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Today Dr. Sundermeyer will discuss many different causes people deal with on a regular basis when it comes to infertility. Its important that we remember infertility is a couples issue not just one partners concern. The more a couple does together, the more successful they will be and the healthier their children will be.
Dr. Sundermeyer & Dr. Wallace discuss how proper digestion, absorption and elimination effect health
Dr. Sundermeyer & Dr. Wallace discuss how proper digestion, absorption and elimination effect health.
What are you doing these days that bring you joy? Its time that you give a little back to yourself. We are going to talk about thing that we love to do and why simple self care is soo important to our inner peace, anxiety and our health.
Learn how to keep your brain sharp and healthy through life as we are bombarded by so many things that can make us unhealthy.
EP 10: Immune Health

EP 10: Immune Health


Suggestions for optimizing your immune system in today's world.
EP 9:  Life Enhancement

EP 9: Life Enhancement


With the health of the individual in mind, Life Enhancement Medicine opens up the ideas that you can optimize your health using safe and effective treatments that enhance your body’s own recuperative processes
How Hormones Influence the precess with Kevn and Zahara
Intro to our female hormone section. Learn about whats normal and what is not when it comes to your menstrual cycle. Its time to understand your menstrual cycles and what to expect as life changes and as women age. This talk is so important because on a daily basis I teach women about their menstrual cycles and how to balance them out.
The role of Peptides in Life Enhancement Medicine. Specific peptides to improve immune, elevate growth hormone, speed recovery and to slow the aging process.
EP5: Intro to Peptides

EP5: Intro to Peptides


Learn about this health enhancing structures and gain insight on how these can improve your overall health.
Discussing the role of proper testing and nutrients to support thyroid function. The role of environmental influences a
Thyroid care in the Conventional and Functional Medicine Realm
How to make one day the best it can be for your health and optimal living
Learn how the foundations of health can set the tone optimal living. In this show you will learn why you cant skip our 5 pillars of health.
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