on 'equity and inclusion.'The resultant squabble is everything one would expect it to be.Mike gets into all the ridiculousness.---------------All this, and much more, awaits in a wonderful segment 2 from Mike.
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- (AUDIO)The recent bloody killing of a Muslim family in London, Ontario is where Mike starts the proceedings.One child in this family survived.A sad fact is that as long as there are humans on this planet, murder will be a horrible part of life.Should all white people be blamed for this?No.The same goes for the various attacks that Muslims have perpetrated in Canada.To add to the derangement, this tragedy is being wound together with the Residential School tragedy in Kamloops.Yes. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh tried to do just that, as the audio Mike plays confirms. Vile sickness. Justin Trudeau chimed in on the grisly incident in London, and his inflammatory rhetoric is very much on the same level as Jagmeet's.He is so far beneath any semblance of decency.His fake groveling to Muslims is the icing on his fetid pile of dung.Political grandstanding on a mammoth scale! brings the truth to all of this, with an amazing barrage of analysis and commentary.LISTEN IN FULL!---------------An explosive segment 1 from Mike awaits.Enjoy!Seg:2- (AUDIO) Mike starts off the segment with a Prager U. report on Canadian health care.Why can't the American healthcare system be more like Canada?It's a question that many naive Americans ask.This report should dissuade any sane American from asking that question.--------------(AUDIO) A report of how certain American cities would fare in a zombie apocalypse.Yes, a zombie apocalypse.Mike explains all.--------------(AUDIO)Brian Williams is someone who has lied to the American people on various occasions.In a recent broadcast, the liar pushes a horrible message from the Lincoln Project that urges Americans to honor Antifa like we honor those who stormed Normandy.Just when Williams couldn't go lower, he goes lower.Mike properly slams this, and warns kids against buying into the evil of Antifa.---------------(AUDIO) A New York Times Editorial board member is "Disturbed" by the sight of American flags.What a poor, pathetic little thing she is. this, and much more, awaits in a thrilling segment 2 from Mike.
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- Ottawa has spent 3.2M fighting St. Anne's Residential school survivors in court over the last decade.The evil machine of the feds cannot hide this nastiness, and demonic evil. In attempting to, Ottawa is perpetrating all the pain.But then again, that's one of the federal government's specialties.A very gruesome topic, but one that must be addressed. Mike does just that.--------------(AUDIO) A mom eviscerates a school board over critical race theory being taught in schools, which is really no different than Residential Schools.The teaching of kids to hate themselves, and their race.-----------------(AUDIO) Love Gov Cuomo utters schmaltz about the virtues and benefits of receiving the kiss of the Covid needle.Cuomo calls it a passport to "enjoy life."Those that still buy into this are almost beyond pity at this point.------------------(AUDIO) An Australian report on the selfish, virtue signaling kids who are inspired by adults to be like they are.Greta Thunberg anyone?------------------Kamala Harris receives a stern rebuke from Guatemalans upon her arrival in Guatemala.She is a hypocrite and globalist who, praise Jesus, is being shown the disapproval she deserves.There are many more despicable heathens who need to receive a similar due.------------------Enjoy all of this, and more, in a stellar segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- (AUDIO)Anthony Fauci is the master of the open ended statement, and lawyer speak.The man(and we use man quite loosely in this case)simply can't come clean, and admit his guilt in what might be incalculable global damage he's inflicted.Recently, on Rachel Maddow's program, the villainous Tony declared that any attacks on him are "attacks on science."Her program is perfect safe space for him, as the softball queries from Maddow show.Truth be told, science has been perverted into a death cult by wicked gargoyles like the Dr.Mike flushes Fauci down the toilet with superb analysis and commentary.--------------(AUDIO) A soldier in uniform relates a recent retirement ceremony he attended, where a certificate of appreciation was presented, and it was signed by President Donald J. Trump.President Donald J. Trump?---------------Enjoy all of this, and more, in a splendid segment 2 from Mike.
