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An original podcast highlighting trending topics while promoting provocative thinking. The podcast looks to attach scarce perspectives, while providing entertaining discussion & innovative thought on a wide variety of consistent rotating topics.
40 Episodes
Season 4 Episode 7The 40th episode of the series takes a look at the risks of using bluetooth, in particularly with the rise in popularity of wireless headphones. Disney has officially announced its new streaming format, forcing Netflix to become industry innovators yet again. In addition, Apple is throwing out a streaming service of their own, but is it to compete for industry space, or more as an appeal to a loyal fan base.Explore the new generation at
Season 4 Episode 6With robo calls and fake news being addressed as a national and even global epidemic, one has to wonder if AI advertising is an even larger epidemic right around the corner.*Listener Discretion Advised - Mild LanguageExplore the new generation at
Season 4 Episode 5Discussing the unavoidable nuissance that traffic engulfs daily commuters, and how basic lack of driving etiquitte induces the vast majority of traffic jams.Explore the new generation at
Season 4 Episode 4The fourth episode of the season overviews the recent entertainment blockbusters released on the big and small screen in the summer of 2019.Explore the new generation at
Season 4 Episode 3Taking a closer look at how athletes are becoming more comfortable using social media to challenge the media's harshest criticisms in a more public manner than ever before.Explore the new generation at
Season 4 Episode 2With the series finale rapidly approaching, what better time than to dedicate an entire episode to the most popular show on television.*Listener Discretion Is Advised:- Explicit LanguageExplore the new generation at
Season 4 Episode 1 (Season Premiere)A review and coinciding perspective of the recent college admissions scandal that saw bribery, falsified data, and questionable admission decisions at various prestigious institutions. Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 10 (Season Finale)The season three finale revisits Facebook's addressment of the vast array of privacy and data concerns that arised, and peaked throughout 2018.Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 9With DNA testing becoming more mainstream than ever, it's about time the general population what effects & potential consequences certain genetic testing can have in the long run.Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 8With Disney's recent purchase of FOX, shortly followed by AT&T's purchase of Time Warner, what does this mean for the entertainment industry moving forward from all possible perspectives.Explore the new generation at
Season 3Episode 7: Episode 30: The 30th episode of the series briefly highlights a few of the latest news, entertainment, and current trends that have recently swept the nation.
Season 3 Episode 6Millennials will officially be the largest generation that populates this country by next year. This episode reviews how millennials are perceived within the workforce, as well as how they remain a focal scapegoat when it comes to declining sales in certain industries.*Listener Discretion Is Advised:- Mild LanguageExplore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 5 This episode discusses the weight of the term 'Black Friday', in which consumers have been masterfully tricked to buy into with the utilization & brilliance of a marketing ploy that has spanned decades.Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 4 A look at how the media seems to be blamed for much of the nation's current disputes. A closer look shows that the brilliant discretion of PR is used to influence the public, and the news being reported should not have its credibility questioned.Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 3Episode 3 reviews critical mistakes that can be made within any industry when decision makers are too quick to offer an immediate reflex to potential public backlash; why certain TV shows need to think twice before taking a pre or mid-season hiatus.Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 2The second episode examines the recent declaration of bankruptcy be former retail giant, Sears. With Sears being just the latest casualty, many now point the finger at Amazon as the reasoning traditional retailers can't stay afloat.Explore the new generation at
Season 3 Episode 1The first episode takes a slight format shift to cover a variety of trending news stories. Among the subjects discussed; midterm elections, the Toys R Us revival, and upcoming originals on Netflix.*Listener discretion is advised: - Mild LanguageExplore the new generation at
Season 2 Episode 13The second season finale examines the element of understanding & differentiating entertainment vs reality, and how potential audiences allow close relatability to comply and call for censorship.*Listener Discretion Is Advised:- Sensitive Content- Explicit LanguageExplore the new generation at
Season 2 Episode 12: Trending Entertainment Episode 2.12 evaluates two different trending aspects within the entertainment industry today:1.Hollywood is Just About Out Of Original Ideas.2. Why superhero movies can never be considered a true classic.*Listener Discretion Is Advised: Mild Language
Season 2 Episode 11Marketing is a complex term that has various meaning in business today. Emphasis of constant adaptation when it comes to critical marketing elements can make or break any marketing campaign. This episode relays insight on certain tactics to embrace, as well as avoid to find ultimate marketing success. Explore the new generation at
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