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Author: Justyna Pindel and Paul Klipp

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A podcast about books. Agile books. Every month, Justyna and Paul review a different agile book, sharing our thoughts, elevator pitches for the books, favorite quotations, and key takeaways.
41 Episodes
Get the book.Meet our guests:Zhen GohBoudewijn BertschSonja BlignautLearn more about Sensemaker.Join our Slack channel.Support the show (



Get the bookWatch Dave Snowden descibe CynefinDave speaking at the ACE ConferenceSupport the show (
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Warning: this one is really long. Use the chapter markers if you want to skip the banter get straight to the book.Get the bookCheck out the authors' podcast - The Liberators NetworkOther things mentioned in the podcast:Tame Your Workflow ebookPaul's talk about Non-violent Communication, Mindfulness, and Thinking SpacesLiving with Time to Think by Nancy KlineHomer Simpson designs a carJoin our Slack Community and read with usGet the next book to read along with usSupport the show (
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Get the book: our Slack channel: our our next read: the show (
Get the book:, this podcast uses chapters, so you can skip straight to the interview if you'd like.Support the show (
Team Mastery by Geoff Watts

Team Mastery by Geoff Watts


Get the book: our reading community: I mistakenly attributed the book "Agile Retrospectives" to Rachel Davies. It was written by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen. Rachel is the author of Agile Coaching.Support the show (
Get the book: Heidi: Global, organization and relationships system coaching: Corporate Lifecycles, by Ichak Adizes : our Slack community: the show (
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In this episode, we talk to Lyssa Adkins about her book Coaching Agile Teams.Get the book.Check out the Women in Agile podcast for more from Lyssa Adkins.If you want to buy us a cup of coffee, go to Support the show (
Get the bookLinks from the banter: The online conference we were talking about is Lean Agile GlobalThe trainers who are doing the Professional Kanban workshop are JP and Jose at about Flight Levels Academy"Mary and Tom's Book"Flight ClubJustyna's book on AmazonOur next readFun fact: There was an editing error in this podcast, but we fixed it. If you hear about ten seconds of overlapping audio halfway through, then you were one of the first 37 people to download the podcast before we fixed it. Keep it. It might be worth something some day. :)Support the show (
Today Justyna and Paul talk to Teodora Bozheva, author of the Kanban Maturity Model soon to be released in its second edition.Also, a rant about online conferences. Get the bookGet the Tupalo case study that Teodora mentions.Support the show (
Kanban Maturity Model

Kanban Maturity Model


Justyna and Paul talk about the upcoming second edition of Kanban Maturity Model. It's our longest podcast ever, but come on, what else have you got to do while watching the world collapse?Get the book.Buy Justyna's new book, Kanban Compass.Support the show (
Justyna and Paul talk with Olav Maassen, Chris Matts, and Chris Geary, authors of Commitment: A Novel About Managing Project RiskGet the bookSupport the show (



In this episode, Justyna and Paul talk about Commitment: a novel about business risk. Get the book: play Paul couldn't name was St. Nicholas by Conor McPherson, with the lead played by Brendan Coyle.Support the show (
Justyna and Paul talk about agile play with Portia Tung, author of The Dream Team Nightmare. Get the book: the show (
In this episode, Justyna and Paul talk about Portia Tung's choose your own agile adventure novel.Get the bookPortia Tung’s blogThe School of PlayThe original Choose Your Own Adventure booksSupport the show (
In this episode, Justyna and Paul talk with George Dinwiddie, the author of Software Estimation without Guessing: Effective Planning in an Imperfect World. And guess what? Mostly we talk about people, not estimating. Get the bookSupport the show (
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