Seg:1- (AUDIO) A government that would participate in the murder of thousands upon thousands of children in Residential Schools wouldn't bat an eye at doing the same thing to white children today.They will be made to pay for the horror inflicted upon native children...simply because they are white.Even though tribal elders profited from it.Somebody's always got to loose, and in this instance it will be white people.----------------Kevin Annet speaks about the Kamloops Residential School in a very in depth audio presentation. He goes into such atrocities as pain threshold experiments being performed on children, sodomy with cattle prods, children burned in furnaces, and other hideous acts.Forced sterilization was even part of the Kamloops Residential School. Like a huge, baby burning furnace, Canada is trying to destroy any and all evidence of this horrible blight.Canada's past domestic genocide must not be hidden. May the light Kevin shines on this bloody holocaust never dim.Kevin's presentation continues in segment 2-----------------Seg:2- Kevin Annet's presentation continues with what really happened at the Kamloops Residential School.Kevin's campaign to get Canadian Church/State to respond to this has contributed to the current acknowledgment coming out from the guilty entities.This is a victory for the campaign spearheaded by Kevin, but it must accompany Canadians en masse who will see the unmasked reality for what it is. And cut all ties from it.Listen to this stellar presentation from Mr. Kevin D. Annet in full, and share it far and wide!For more on Mr. Kevin Annet, click below: gets into a sorted, filthy testament of what the Democrat party is really all about.From the Washington Examiner:On Monday, national media reported an explosive story in Colorado. A prominent Black Lives Matter activist, socialist, and Denver Public Schools board member, Tay Anderson, stepped back “from everyday board functions” while an independent investigation looks into startling allegations that he sexually abused 62 current and former students.The alleged assaults range from unwanted touching to “violent rape” of students as young as 14 years old. Sixty-one of these students are purportedly illegal immigrants or recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The new allegations come two months after the group BLM5280, and past associates of Anderson’s at the (now-defunct) youth-led gun-control group Never Again Colorado accused him of past sexual assault and harassment.Read More: takes this apart with expertise.‐-----------------(AUDIO) Mike discusses the Texas valedictorian who delivered a pro abortion speech.How horrible that such a bright young lady has had her brain cleaned so completely.-------------------(AUDIO) Rachel Levine discusses improving American physical and mental well being.If this horrible creature thinks he's in any place to discuss improving mental well being, he hasn't looked in the mirror lately.-------------------(AUDIO) Mike Pence discusses how he and President Trump may never see eye to eye on January 6.Was Pence in on the events of that day?Mike explains.-----------------------Enjoy all this, and much more, in a brilliant segment 2 from Mike.
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1-(AUDIO) Dr. Byrum Bridle, professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph, says that we made a big mistake on Covid vaccines.The Dr. gets into problems people have been having after getting an experimental shot.Also, he mentions the fact that a vaccine injected into the shoulder doesn't stay in the shoulder.Dreaded spike protein from the vaccine gets into the bloodstream over a number of days after receiving the needle.When in circulation, spike protein combined with platelets can cause horrible blood clots.Even breast milk can be affected, as blood proteins are concentrated in it.Innocent, suckling infants can be indirectly harmed by this poison. An eye opening presentation from Dr. Bridle.-------------------(AUDIO)According to a guest on Joy Reid's sorry excuse of a program, liberty loving people that don't want to wear a mask are weak, whining, and hell bent on spreading CovidLeave it to this mainstream dung heap to describe freedom and liberty as simply "buzzwords."-------------------(AUDIO) Justin Trudeau gushes about his "euphoric" Covid vaccine experience.Was it really liquid Cocaine?Listen here: Louisiana Senator Kennedy says Pelosi is the type to eat tide pods.---------------------All this, and much more, comes at you in a great segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- The petition to recall Michigan Gov Wretchen Whitmer has been allowed to proceed.She is one of many who needs to pay for evil deeds.-------------Jason Kenney makes a statement on Enbridge Line 5.Kenney posits the question of where the true authority to shut down the pipeline lies.He says that he's been advised that Whitmer has very little to stand on legally.What could be next in this tit for tat?------------Alberta Premier Kenney caught with four of his top UCP brass, violating his own Covid restrictions,on top of the Sky Palace in Edmonton.The Edmonton Oilers home playpen apparently is host to political losers as well.---------------(AUDIO) A report on '20 U.S. election audits, and what it all may mean.If anything at all.----------------(AUDIO) A report from Greg Reese which pulls the cover off of the "mad genius" known as Elon Musk.According to Reese, Elon Musk, is nothing but a fraud.Enjoy this revealing look into Mr. Musk.------------------(AUDIO) Tucker Carlson talks vaccines, and the medical Jim Crow that is being foisted on those who decline the Covid vaccine.He also gets into something called the immunaband, which must be heard about to be believed.If politicians can segregate people who haven't submitted to the vaccine, what would stop them from doing the same to other groups deemed a threat?The precedent has now been set.-----------------All this, and much more, awaits in an excellent segment 2 from Mike.
