DiscoverTips For SEO Success From Our Click Cast Team
Tips For SEO Success From Our Click Cast Team

Tips For SEO Success From Our Click Cast Team

Author: Clickthrough SEO Team

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Weekly SEO success tips that help you expand your knowledge of digital marketing and learn from our qualified specialists. We are SEO professionals with over 10 years of digital marketing experience helping and training people throughout New Zealand. Each week we will tackle a new topic that can help you boast your online rankings so don’t forget to subscribe!
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Did you know that one-fifth of all questions people ask on Google is through voice search? Instead of typing into their phone the questions they want to ask, they use a voice assistant. The results that come up, however, are only as good as what those with websites have allowed them to be. It’s time to optimise your website for voice, and here’s a basic guide for how to do it.  Read full text.
SEO vs. Google Ads #3

SEO vs. Google Ads #3


Hi everyone,Its Timur here, your host for today.  We have an interesting topic on our agenda – SEO vs. Google ads. The following podcast will be useful for those of you who have no idea what the difference is or only have a little understanding. It will make you think about which of these approaches will work best for your business. We are not going to cover all the details and specifics here, but we’ll include some necessary comparisons. By the end of this podcast, you’ll have a reasonable understanding of what is going to work for your business, and what your goals should be when considering SEO vs. Google Ads. Read more...
What Local SEO Is? #2

What Local SEO Is? #2


Hey everyone! I am Timur, a SEO specialist at Clickthrough Limited and your host for today! The topic we are going to cover in this episode is local SEO basics. This podcast and everything in it can be useful for SEO beginners, small business owners, or anyone who is keen on search engine optimisation. So, let’s get started!First of all, let me define local SEO for those of you who are confused about it. SEO involves learning how to optimise your website to rank better in search engines. But, we are talking about the whole search here, regardless of region. But, what if you want to target specific audiences located in your area? Well, that’s what local SEO is. It is the way to optimise your website to rank better in your particular region. It consists of things such as Google My Business optimisation, adding your website to Google maps, working on local backlink profiles, publishing press releases, and lots of other things. Read Full Textual Version.
Hey Everyone,Welcome to the Clickthrough ClickCast with Lee & Timur, your number one source of SEO news, tips and solutions that help you achieve more online. This week we are going to be talking about the importance of on page SEO for your business. A lot of people in the SEO industry tend to complicate things or go straight in with brand building and big campaigns or talk about back links without thinking about where their SEO campaign should begin. This starts with on page SEO and how Google can read the page and look at your keywords and understand them so they can rank you for what you want. Read Full Textual Podcast Version.
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