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In the era of mainstream media controlled narratives, alternative facts, and "fake news," America - and the world - needs a straightforward venue where their voice mandates the narrative, not the talking heads of privileged. elitist, and agendized media. ​This is why we created Underground USA.
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There is so much wrong with what is happening at the US-Mexico border it's hard to know where to begin. From a federal policy that literally opened the flood gates to allow undocumented foreigners - both medically and identity-wise - cross freely into the United States, to trying to hide their malfeasance by using the FAA to ground news outlet drones, states like Texas are having to take matters into their own hands, and Mr. Biden might not like where that is going... Sign-up for our mail out here:
While most Americans commemorated the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country with reverence and grace, others used the solemn occasion to advance agendas and politicize the idea of the event. Even more disturbing, a recent poll of students at the University of Florida revealed how the Marxism-promoting Fascists of the Left have succeeded in their mission to use the education system as an anti-American transformative platform... Sign-up for our mail out here:
As we face the 20th anniversary of the al Qaeda attacks of September 11, 2001, we exist at a time when the mention of the date means different things to different people. For those who were experienced the day in real-time, it is seared into the soul; a life-changing event. But to others in the United States, some too jaded by ideology and others not born at the time, the day means something else, if anything at all. And still, 2,996 people are dead...Sign-up for our mail outs at:
On the even of the single greatest Islamofascist terror attack on US soil, it is stunning that so many have forgotten about the courage, selflessness, and sacrifice made by so many people who wear a badge to work each day. With Fascists and Marxists demonizing First Responders - and especially our police officers - it is time to reflect and remember the sacrifices so many made to save people's lives ...Sign-up for our mail outs at:
The continued reports of ineptitude emanating from the Biden administration and its failure to execute the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan make it clear that the entirety of the Biden administration is unqualified to lead the nation. Now, with reports that the Kabul airport ISIS-K suicide bomber was in a Predator drone's sites before the attack, the American people must act on their outrage...Sign-up for our mail outs at:
As Hurricane Ida begins to pass into the history books it is important to remember that the seriousness of the situation is still upon those affected. All that water has to go somewhere and the rule of thumb is "safety first." We wish that would have been in the forefront of the minds of those who botched the withdrawal in Afghanistan...Sign-up for our mail out at:
A small group of organized and steadfast ideologues are on a quest to fundamentally transform the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic to an oligarchy, run by the global elites based in the Communist Chinese economic model of control. We talk with Alex Newman, the CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media, a Senior Editor for The New American magazine about this hostile takeover of America and how we can avoid it...Sign up for our mail outs at:
With a growing number of private citizens banding together to do what needs to be done in Afghanistan, including former military personnel and religious organizations - and with the Biden administration continuing to slow walk any aid in extracting Americans and American assets, it has become apparent that the citizens of the United States are being denied a government that actually represents the majority will of the people...Sign-up for our mail out at:
Each day since the Biden administration completely failed in Afghanistan, they have been trying to ignore the situation hoping that it will go away, leaving the American people - the private citizens of the United States - to step in and do the right thing by the people of Afghanistan. The question now is, how does the citizenry punish a sitting government when the apparatus doesn't want to do what is necessary?...Sign-up for our mail out at:
The Taliban has retaken Afghanistan with the only shots fired being those they have shot at the Afghan people. And where is the leadership of the United States? Where is our President? Where is the strong-jawed leadership at the Pentagon and the steely-eyed diplomacy from the State Department? Nowhere to be found and when they do talk...Sign-up for our mail out at:
As the Taliban begins to assemble the new government for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan they have issues statements that pretend they have turned a corner culturally by declaring that women are not to be "victims" anymore and that they are welcome to be educated and hold positions in government under their new rule. Can anyone say al taqiyya? ...Sign-up for our mailout at:
As the Taliban continues to roll into Kabul, fortifying their stranglehold on power in that now Islamofascist controlled nation, we have to dispense with the political narratives and honestly assess whether the Biden administration is wholly and utterly incompetent or purposefully destroying everything the United States is involved in. Regardless, the administration's resemblance to a petulant two-year old in reversing everything Trump is quite stunning. This and more in this episode..Sign-up for our mail out at:
With the mayor of Chicago presiding over a city that sees war-zone-like shooting and death numbers every weekend to a New York governor who pats himself on the back for killing 15,000+ seniors with his COVID edicts, Our elected class is becoming increasingly intolerable. This and more in this episode...Sign-up for our mailout at:
With 18 milquetoast Republicans signing on to the spendthrift, Marxist-promoted "infrastructure" bill, that has very little to do with actual infrastructure, we must do everything we can to apply pressure - NOW - on our Senators to stop this horrible piece of fiscally irresponsible legislation from becoming law. This and more in this episode...Sign-up for our mailout at:
Did that caller just say that former President Donald Trump is attempting to lure the American people into a Mein Kampf mindset to facilitate a new American Nazism? Seriously, have they drunk that must Marxist propaganda Kool-Aid? Will the desperate transformative Left stop at no lie to succeed in their mission of stealing the United States from freedom?...Sign-up for the mail out at:
Something just doesn't smell right here with the push to reinstate the COVID masks. Something also doesn't feel right about the want to institute COVID passports and the move to exclude unvaccinated people, even those who have survived the virus. If the vaccines work, what's the deal?...Sign-up for the mailout at
As sentences start getting handed down to people involved in the January 6th event at the US Capitol Building, it has become overwhelmingly evident that the unrest that took place on that day served to aid the Marxist Left to co-opt the Electoral Process. Less the "insurrection" that the disingenuous players insist, it served to stop a legitimate process and we lost freedom because of it...Sign-up for our mailout at
We take an opportunity to learn from Lauren Comele Morris, CEO of the Centrist Project, about a hard move by the Biden administration toward medical tyranny in segregating those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. Using the tactic of "mass lining," Biden's Marxist mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, is attempting to exacerbate the Great American Divide...Sign-up for our mailout at
With China saber-rattling against the West - and freedom - around the world, news that a Chinese company with direct ties to the Communist Chinese Party is buying up land in Texas to erect a wind farm present as something we should pay attention to, and at least one Republican congressman from Texas is doing just that...Sign-up for our mailout at
With Andy making his triumphant return (okay, he's back from a prolonged absence due to behind the scenes business), the continued happenings down in Cuba warrant a frank examination. Why isn't the Biden administration doing more? How can we let the Communists beat and kill Cubans in the streets while they continue to ask for our help? Will we afford them, at least, internet access?...
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