Summary By Peyton Smith Seg:1- A push for perversity in children is in full force. UNICEF says that there's no conclusive evidence that children exposed to pornography are harmed.They are literally playing roulette with the well being of children.UNICEF also believes that blocking children from pornography may "violate their human rights."The UN, along with all associated tentacles, is unadulterated evil.Mike takes the scourge of pornography on with both barrels! Catherine McKenna, Canadian minister of Infrastructure and Communities, spews vomit about the "climate crisis." She also dyed her hair puke green to match her utterances.Check it out here: British Royal Navy is conducting naval exercises in the Black Sea, which prompted a swift response, and a promise from Russia.Why are NATO powers threatening Russia?Is it because the Russians are going to the gold standard?Listen to Mike explain this development.-----------------All this, and much more, comes your way via an outstanding segment 1 from Mike.Enjoy!Seg:2- Mike starts off the segment with an excellent explanation of Canadian health care, and how Canadian's are being asked to lay down their freedoms for their "free healthcare."There exists more freedom of choice in the United States, but the healthcare system below the 49th parallel isn't exactly in the best repair.Not by a long shot.----------------(AUDIO) Judge Joe Brown makes some hilarious statements about the laughingstock known as Joe Biden."Yellow Dog Dixiecrat" is how the Judge describes the President, which is most fitting.While not a rabid Trump supporter, Judge Brown calls out Biden for the filthy racist that he's been for a long time.Excellent audio, which underscores the evil that currently occupies the White House.---------------(AUDIO) How to engineer a cover up of the murder of thousands of children across Canada?Mike rolls an audio report from Global News, which shows how the media is spinning the residential school horror.And it's just as much gobbledygook as you would think.This attempt at covering up a very bloody past is blown apart beautifully by Mike.------------------All this, and much more, awaits in a power packed segment from Mike.
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- Americanuck Radio welcomes back the superb Mr. Kevin Annett to the program. Kevin dropped by to discuss the recent Kamloops Residential School discovery of the remains of 215 children buried on the grounds.He explains how those who seem the most shocked and surprised by this are actually complicit in it.Those complicit would include indigenous peoples. That being said, Mike and Kevin discuss how the horrific discovery will still be solely blamed on white people.Also, the conversation touches on how all of this might lead to a similar situation as South Africa, where whites are vilified and robbed of their property. All this and more awaits in a stellar interview with Mr. Kevin Annett.Listen in FULL, and give it a share.Keep up with all of Kevin's fabulous work here: Mike furthers the main topic covered in segment 1 with Kevin, and how the Catholic Church is also complicit in residential school crimes.------------Is the LPC censorship Bill C-10 destined to die?The CCP is hopeful that, through a filibuster, this will happen.Hopeful.That's the best Erin O'Toole's Conservative party has to offer.Is it any wonder that the Liberals continue their s*** show virtually unabated.Enjoy Mike's excellent and very in depth analysis and commentary on this horribly toxic bill.----------------The world's largest meat supplier JBS was hit with a cyber attack, which affected both Canada and Australia.Is it possible to have a meat packing plant not connected to the web, like the good ole days?----------------All this and much more comes your way in a brilliant segment 2 from Mike.Enjoy!
