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Navratri is a Hindu celebration of renewal. We have had a tough year and now it is time to clear the energies of the past. Over the next 9 days we will celebrate our rebirth with activations and clearings. Dipal describes in this episode the importance of Navratri, how you can benefit from the energy, and each days activation. Follow us on FB at to receive daily activations and clearings.
Going to the Dentist can be a pain. For many it builds up anxiety and fear. Grace Hom is going to share how she views what happens in your teeth is related to an emotional and physical root cause. Teeth are connected to the body in more ways than you think.
Do you ever wish you can make every moment of life count, make it more fun and joyful and optimistic? That is what our special guest Meaghan B Murphy, Editor in Chief is going to share practical tools on how to live a fully charged Life with practical approaches and endless energy
There is no reason to blame others for why one goes to therapy. Therapy is suppose to be therapeutic for the soul and for one to discover what needs to shift and change within themselves. Therapy lead to eye-opening discoveries for one to heal what has been trapped with the subconscious and what has been playing throughout life like a record player. Heal your life with Therapy
Trauma can be an experience that leaves your body in fight or flight. Once trauma sets in, it can leave someone feeling shameful, alone, unheard and unseen. There are forms of trauma from abuse, earthquakes, violence, wars, hurricanes, and many others that leave us with Post-traumatic stress. Shari will share what she has uncovered and how you can heal from trauma and how your loved ones can support you.
Are you having a Midlife Crisis. You are actually having an Awakening!! Dipal will share with you what you can do to help your awakening.
Self-love is not selfish it is self-acceptance. Discover in this episode how you can create more self love for yourself and others around you.
Thyroid Nodules are very common, especially amongst women. Thyroid is an important gland made up of hormones that help the body on the physical level as well as the spiritual/energetic level. Discover in this episode what your nodules are telling you.
Perfectionism is not necessarily a negative trait. However, there are a few things you can do to not be obsessively perfect all the time. There are times when it is useful and other times when it can hinder your growth. Dipal explains 5 steps that you can take now to let go perfectionism and just do it.
Learn to reduce the anxiety and stress after covid. It is time to get back to normal, but it is still difficult with the uncertainty leaving them in fear for so many. Dipal will share with you 4 simple steps you can take today to reduce the anxiety and stress and get back to normal.
Healing takes courage. How much courage do you have to dive deep into why your body is showing up in the pain, discomfort and diseased? Once you find that spark of courage you will see that your life will transform in ways you didn't imagine. Join Dipal as she shares her courage with you.
Other people's energy may feel like your own energy. You may feel like you are exhausted, tired, suffocating when you are in social settings. Dipal will share with you what you can do so that you are not so sensitve to other people's energies.
You can never take back words. In this Episode Dipal will share with you how to prep yourself before you speak so that you don't have to put your foot in your mouth. As Momma always said "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it"
Can words hurt? How can we not let what things people say not bother us when in reality they do even when you are self confident. Words don't have to hurt you have to change your thoughts. Dipal will share with you how you can not let other people's judgments, criticisms and negative talk bother you whether it is about you or others.
Learn how you can be most productive. Too many people are feeling tired, bored, and procrastinating. There is just one thing you need to do if you want to feel productive in your day.
3 things you must do in order to move forward in life.Habits keep you stuck in moving forward. If you can recognize your habits and change them you will become more conscious and find movement in your life. It is not fun feeling stuck especially when you try so hard to take a few steps forward and then life throws you a curveball. Move forward with Ease with these 3 steps.
Honey In it's Right Form can be so beneficial. You are using Honey the wrong way. Dipal will share with you how to get the most nutrition and healing from honeyh
It is time to shift our Energies here is how:March 11th is the date for massive upsurge in energies of the human being. Are you ready to do what it takes to be a part of this. Mahashivratri is a time when we dive into our own selves and connect with our emptiness, darkness, limitlessness, and nothingness. We connect to the cosmos and find that unification within ourselves. We need to prepare our bodies and mind for our own evolution in our spiritual journey. Whether you are a seeker, spiritualist, yogi, whatever you want to call yourself March 11th is the night of great upsurges of energy that will take you to greater levels of who you are. This is if you are willing to participate.
Stop Anxiety forever. Talk to your mind and see what happens. In this episode Dipal discusses how trauma affects our present and the one thing that we need to do to set our selves free of worry, anxiety, and panic forever.
Meditations are tough as per many people. Dipal will share with you a Easy Meditation that will purify your body, mind and spirit. If you take on other people's energy, if you feel tired after being in social settings, and if you want to purify your energies here is the best Meditation called the Shower meditation. 2 Easy steps each and every day twice a day is all it takes to feel amazing.
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