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Original Episodes Return May 8, 2019

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A podcast highlighting trending topics while promoting provocative thinking. The podcast looks to attach scarce perspectives, while providing entertaining discussion & innovative thought on a wide variety of consistent rotating topics.
38 Episodes
Season 4 Episode 5: Discussing the unavoidable nuissance that traffic engulfs daily commuters, and how basic lack of driving etiquitte induces the vast majority of traffic jams.
Season 4 Episode 4: The fourth episode of the season overviews the recent entertainment blockbusters released on the big and small screen in the summer of 2019.
Season 4Episode 3: Taking a closer look at how athletes are becoming more comfortable using social media to challenge the media's harshest criticisms in a more public manner than ever before.
Season 4Episode 2: With the series finale rapidly approaching, what better time than to dedicate an entire episode to the most popular show on television.*Listener Discretion Is Advised:- Explicit Language
Season 4 Episode 1 (Season Premiere): A review and coinciding perspective of the recent college admissions scandal that saw bribery, falsified data, and questionable admission decisions at various prestigious institutions.
Season 3 Episode 10 (Season Finale): The season three finale revisits Facebook's addressment of the vast array of privacy and data concerns that arised, and peaked throughout 2018.
Episode 3.9: DNA Testing

Episode 3.9: DNA Testing


Season 3 Episode 9: With DNA testing becoming more mainstream than ever, it's about time the general population what effects & potential consequences certain genetic testing can have in the long run.
Season 3 Episode 8: With Disney's recent purchase of FOX, shortly followed by AT&T's purchase of Time Warner, what does this mean for the entertainment industry moving forward from all possible perspectives.
Episode 3.7: 30th Episode

Episode 3.7: 30th Episode


Season 3Episode 7: Episode 30: The 30th episode of the series briefly highlights a few of the latest news, entertainment, and current trends that have recently swept the nation.
Episode 3.6: Millennials

Episode 3.6: Millennials


Season 3 Episode 6: Millennials will officially be the largest generation that populates this country by next year. This episode reviews how millennials are perceived within the workforce, as well as how they remain a focal scapegoat when it comes to declining sales in certain industries.*Listener Discretion Is Advised:- Mild Language
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