Summary by Peyton SmithSeg:1- (AUDIO) Mike starts the proceedings off with an examination of the mediocrity of Joe Biden through an incredible impersonation by Rich Little.What are Americans going to do if irrefutable evidence is uncovered that proves the Democrats stole the '20 election?--------------(AUDIO) Mike analyses a John Bound report which boldly underlines Biden's cognitive decline.His dementia is off the charts while addressing the troops. Does he sound like a commander in chief? John also touches on the horrific inadequacy of Joe's VP.Mike takes all of this horrible nonsense and analyzes it, with a penetrating truth bomb about how our armed forces have been inexcusably abused over the course of many years.On this Memorial Day, that cycle of abuse regrettably continues with the current occupants of the White House.---------------(AUDIO) Mike rolls audio of a very smart man who can see how so many around the world have been misled, because of...SCIENCE! ---------------Alberta university professors will be getting a pay raise, and Mike goes into why this is such an asinine idea.Do these "pillars of wisdom" deserve it?Mike explains in detail.----------------All this and much more comes your way in a thrilling segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- Canadian Minister of Infrastructure and Community Catherine McKenna dyes her hair green for mental health awareness.For those that are already aware of Cathy, all this really does is highlight her own mental illness. Health Canada is extending the expiry date of AstraZeneca vaccines by one month, according to a report from CBC.How will this be explained?The report goes on to examine a Canadian woman who is, nonetheless, excited about getting an expired dose.All this despite WHO recommendations that these expired doses be removed from the supply chain, and disposed of in a safe manner.With fiery analysis, Mike exposes yet another of the many cracks in the farce called Canada. ALBERTA NEEDS OUT OF THIS! John's Hopkins professor says to ignore the CDC guidance because of the agency's puzzling refusal to acknowledge immunity from Covid due to previous infection.Does it take a professor to point this out for sheeple to believe it, even though it's more than a few moons late?Is this why they make the big wampum?Mike absolutely skewers the professor in question.'s official media mouthpiece threatened to nuke the U.S. if any further investigation into the origins of Covid proceed.Well, let's get the party started!-----------------All this, and much more, awaits in a sterling segment 2.
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- (AUDIO)Conservative MP Candace Bergen asked Trudeau what he is going to do to prevent cooperation, and research with China.Guess where Justin went?Yes, he moistly sputtered out a response which suggested MP Bergen was racist for asking the question.---------------According to All, Tim Conway jr. and Sheron Bellio were suspended from KFI-AM for an on air asian stereotype skitAmerica must never forget to laugh, and Mike really puts an exclamation point on that with a very funny bit from Southpark, which should be familiar to many.Read more here: police arrest Kevin J. Johnston a second time for another violation of an Alberta Health Services(AHS) injunction.If the province is now hell bent on getting back to "normal" by July, then why are innocent people like Kevin still being hauled in?Mike takes this overt nonsense apart.May God bless the future Mayor of Calgary, Mr. Kevin J. Johnston!----------------Jackie Lovely, UCP MLA of Alberta, dusted off an old chestnut.The late Peter Loughheed, one time Premier of Alberta, was quoted by MLA Lovely in the legislature.Listen to Mike's analysis, and read more below: What's good for one province is good for another, even when it comes to divorcing the farcical fraud called Canada. Canadian commentor Evan Solomon seems to think so.Even a broken clock is right twice a day, eh?-----------------All this and much more comes your way in a power packed segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- (AUDIO)The same day Kevin J. Johnston was jailed, the Alberta government announced plans to fully reopen on July 1.Mike analyzes Premier Kenney's juicy announcement, and his plans should be taken with a healthy grain of salt.What if the numbers,like magic, start going up again?----------------Former top Alberta doctor says Alberta's reopening plan is "aggressive to the point of recklessness."Call him Dr. Orville Weirdenbacher.'s overwhelmingly support further border closures with the U.S., according to a recent poll.Mike's fire and brimstone analysis of this is superb!----------------According to an article from the Washington Times, the U.S. military will rapidly evacuate Afghan allies targeted by the Taliban.Why were we there in the first place?With this surrender to the Taliban, all the sacrifice, blood, and treasure expended over the years was all for not.Such a disgraceful shame for all affected so negatively, but not for those who made an absolute killing on years of Afghanistan bloodletting.May God never let our troops be so misused, and abused again.As hard a pill as it may be for some to swallow, Mike speaks the complete truth to this disgraceful situation.-------------------All this, and much more, comes your way in a superb segment 2 from MikeEnjoy!
