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MR was created/founded to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. Our foundation rests on values such as innovation, community, education, and acceptance of all individuals. Stay tuned for great radio!!
93 Episodes
My bad, guys! I have been away for a while on the podcast. Please don’t hold that against me. I am graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in last than a week. Won’t God do it? Looking forward to amazing one of a kind podcasts in 2021! The best is yet to come for this platform.
In the first podcast from The MR Podcast in the year of 2021 I discuss with guest Aleechea Pitts "The Power That Lies In Forgiveness." This podcast is one of the most powerful you will hear all year, so please listen and download. God bless.
In this particular episode with guest Damon Nailer we discuss Living, Loving, and Leading! Which is all extremely important in today's current climate. I hope you enjoy this episode, and please make sure to download.
Never stop practicing gratitude. It never loses importance.
Here I announce the 6K Giveaway details. There will be two lucky winners. Winners must be members of the community and supporters as well. Make sure you enter and refer a friend or two!
Today is National Election Day. Let’s reflect and make sense of the world we live in.
You know the vibes by now! We are offering online remote tutoring for students in the USA and International students as well. I can help you and you can set the tone in the midst of the process. Remember to always take control of your learning experience, and never let up!
This podcast is one for the books! We are on the way to 1k podcast community and family. Established in December 2018 by a humble African American teenage girl look what we have become today. It is by God’s grace and his plans. Share this podcast with Every person you know❤️
Tomorrow we will talk Personal Responsibility with a wonderful male guest. You shouldn’t miss it, and it will be available to listen on all major platforms. In 2020 we are still standing strong and going for all the success God would see us to have.
I am back with the 1 on 1 podcasts! Love you all so much. God bless you and keep living abundant life.
This is part 2 of the episode, and I hope you have enjoyed this segment on The MR Podcast. Decide to follow us today, and you will never miss another episode in the near future!
In this podcast episode I sat down with Tamara Houston who is a mental health clinician. Her expertise is in the area of trauma. Besides being a mother, wife, and running two businesses she is also inspired to mentor other women.
Today's episode was solely meant to be fun and entertaining! I had the wonderful South African native Khanyi on The MR Podcast and she was such a great person and guest. We both hope you enjoy listening.
This episode is featured in the College Series. It is very helpful and informative for all the freshman who are anticipating the world that college opens. Please share with other colleagues students as well.
This episode was pretty long, but we both had a blast filiming it. That is what I have learned along the way as a radio host. I am suppose to create content that is unique and engaging, but as well I want to create authentic connection with my audience. I hope that this episode is informative and entertaining during these times!
We are hosting our first annuallive Q&A! Come chill with us during your day and chat about business and what it takes to carry out a vision God may have given you. Invite a friend or two as well❤️
It is going down tomorrow on Friday here at The MR Podcast. We are having a live Q&A Session! Feel free to invite your friends and family. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you.
In this particular episode we covered an array of cool stuff for you guys. Remeber, in 2020 I promised to come harder than ever for this podcast! Micha Goebig is a coach, author, and speaker who thrives in coaching women. Please listen to this episode, and learn more about the practice and career of being a coach.
We are in week four of the Manifest Wealth Course! This has been a great week at MentorshipRevolution. I believe we are expanding and fulfilling the mission of this organization more than ever.
Soul should never be ignored. It is there from the beginning to the end.
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