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- (AUDIO) Rand Paul seems to be digging in for an all out fight against Fauci. Senator Paul was on Fox to say that Fauci must be held accountable for his illegal involvement with China.Senator Paul calls for a bipartisan committee to investigate this horrible mess. The Fox audio also gets into Fauci's attempted diminishment of his admitted role in money sent to the Chi-coms.Fauci is absolute vermin!Mike covers this superbly.----------------Mike relates an interesting story about how, if there was the presence of Covid in N. America before it became front page headlines and a way of life for so many of us, he could have already had it in 2019.-----------------(AUDIO) Mike ends the segment with a very intelligent song from an Alberta rapper who takes on, through amazing lyrics, the disaster of lockdowns.Very good stuff!Excellent message!------------------Enjoy all this, and much more, in a very compelling and brilliant segment from Mike.Seg:2- (AUDIO) Mike plays an excellent speech from a very sweet, passionate little girl who eviscerates an entire schoolboard over mask wearing.Not only is she sweet and passionate, she's also much smarter than Fauci.-------------------Martin Shields, a federal Alberta MP, receives derision for wearing a pro oil button on his lapel.The Canadian House of Commons prohibits the wearing of "props," but was it the button that almost had Shields removed from government, or was it the message on the button?Mike breaks it all down.-----------------Alberta is throwing down against China!Excellent news for Albertans!Research institutes in the province have been ordered by the provincial government to suspend any new partnerships with the CCP. Unfortunately, this action falls short of expulsion of any Chinese students that attend these institutions.Mike provides spot on analysis of this.----------------A Canadian military cadet instructor attended an anti lockdown rally in Toronto, where he stood firmly against the distribution of the vaccine among the Canadian armed forces.Because of this, he has been charged under the "national defense act," and could face potential life in prison.What were the charges?Mike explains all.-----------------Enjoy all of this, and much more, in segment 2.
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- (AUDIO) Black Lives Matter has absolutely ZERO to do with helping black people, or benefitting them.A drive by shooting at the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis illustrates this fact.See the events unfold here, and listen to Mike's analysis of this example of black lives mattering.---------------In related BLM news, UK activist Sasha Johnson was critically injured after being shot in the head while attending a party.She was the victim of a shooting at the hands of four black men.Ms. Johnson was seeking to start the first UK political party made up solely of POC's.According to BLM London, her "activism" had nothing to do with the shooting. London police described her current condition as "critically ill."Seriously, the coppers went there.----------------Fauci and Biden join forces for a YouTube town hall, which was a decided failure as far as the thumbs up and thumbs down went. The comments on the video with the two mentally disabled old men were disabled.Mike takes this pathetic vaudeville theater act apart superbly.----------------Opportunities in Alberta?Why yes, of course.There exists a large supply of helium in Alberta as well as Saskatchewan. It could be an excellent opportunity for investment and economic opportunity for Albertans!------------------(AUDIO) A deranged, empty headed baby mama discusses how she is raising a feminist son. She explains all the assorted teaching materials she plans to use in her braindead quest to raise a perfect beta male.See video here: this and more comes your way in a very informative segment 1Seg:2- Americanuck Radio welcomes back our friend, and Calgary Mayoral candidate, Mr. Kevin J. Johnson.Kevin dropped by for an update on his battle against the corrupt system and individuals therein that seek to stop him in his quest to salvage and change Calgary for the better.He discusses how the city of Calgary continues to add to his planned lawsuit with cowardly, illegal activity against him via the Calgary PD.Kevin also gets into a recent confrontation with Antifa, which stemmed from them stealing his campaign signs.It was quite a tangle that Kevin had with these vermin, which he describes in detail.The full story of Kevin's encounter with Antifa shows just how much of a war this is. He needs support in large numbers, along with prayers from all who are sick to death of the sickening status quo that allows for the treatment he is receiving.Enjoy this amazing conversation with Mike and Kevin in full.Keep up with Kevin by clicking the links below:
Summary By Peyton Smith MONOLOGUE: Another pleasant church service at Mike's home this past Sunday.Patriot church is truly where it's at!Seg:1- (AUDIO) Ron Desantis signs a bill allowing private citizens who have been deplatformed to go after big tech companies.The ovation he gets afterwards is well deserved! ---------------(AUDIO) Mike gives Jennifer Torres a phone call. Regular Mojo 5.0 listeners will remember her voice, and past squabbles with Mike which have been long forgotten.Quite a cool lady.She resides in Florida, and radiates the joy that many Floridians feel with such an amazing leader in Governor Desantis.Mike and Jenn have a very entertaining conversation which includes a compare and contrast to daily life in Alberta versus that of Florida, as far as Covid craziness is concerned.As you will hear, the anxiety level in Florida is quite a bit lower than it is in Alberta, as both Mike and Jen discuss their experiences amongst society in both states.Enjoy this conversation in full between Mike and Jenn!---------------(AUDIO) Mike rolls an interesting report from Alex Jones, concerning Fauci's connection of the Wuhan lab to Covid.-----------------Seg:2-(AUDIO) Regret abounds among those who have gone through gender transition treatments, and having their God given bodies permanently deformed. The ease with which this horrible butchery can happen is alarming, especially where such obviously confused individuals are concerned.Highlighting cases of individuals who have deep regrets about transitioning is condemned by those who slavishly push the agenda of the trans community, as the report indicates.Listen in full, as Mike provides brilliant commentary on this horrible sadness.--------------All this and more comes your way in segment 2
Summary by Peyton SmithSeg:1- Suicide rates are up among Canadian children, but is anyone paying attention to this?Or is there more importance being placed on things like the NHL playoffs?If one listens to the latest from the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, one might think the latter rather than the former is paramount.Check out his sentiments here, and decide for yourselves. puts things in perspective on this, and places children's welfare before whether or not the Oilers advance, or even the advancement of Jason Kenney's wayward, lost messaging.Lockdowns aren't pro children, nor are they any good for them. Our kids must be protected from the resultant destruction of the Premier's lockdown policies.Ottawa style UCP politics and hockey be damned.Save our children's lives!---------------Enjoy a very lively, fiery first segment from Mike!Seg:2- Americanuck Radio was proud to welcome, once again, the incredible Kevin Annett to the program.A giant of a man, Mr. Annett has steadfastly taken on evil from various different sources, including that from police departments and government.He's a very brave man, filled with the holy spirit."As long as we keep our covenant with God, we will be fine," Kevin says.He is right on the money.Keeping a covenant with God is of the utmost importance. It is this that trumps any and all earthly authority, including that of tyrannical governments and health authorities.With the help and blessings of our creator, anything is possible.Repentance means changing, and that change is one which our entire civilization is in desperate need of.God is giving us all a clarion call to action, through his saving grace, to begin healing our nations.Everyone on this earth will one day feel God's presence, and even then there will be those that remain in their own self delusion through continued enslavement to earthly evil.Let us all live for him, be touched by the holy spirit, and sit at the right hand of our father, Jesus Christ.Kevin's God given wisdom and strength, throughout many toils and snares, shines through in this brilliant conversation.Enjoy it in full, and give it a share!To find out more about Mr. Kevin Annett, click the following links:
Summary by Peyton Smith Seg:1- Global affairs Canada pushes the racist idea that hard work is incompatible with non whiteness.Remixed racism, with a faux-progressive style, is how this idea is described.Will immigrants of color still be brought in to do all the hard work that many white people won't do?Mike breaks it all down splendidly.--------------The wisdom of rural folks is above and beyond that of any health official. Mike proves this by telling a very interesting story.--------------(AUDIO) Talk show host Michael Smerconish has the delusion that non vaccinated people should be shamed, and shunned.-------------(AUDIO) Farmers won't be getting government subsidies unless they destroy their crops.Is a food shortage being engineered?Should we be worried?With the armor of Jesus Christ surrounding each and everyone of us who believe, and accept the amazing grace he provides, we shall overcome!-----------------Enjoy a powerful segment 1 from Mike.Seg:2- Americanuck Radio was proud to have the future mayor of Calgary, Mr. Kevin J. Johnston, join the program once again in segment 2.Recently jailed and subsequently released, Kevin came by to give an update on the latest in his mayoral run, as well as those who are trying to stop him in his tracks...because they know his message for Calgarians has amazing momentum, as the polling showed before his arrest.These vermin know that Kevin is WINNING, and they don't like it.What were the bogus charges that landed him in jail?Kevin explains all the utter nonsense behind this illegal, despicable stunt.He also points out the fact that these actions being taken against him are spreading his message, and taking his courageous fight around the world in various publications.As this update from Kevin confirms, the battle against him is getting even nastier but he is still in it to win it!May God bless him with continued strength, vigor, and a mammoth army of followers.Listen in full and enjoy this brilliant update from Kevin!Keep up Kevin J. Johnston, and learn more below:
A Global News report shows that Canadians are getting restless. Anti-lockdown sentiment, along with protests, is running high across Canada. Quebec has long ridden high on the hog, courtesy of equalization funds squeezed out of provinces like Alberta. These funds have given Quebecers a lavish social safety net that they are now seeing vanish. Global presents an incomplete snapshot of the unrest that occured in Quebec, but that's par for their course. The report also goes into rallies in Kemptville, Ontario, and in Edmonton. Listen as Mike fills in the blanks for the rotten mainstream media who failed to report the whole truth. --------------- (AUDIO) Giant crowd at an Edmonton anti-lockdown rally chants for Chief Public Health Officer Deena Hinshaw to be locked up. To get 2,000 people at the legislature on a Monday would normally be an anomaly, but with so many now out of work it was a reality. Such an amazing spirit among so many patriotic Albertans, which included the "Albertan from Quebec" himself, Mr. Maxime Bernier. -------------- (AUDIO) Jason Kenney's solution to this was to make a show speech, to let the people know how much freedom and liberty his government is upholding. The carrots he dangled included the repeal of governmental power to make vaccines mandatory. The government also repealed precedent setting Bill 10, which gave Alberta Health Services(AHS) broad and sweeping powers at the beginning of the pandemic. In whole, it's more less a brag-a-thon about how gracious he thinks he is to Albertans. And a shameless display of damage control. Will this remove the fence around GraceLife? Doubtful. Still, he seems to think Albertans should be thankful. Mike goes very in depth on Kenney's full statement. --------------- (AUDIO) Fauci says it's still not okay for vaccinated Americans to eat and drink indoors. Nobody buys it anymore. The bloom has fallen off the flower. ----------------- (AUDIO) " The 100 Year Plan To Disarm The American People." report from Greg Reese. From FDR to Biden, law abiding gun owners in America have had the screws put to them. Today, Biden is unlawfully criminalizing the lawful. Guns in the hands of lawful Americans continue to be an essential equalizer against lawless criminals. Very good report from Greg Reese. --------------- Enjoy Mike's commentary and analysis on all of this, and more, in an info packed segment 1 Seg:2- Americanuck Radio welcomes back Mr. Peter Downing, founder of the Alberta USA Foundation. Fresh off a trip to Florida and MaraLago, Peter comes on to discuss the amazing fruits of his journey. Initially, Peter talked about how he disregarded all the quarantine BS after coming back to Canada. Peter was in the U.S. for the 917 society's "Salute To The Constitution." The society's name represents the month and day that the final draft of the Constitution was signed by members of the Constitutional Convention. The spirit of freedom that Peter experienced in the U.S. was astounding, and he goes into a few interactions with some amazing people which highlights this. If enough people in Alberta followed the example of GraceLife Church, or Artur Pawlowski, there would be no place for such obvious tyranny to stand.Peter had a most enjoyable journey. Fostering unity between various factions of Alberta independence, as well as making some key contacts in the U.S. How sweet it is! May God continue to bless Peter and all who are working so hard toward statehood for Alberta. Enjoy this chat in full between Mike and Peter. Click below to learn MORE about the 917 Society:
ENCORE PRESENTATIONOriginal Air Date: 4/28/21Today on Americanuck Radio, we were proud to welcome Mr. Jonathan W. Emord,  Author of "The Authoritarians." This is a book that every American needs to read!Jonathan has a long list of credentials, & brings a huge amount of wisdom & experience to the broadcast. Jonathan dropped by today to discuss "The Authoritarians," including a spotlight on German philosopher Freidrich Hegel. Hegel was an early proponent of collectivism, and rights coming from the state. Hegelian socialism.The history of Socialism and eugenics in the United States is also explored in this fabulous, eye opening discussion with Jonathan.Truly a masterclass!----------------Jonathan returned for segment 2,  and the discussion turned to his work for the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, where he has taken on the FDA and won in court.The FDA's censorship is discussed by Jonathan, as well as details on the court cases.Johnathan also touches on how socialism took over public education, and the process of molding of students into model citizens who could be relied upon to be obedient to the state. Should black descendants of black slaveowners also receive reparations?Yes, black slaveowners in the U.S. were a reality.Mike and Jonathan discuss this as well.Enjoy this fascinating interview with Mr. Jonathan Emord in full, and give it a share!Find Jonathan's book, "The Authoritarians" here:
(MONOLOGUE) Mike went to the grocery store this morning with his wife, and he pulled out all the stops on this trip. Incredibly epic! Check it out here: Mike so deftly points out, our society would be beyond bizarre with everyone perpetually trying to keep 6 feet of distance. We would be, effectively, non functional.-----------------Seg:1- A lot of flack is heading toward Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, including from those in his own UCP caucus.It also comes, of course, from the official opposition NDP party of Alberta.As many know, the NDP are simply communists by another name. They seek even harsher lockdowns than the Premier's government has put in place.Kenney has sought a "middle ground" which is appealing to people across the political spectrum, but that approach ends up making few if any happy.FROM AMERICANUCK RADIO.COM:Todd Loewen, UCP MLA for Central Peace-Notley in northwest Alberta, published a scathing letter around midnight in the first minutes of May 13, saying Kenney refuses to listen to the public and to caucus members, that his leadership has failed, and UCP supports have abandoned Kenney specifically.Loewen used the letter to inform Kenney he was immediately stepping down as chairman of the UCP caucus.First elected in 2015 under the Wildrose banner for Grand Prairie-Smokey, Loewen is a popular figure in the caucus and normally maintains a low profileLoewen went on to say that he no longer believes that the UCP caucus can function properly.“I no longer believe caucus can function properly; meetings have been cancelled without members’ consent, significant decisions of government have been made without notice to members, and our input as elected members is rarely considered,” wrote Loewen. “Additionally, I feel it is best to resign this position [caucus chairman] to be able to speak freely.Why did he wait until he stepped down before he spoke out?The government’s response to a hostile federal government has been perceived as weak and ineffective. Albertans have lost trust in the leadership of our government and are no longer willing to extend to us any benefit of the doubt on most issues.”Loewen’s remarks also took direct aim at Kenney’s personal leadership.“The caucus dysfunction that we are presently experiencing is a direct result of your leadership. The people of Alberta have lost trust in this government because you have not brought needed balance and reason to the discussion. Albertans and our UCP party members deserve better,” he wrote.Many Albertans would agree with that statement, as Mike explains.(AUDIO) Kenney makes a statement as to why Alberta can't reopen as states like Texas and Florida have. A real kicker within his statement is an admonition of how U.S. healthcare is better than that of Canada.Listen to Mike dissect Kenney's entire, logic defying statement in full.Very jaw dropping. ------------------All this, and much more, comes your way on segment 1. Seg:2- There's nothing more humorous than hearing an otherwise intelligent person fall all over themselves to try and articulate a foolish position.Cue Jason Kenney's statement above.-------------------Mike reads a breakdown on a petition against Kevin J.Johnston's Calgary mayoral bid. As evil and nasty as the language in the petition is, it serves to give Kevin even more publicity for his run.A candidacy patriots on both sides of the 49th want to see succeed.---------------Eric Clapton releases a message reporting adverse reactions to both Covid vaccine shots he received. In the statement, Clapton asks where all the rebels have gone...yet he went ahead and joined all the sheep for a vaccine he now regrets.-----------------(AUDIO) Fauci now culpable for entire Covid scamdemic? Senator Rand Paul speaks about that being a possible scenario.----------------All this and much more awaits in segment 2.
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